Facebook Ads Targeting

  • 4.7 (258 Reviews)
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Facebook Ads Targeting

  • 4.7 (258 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

WHY Targeting is So Key

  • Introduction (2:07)
  • 1. Getting Started (1:31) Free
  • 2. Ad Breakdown 50% Content, 50% Targeting (3:13)
  • 3. Scaling Limitations: You're Always Limited by Audience or Budget (2:05)
  • Quiz - WHY Targeting is So Key
Chapter 2

Custom Audiences

  • 4. Deep Dive into the 11 Types of Custom Audiences (30:55)
  • 5. Timeframe Breakdown (2:52)
  • 6. Naming Convention for Custom Audiences (4:42)
  • 7. Best Audience Sets to Start With (2:32)
  • 8. Using Event Audiences to Automate Lists (3:08)
  • Quiz - Custom Audiences
Chapter 3

Lookalike Audiences

  • 9. What is a Lookalike Audience? (9:25)
  • 10. Which Custom Audiences Create the Best Lookalike Audiences (2:27)
  • 11. Strategy for Lookalike % (2:49)
  • 12. Naming Convention for Lookalike Audiences (4:55)
  • Quiz - Lookalike Audiences
Chapter 4

Saved Audiences

  • 13. Demographics, Psychographics and Behaviors (13:36)
  • 14. Narrowing and Excluding (7:06)
  • 15. Geo Breakdown (4:12)
  • 16. Using Connections (5:08)
  • 17. Combo Audiences (4:29)
  • 18. Audience Sizing (5:00)
  • 19. Naming Convention for Saved Audiences (5:55)
  • Quiz - Saved Audiences
Chapter 5

Ad Implementation for Freelancers

  • 20. Get ROI for Your Clients (8:54)
  • 21. Scaling: The 3 Ways to Grow a Custom Audience (2:19)
  • 22. Avoid Audience Burnout (5:33)
  • 23. Expanding a Lookalike or Saved Audience (3:32)
  • 24. Split Testing Audiences (5:19)
  • 25. Determining When an Audience is Not Performing (10:45)
  • Quiz - Ad Implementation for Freelancers
Chapter 6


  • Wrap-up (1:55)
  • Templates to download
Chapter 7

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 27 Videos
  • time 2.6 Hours

Every ad is 50% content and 50% targeting. If content is king, then targeting is queen. Learn how to improve ad performance and scale your Facebook campaigns in this targeting course. This course is suitable for all levels, whether you're a complete beginner or want to polish up your Facebook targeting skills.

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258 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • catwriter

Great for beginners.

  • Julia

  • figoutfam

  • Jonas

  • ashikurrahaman

It's so good. A lot of information and now I'm confident to sell my gig.



  • samfourex

  • giovanni

  • benannabakery

loved it

  • morceg

Some great insights that can help you improve your gigs.

  • Radnish

Very helpful for new Entrepreneur on Fiverr.

  • havekeyboard

Some items were beat into the ground and other elements were glossed over.

  • danstanley

  • Joe

Dennis and Logan never fail to bring the goods. The knowledge given in this class is priceless!!!

  • Alex

very helpful.

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Facebook Ads Targeting

4.7 (258)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much should I charge for running Facebook ads?

    There’s a saying “people don’t buy shovels, they buy holes”. This applies to you as well, people are buying your end service. They’re buying the business results you achieve. Instead of charging hourly, earn what you’re worth by charging a fixed monthly retainer or percentage of spend. Percentage of spend means 5-15% of spend with a monthly minimum. For example, 10% of $5,000 per month is $500. Consider the costs of time and money of fulfilling a client and determine your margins.

  • Does Facebook advertising really work?

    Facebook works so long as you put the time to learn how to operate it like a pilot learns how to operate a plane. To succeed in Digital marketing, base your strategy off a recipe backed by results. This means following a checklist of step-by-step instructions. Part of the checklist is having your goals, content, and targeting in place. Not every one of the ads you run will succeed and that’s normal. It’s what you do beyond launching your ads, to continue refining and testing.

  • How can I use Facebook ads effectively?

    To use Facebook ads effectively, focus on your strategy instead of tactics. This means relying on the fundamentals. First you want to set up proper tracking. Second, you determine your business goal. Once you have the big picture, get the proper content and identify your proper targeting. Then run your lead generation ads. Once you start running your ads, you’ll want to continuously monitor and optimize your ads. Facebook is a game of iterations. Light-weight, consistent experiments and testing until you find your winners.

  • How long does it take to learn Facebook ads?

    You can learn the basics quickly, but implementing and being able to teach others while being successful, will take time. No two people learn at the same speed and in the same way. It's all about how much time and effort you put in. As you learn the basics you will start to learn how to use the Facebook algorithm to your benefit. The more you practice the quicker you will learn and the more you will know.

  • What is the best way to target Facebook ads?

    Don't over target, meaning don't narrow your targeted audience down. You want to target broad audiences. By doing this, you’re giving Facebook more data to work off of, giving you more chances to achieve your business objectives. We’ve learned that if you do it the right way and have simple ad sets, the system will learn and optimize until when you have a winner. You duplicate that ad set and target the world. It outperforms anything else you could have ever done.

  • How do I become a Facebook Ad Manager?

    You want to build up your portfolio of experience. This gives you Perceived Authority and Actual Authority. Perceived Authority is the appearance that you know what you’re talking about based on what high authority people & platforms have to say about you. Actual Authority is having the value to deliver to your clients because of your processes that let you practice your skill set. By taking this course you’ll be able to take small projects on Fiverr and grow your skills to take on bigger projects.