Blog Content Strategy

  • 4.8

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1

Introduction to the Course

  • 1. Welcome and What This Course Covers (3:59)
  • Course Downloads
  • Quiz - Introduction to the Course
chapter 2

Understanding Your Client and Their Goals

  • 2. Understanding Your Client and Their Objectives (2:50)
  • 3. Building Your Client’s Target Personas (4:09)
  • 4. Analyze Your Client’s Blog (2:01)
  • 5. Research Your Client’s Competitors (2:24)
  • Quiz - Understanding Your Client and Their Goals
chapter 3

Keyword Research

  • 6. Introduction to Keyword Research (3:04)
  • 7. Step 1 – Topic Research (3:27)
  • 8. Step 2 – Focused Keyword Research (6:03)
  • 9. Step 3 – Organizing & Prioritizing Keywords (9:24)
  • 10. Bonus – Using Paid Tools (5:59)
  • Quiz - Keyword Research
chapter 4

Influencer Research

  • 11. Introduction – Who are Influencers and Why are They Beneficial (3:46)
  • 12. Finding Influencers Using Free Tools (5:57)
  • 13. Finding Influencers Using Paid Tools (5:04)
  • Quiz - Influencer Research
chapter 5

Building a Content Execution Plan

  • 14. Overview of Content Execution Plan (1:35)
  • 15. Setup Your Content Creation Process & Workflow (6:28)
  • 16. Define Your Team and Roles (1:57)
  • 17. Define Your Blog Post Guidelines (5:45)
  • 18. Select the Right Content Types for Your Articles (2:02)
  • 19. Build Your Content Calendar (2:35)
  • Quiz - Building a Content Execution Plan
chapter 6

Set Up Tracking

  • 20. Introduction to Goal Tracking (2:48)
  • 21. Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics (1:59)
  • 22. Defining Funnels and Setting Up Ecommerce Tracking (4:35)
  • Quiz - Set Up Tracking
chapter 7

SEO Optimization

  • 23. Introduction to Optimizing Content (1:23)
  • 24. On-page Optimization of a Blog Post (6:36)
  • 25. Building Links (3:23)
  • 26. Using Email Outreach to Build Links (4:42)
  • Quiz - SEO Optimization
chapter 8

Content Promotion

  • 27. Why is Content Promotion Important? (1:42)
  • 28. Evaluate Your Client’s Current Content Promotion (2:41)
  • 29. Consider Content Pre-Promotion (1:51)
  • 30. Promoting Content via Social Media – PART 1 (5:08)
  • 31. Promoting Content via Social Media – PART 2 (2:46)
  • 32. Using Paid Promotion on Social Media (2:32)
  • Quiz - Content Promotion
chapter 9

Analyze & Optimize

  • 33. Monitor the Results of Your Strategy (6:38)
  • 34. Optimize the Strategy to Improve Results (6:57)
  • Quiz - Analyze & Optimize
chapter 10


  • 35. Summary (3:34)
chapter 11

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

This course provides you with practical advice and a framework for building and implementing a content strategy for your clients' blog that delivers results. This course is ideal for those who possess some knowledge in digital marketing or blogging. There is significant work in building a blog content strategy and it requires a variety of digital marketing skills ranging from keyword research and content creation to content analytics and optimization. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills needed to monetize and scale your content strategy.

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37 Reviews

  • 4.8

Great course learned a lot. It goes really in depth and gives you everything you need to be successful thank you!

  • Rachel Crocker

really enjoyed it thank you!

  • John Eather

I thought the course was well organized and clearly articulated, however, I didn't really feel it offered me anything groundbreaking. I felt I had come across most of it before and thought there were areas that could have been explained in more detail. This course will not have you ready to take on clients - period. You'll need to research in detail all of the points presented if you are serious about offering your "Blog Content Strategy". This wasn't a bad course, but it wasn't for me and I've been left with buyer's remorse. It may be different for you.

  • forcontentworld .

Awesome information, brilliant downloads to start implementing what you learn straight away. Because I always knew a lot of the content, this was a fab refresher and would recommend to newbies too.

  • David Wells

  • klevitt70 .

Great course learned a lot!

  • grvkumar121 .

Good course for beginners but I was expecting a little more strategies and techniques to create blog content strategy for clients. Thank you.

  • lesleycat11 .

Really useful and interesting course. It's definitely something that I can see myself referring back to in the future.

  • sergiofelix .

Goes really in depth and gives you everything you need to be successful

  • Fahad Mustafa

Course is for beginners. Should be another course for high level.

  • Chad Brown

The course absolutely rocks and comes with templates. The speaker accent is Irish and may need subtitles...but to use as a point is not really because the blog strategy has an international side of the river/ocean explanation on blog strategy. Awesome!

  • julieschoen .

So much useful information on how we can improve strategy for our clients!

  • Destany Matias

Gave me a lot of awesome on free tools! Also helped me create a good work flow and process! I'm so glad I went through the course

  • Jessica James

Best course ever!

  • Kyle James

Excellent ideas and straight-forward implementation plans

  • ladesiigner .

  • Autumn Sprabary

  • khaledalhrbi .

I totally recommend it :)

  • Megan Andrew

Very informative and practical, I got a lot out of this!

  • Abdulrahman Usman

Although I had more expectations, I wanted more hands on and examples. But he looks like he knows what he is doing.

  • 6C Marketing

  • R. Dean Davenport

Great information! Course discusses a number of free SEO tools and other services that are helpful for optimization and analytics.

  • msty2016 .

  • Andrea Scarpetta

Great Course. Thanks Ian!

  • Walter Roderick

While it was a bit more informative than I actually needed, the content was great and for someone in their 20s-40s (still at the top of their game) this type of summary course will prove to be most useful.

  • jovi206 .

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Although I ended up taking it over a longer period of time that I had anticipated, it was well organized and allowed me to stay on top of my progress all the way through. I am looking forward to working new gigs of blog content strategy!

  • tuhin2u .

Very basic stuff, but useful for beginners. Best of luck!

  • Victor Anuom

The course was so interesting, it opened my eye with so many interesting tools and strategies i dont know about before but i have a question for the author regarding SEO yoast, my question is how do we make image to have ALT attributes

  • peterprevos .

A very comprehensive overview of developing a blog content strategy. The number of online tools that were briefly shown as a bit much to keep track of. It would have been nice to have some downloads with summaries.

  • mahbubulmottaqi .

Overall a great opportunity to learn more about SEO industry and especially content promotion strategy. I have found one wrong question options that has been said that "alt" as an HTML tag although it is an attribute of tag.

  • best_seo .

Wonderful series which explains ins and outs of Blogging. Fantastic!!

  • miriyes .

Amazing course! Clear, valuable, and full of tools. I recommend it 100%

  • melissahoff .

If you are on the fence about this course, jump on over. I had all the skills necessary to do a blog content strategy but I didn't know how to structure my research to successfully execute the strategy. This course is a blueprint to making any blog have better reach and return.

  • penspearls .

There were several instances where the video just wouldn’t play. It could be my phone/internet connection speed. Other than that, the course was outstanding!!!

  • uzairshah414 .

Amazing Course. Learned a lot from this course. Highly Recommended.

  • indio128 .

Very useful information taught in a very useful way.

  • Arrigo Lupori

Good. The course was good. I have a lot of new and fresh ideas on how to apply smart thinking to my own blog and how to get good ranking on Google. I would have liked a bit more hands on, dirty work though. There was a lot of talk on how different services do different things, which is helpful, but I would have found it more interesting if we could have been given universal knowledge. Overall, great course for the right price.