Facebook Ads Targeting

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1

WHY Targeting is So Key

  • Introduction (2:07)
  • 1. Getting Started (1:31)
  • 2. Ad Breakdown 50% Content, 50% Targeting (3:13)
  • 3. Scaling Limitations: You're Always Limited by Audience or Budget (2:05)
  • Quiz - WHY Targeting is So Key
chapter 2

Custom Audiences

  • 4. Deep Dive into the 11 Types of Custom Audiences (30:55)
  • 5. Timeframe Breakdown (2:52)
  • 6. Naming Convention for Custom Audiences (4:42)
  • 7. Best Audience Sets to Start With (2:32)
  • 8. Using Event Audiences to Automate Lists (3:08)
  • Quiz - Custom Audiences
chapter 3

Lookalike Audiences

  • 9. What is a Lookalike Audience? (9:25)
  • 10. Which Custom Audiences Create the Best Lookalike Audiences (2:27)
  • 11. Strategy for Lookalike % (2:49)
  • 12. Naming Convention for Lookalike Audiences (4:55)
  • Quiz - Lookalike Audiences
chapter 4

Saved Audiences

  • 13. Demographics, Psychographics and Behaviors (13:36)
  • 14. Narrowing and Excluding (7:06)
  • 15. Geo Breakdown (4:12)
  • 16. Using Connections (5:08)
  • 17. Combo Audiences (4:29)
  • 18. Audience Sizing (5:00)
  • 19. Naming Convention for Saved Audiences (5:55)
  • Quiz - Saved Audiences
chapter 5

Ad Implementation for Freelancers

  • 20. Get ROI for Your Clients (8:54)
  • 21. Scaling: The 3 Ways to Grow a Custom Audience (2:19)
  • 22. Avoid Audience Burnout (5:33)
  • 23. Expanding a Lookalike or Saved Audience (3:32)
  • 24. Split Testing Audiences (5:19)
  • 25. Determining When an Audience is Not Performing (10:45)
  • Quiz - Ad Implementation for Freelancers
chapter 6


  • Wrap-up (1:55)
  • Templates to download
chapter 7

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

Every ad is 50% content and 50% targeting. If content is king, then targeting is queen. Learn how to improve ad performance and scale your Facebook campaigns in this targeting course. This course is suitable for all levels, whether you're a complete beginner or want to polish up your Facebook targeting skills.

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141 Reviews

  • 4.8
  • morganfreedude .

Now I'm making money more consistent and getting more clients.

  • digitaldibya .

Very good training.This will help me infuture success.

  • Ann Hester

  • Muhammad Tallat Mehmood Khan

  • Rimantas Lukoševičius

  • grade booster02

Very helpful. Thank you for the good work

  • Tetiana Varner


  • softbright .

  • slasalle .

  • Alex Tan

very helpful.

  • dignitykey .

Was expecting some thing In details and in practical with example of real blueprint. It should have been mentioned that it's not for newbies or don't have basic idea of Facebook ads creation or Audience selection or creations.

  • Michael Richland

Highly Highly Recommend

  • nesummc .

fairly useful. Well delivered, but not enough explanations on some points

  • figoutfam .

  • Eleidy Mejia

  • Dennis Caplun

Amazing course and awesome guys! Thanks a lot of for your help!

  • Md Ahad Bhuiyan

  • manavsingh150 .

This is the most underrated facebook course! I have done many $1000 courses on FB ads, but this one is the most valuable course out there.

I know Logan and Dennis from a long time...they spent over a Billion dollars on Facebook advertising. They are the best people out there to teach you about Facebook ads. This course is for you if you want to master the "audience" side of Facebook ads.

  • Javier Zapata

Yet another awesome informative course.

  • Glen Huff

Excellent course.

  • Dan Waterman

  • trevcobusiness .

Learned a lot of new information about as set up

  • Nishant Jain

I enjoyed the course as it gave complete overview on targeting on Facebook along with Do's and Dont's. As I am completely new, these tips and tricks make me confident to give me a head-start in Fiverr gig.

  • Hryhorii Plastun

Great course!

Try to add subtitles next time please.

  • da23nunes .

Was a very good display by the presenters and good understanding content that is important to do your job properly and have success with that thank you

  • samfourex .

  • Kevin Szura

  • nicholas5863 .

  • tareqrahaman .

This course worth every $$ of it. This is the best course I have ever paid for. I have learned a lot of industry insight about FB ads from this course. I believe I will be able to help my clients better from now on.

  • Isaiah Johnson

I have watched A TON of videos over the information you provided during this course. I would like to say by far you have made it the easiest to understand. Great work, would definitely buy another package if there was one available. Like an IN DEPTH one, because i believe my #1 question was unanswered during this course. Then again, it may have, just in a different way. 10/10 recommend.

  • Francesco Vella

the course is really informative and full of knowledge although not really for beginners, and the overall quality of the videos was not really the best.

  • Kyle James

Exceptional value

  • jefftrimble2593 .

Great info! Before, I had poked around playing with FB ads and didn't really get results or know if I had really done a good job of targeting an audience or creating a decent ad. Now, I feel like I got a good push to get started with clearer understanding of how to put things together.

Some of the computer views in the training didn't show the whole screen on my desktop so things Logan was pointing to and discussing I couldn't see. Also, for me, I'm older and slower, Logan would scroll back and forth a little too fast, but thankfully I could back up and re-watch or pause and take notes.

  • Moeez Khan

Spot on!

  • dwortham .

  • ashikurrahaman .

It's so good. A lot of information and now I'm confident to sell my gig.

  • gabriel rubin

Incredible!!!!!! finally a system to follow :)

  • Dina Genkin

Amazing! So much useful knowledge! Really great course! I learned so much!

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Really amazing course hitting all the key point in targeting in facebook marketing.

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  • cubellc .

I felt that this course had some solid insights but a lot of the information was elementary or the type of information that is easily found for free on Facebook's Blueprint courses.

  • alamirahmed2020 .

I believe this is a great course for beginners with tips to be taken into consideration. However for advanced marketers I believe it needs more case studies and a negotiation window for advanced questions.

  • atoaz12 .

  • Hazem Klafla

Open any free course on Youtube, almost same content. Mainly how to navigate the Business manager.

  • j_addicted .

  • Christian Tanobey

I have learned new things, thank you.

  • Yes Man Ivon Tsang

  • Udim Manny

The course is perfect, the only thing missing is a sub-title.

The success tracker is not primed for beginners too.

Great job guys!!

  • willstauff .

Great course lots to chew on!

  • ihabdakak .

amazing lessons

  • Asraful Azom

This is an awesome course for the marketer who wants to take them to next level.

  • Triston Jackson

Great course!!!! With essential and relevant information.

  • crexandrews .

Great content. Very informative. Looking forward to applying these techniques.

  • nn1000 .

Great Course. Logan Young is very knowledgeable

  • Lila France

Very interesting

  • danish_madni .

Overall this course is for basic learning not advance. I was expecting the case study but there wasn't

  • univsolmc .

I absolutely loved the course. The course gave a great understanding of the targeting and audiences. Can't wait to use the information in my own business.

  • zdiva007 .

  • Kieran Shearer

This course outlines everything needed. Recommended!

  • kirbykoda .

This was so easy to understand. The examples and the showing how to do it was super helpful.

  • ahtshamrana1 .

Best selling course ever. I am certified in Facebook Marketing but I found this care really helpful. I really recommend this course to everyone.

  • technicalwizz .

I enjoyed this course. Dennis is on point when he says that content is 80% of ads performance. I will try to take my Fiverr service to the next level.

  • bobby_71263 .

Excellent explanation and guidelines for FB Marketing. I love the document shared with pricing guidelines for Freelancers to use. Thanks.

I would also like to see a similar course with the focus on individuals running their online stores and struggling to market with low or zero budget. - PD

  • blaam1074 .

  • borhanuddinlipu .

  • JT Street

Great refresher! Enjoyed the content and the presenters.

  • Angela Forbes

  • spartanprofits .

  • Sunny Newar

Amazing content, explained beautifully. Thank you :)

  • Daron Goodwin

Well done and explained in a very clear manner! Will refer to friends and probably will review all videos once more

  • Astha Jain

Well designed course. Just that it becomes a little too confusing around Ad Implementation for freelancers chapter. May be they could break it down a little more.

  • Daron Goodwin

Well done and explained in a very clear manner! Will refer to friends and probably will review all videos once more

  • nathan32 .

  • cody_skene .

  • raficsinno .

Excellent in-depth overview of Facebook’s targeting capabilities. Logan and Dennis provide real world insights on how to use the different targeting capabilities within the Facebook ads platform.

  • jrod014 .

Would love to see real results from live campaigns during the corse.

  • Adnan Pervez Syed

  • atpcre .

I really think the information here is great but it was hard to follow along, especially if you are a beginner. Maybe it wasn’t for a beginner, but it was confusing.

  • superior_seo .

  • akshay4057 .


  • konkamunsif .

Really great and invaluable information. But whats with that weird hand movement at the end of the videos hehe?

  • elderis181 .

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn from experts , the course was excellent,very detailed and easy to understand.

  • sinkeedgedesign .

Useful insights and I definitely learned some new stuff but there are few things skipped or told wrong. Overall, pretty good.

  • Marco Mundo

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So much great information to learn and implement. This course gives you the foundation for doing Facebook Ads right.

  • gocvel .

It is overall a good course, but I don't think this is something that you can sell on Fiverr.

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  • Arif Islam

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Very detailed and advanced Facebook ads targeting campaign.

  • moniruz_sumon .

This course is good for new students and it would be incredible if they include a few case studies or live project example IE; problem and fixing. Anyway, thanks to both of them and fever as well.

  • Vijay Bhaskar

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In-depth training on Facebook Ads Targeting

  • Md Mahi Uddin

it's well

  • Marivic Panilawan

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Great content. Thorough and to the point without needless bells and whistles that might be fancy but don't really do anything for you.

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Very detailed and concise Facebook ads course!

  • Jevon Stephens

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This course is a great addition to Facebook Ads related courses I've taken. The instructors discussed in the simplest manner, so each module's content is easily digestible and less overwhelming (especially for newbies). Highly recommended!

  • mcmillan21 .

I learnt alot

  • adizahir329 .

  • ajb1205 .

  • raihan30 .

One of the good course I ever saw in online. Recommended

  • spencerashworth .

course was really good and straightforward! not too long and hands on enough beyond just theory

Get them to do an ads course and bundle it all together

  • colleenhammond .

  • hsaleem .

Highly recommended for anyone trying to make money of Facebook Ads. It has the basics and it has all the advanced tips.

  • rosco100 .

Solid course, well laid out and easy to digest.

  • syddsingh .

Comprehensive coverage of FB targeting - a critical piece of success puzzle in FB ads. Some real gems here - expanding the audience, how to prevent audience burnout, and special tips for freelancers.

  • fastcopywriter .

I learned a lot, but I wish they had focused more on the particular situations Facebook marketers deal with. For example, say you're client is a podiatrist, how do you target people who need a podiatrist? It's not as easy as targeting homebuyers or beer drinkers.

Also, I would have liked to learn how to use Facebook to advertise our own gigs. A lot of successful sellers are doing that, and it would have been nice to learn that.

  • mattajcaldwell .

Great info!

  • usawal .

  • klevitt70 .

Very informative and interesting.
The guys gave me a lot of great information!

  • ianchewe .

To find a course that A) has high-quality, "no fluff" content B) is jam-packed with actionable insights... that's like finding a needle in a haystack. Dennis and Logan somehow managed to do both, AND with a touch of their personal charm.

If you're serious about Facebook ads, or even online marketing overall, this is the course to take, because it walks you through the mechanics of Facebook targeting step-by-step, and along the way teaches you some good business lessons.

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Great course.

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  • bobcrawfb .

By understanding these fundamentals it insures success once budgets are set to spend. Invaluable!

  • Steven Velissaris

That's was actually pretty darn good!! I'm a digital marketeer using facebook as well, I knew quite a few things, but many that I didn't know, so yes, that was a really good course.

  • frida_ .

Such value in a cheap course. 'Gurus' would sell this for thousands. I would like to see an ecommerce ad course though

  • hebrewmuzik .

Just Amazing! Exactly what I needed. I'm going to go over this course again a few times so this information can be set in my mind. These guy's years of experience has elevated my view & direction on how to handle my businesses. I'm considering looking for clients right now. Thanks guys...

  • morceg .

Some great insights that can help you improve your gigs.

  • karensutherland .

Extremely helpful and clear explanations on how to target Facebook ads.

  • Joshua Palassis

Great stuff so far... just FYI the "Saved Audiences" quiz has a few grammatical mistakes that almost alter the questions and responses.

  • Aleksandra Duszak

Well organized, easy to go through and very practical. Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to improve his Facebook advertising skills.

  • bftech .

Solid course. Well worth the investment.

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Really well-done summary of Facebook targeting. I've taken other courses by Dennis and Logan at BlitzMetrics but when I saw how well organized this course is, I decided to take it to review my targeting knowledge in a concise way. Glad I did.

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  • nurumma86 .

This course is really awesome.It helps me target real people

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Excellent content and easy to consume.

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  • Tom Cobb

Very informative

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  • staydesigned .

I believe this course is more of a ''refreshing'' course rather than giving rare insights. I mean if you are a marketer already managing several campaigns for your clients there are not much things you'll learn here, but the language is clear, they obviously have some experience in FB ads and it was nice to learn their approach. For this price I can't possibly give anything less than 5 stars.
If they do another course about some of their case studies, I would definitely come again.
Thanks guys.

  • timehush .

Great course learned a lot

  • pagegenius .

  • oraneellington .

This course was very helpful - really insightful. I have experience with facebook ads over the years and this video actually shed light on aspects that i was unaware of due to simply never needing to use them overtime. I totally recommend this course.