Blog Content Strategy

  • 4.8 (91 Reviews)
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Blog Content Strategy

  • 4.8 (91 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Course

  • 1. Welcome and What This Course Covers (3:59)
  • Course Downloads
  • Quiz - Introduction to the Course
Chapter 2

Understanding Your Client and Their Goals

Chapter 3

Keyword Research

  • 6. Introduction to Keyword Research (3:04)
  • 7. Step 1 – Topic Research (3:27)
  • 8. Step 2 – Focused Keyword Research (6:03)
  • 9. Step 3 – Organizing & Prioritizing Keywords (9:24)
  • 10. Bonus – Using Paid Tools (5:59)
  • Quiz - Keyword Research
Chapter 4

Influencer Research

  • 11. Introduction – Who are Influencers and Why are They Beneficial (3:46)
  • 12. Finding Influencers Using Free Tools (5:57)
  • 13. Finding Influencers Using Paid Tools (5:04)
  • Quiz - Influencer Research
Chapter 5

Building a Content Execution Plan

  • 14. Overview of Content Execution Plan (1:35)
  • 15. Setup Your Content Creation Process & Workflow (6:28)
  • 16. Define Your Team and Roles (1:57)
  • 17. Define Your Blog Post Guidelines (5:45)
  • 18. Select the Right Content Types for Your Articles (2:02)
  • 19. Build Your Content Calendar (2:35)
  • Quiz - Building a Content Execution Plan
Chapter 6

Set Up Tracking

  • 20. Introduction to Goal Tracking (2:48)
  • 21. Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics (1:59)
  • 22. Defining Funnels and Setting Up Ecommerce Tracking (4:35)
  • Quiz - Set Up Tracking
Chapter 7

SEO Optimization

  • 23. Introduction to Optimizing Content (1:23)
  • 24. On-page Optimization of a Blog Post (6:36)
  • 25. Building Links (3:23)
  • 26. Using Email Outreach to Build Links (4:42)
  • Quiz - SEO Optimization
Chapter 8

Content Promotion

  • 27. Why is Content Promotion Important? (1:42)
  • 28. Evaluate Your Client’s Current Content Promotion (2:41)
  • 29. Consider Content Pre-Promotion (1:51)
  • 30. Promoting Content via Social Media – PART 1 (5:08)
  • 31. Promoting Content via Social Media – PART 2 (2:46)
  • 32. Using Paid Promotion on Social Media (2:32)
  • Quiz - Content Promotion
Chapter 9

Analyze & Optimize

  • 33. Monitor the Results of Your Strategy (6:38)
  • 34. Optimize the Strategy to Improve Results (6:57)
  • Quiz - Analyze & Optimize
Chapter 10


  • 35. Summary (3:34)
Chapter 11

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 35 Videos
  • time 2.3 Hours

This course provides you with practical advice and a framework for building and implementing a content strategy for your clients' blog that delivers results. This course is ideal for those who possess some knowledge in digital marketing or blogging. There is significant work in building a blog content strategy and it requires a variety of digital marketing skills ranging from keyword research and content creation to content analytics and optimization. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills needed to monetize and scale your content strategy.

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91 Reviews

  • 4.8
  • Megan

Very informative and practical, I got a lot out of this!

  • Bogdan

  • Christian John

Wow! This course went way beyond expectations of just Blog Content Strategy! It's definitely an advanced course that I highly recommend experienced bloggers take!

  • Nick

Great course, packed with easy to understand tips, resources and a step by step approach to covering everything one needs to know to create a blog content strategy

  • emily_articles

Very comprehensive and educative

  • juanwriter

Complete and easy to follow

  • best_seo

Wonderful series which explains ins and outs of Blogging. Fantastic!!

  • Walter

As a newbie to the trade (50 gigs on Fiverr), I found this course to be very insightful. A bit overwhelming, but I'm not complaining. I just took a lot of notes and screenshots so I could come back to it for a refresher. I also Ian's other course on blogging.

  • khaledalhrbi

I totally recommend it :)

  • klevitt70

Great course learned a lot!

  • Arrigo

Good. The course was good. I have a lot of new and fresh ideas on how to apply smart thinking to my own blog and how to get good ranking on Google. I would have liked a bit more hands on, dirty work though. There was a lot of talk on how different services do different things, which is helpful, but I would have found it more interesting if we could have been given universal knowledge. Overall, great course for the right price.

  • dbbeaver

Excellent course, very informative, engaging, easy to follow and learn, I enjoyed every moment of this course, and am ready to blog and build blogs!

  • zamibutt

Simply outstanding. If you are a beginner blogger or advance one, this course is worth taking the shot. Value packed, to the point, informative, thorough and practical. I was doubtful before enrolling that duration is too short but this 2 hours equals 10 hours of any other course !!

  • Kurt

Very good intermediate course on how to create an awesome blog content strategy! Ian shows us exactly which tools to use, and how to use them to drastically optimize our game plans. Thanks a bunch!

  • Luuk

Very precise and valuable course. I will be implementing this for my client's inside and outside of Fiverr. Definitely worth it!

  • Carolina

This course takes the rather unsexy topics of SEO and blog optimisation and turns them into manageable chunks that are easy to implement. He does cover a lot of material, often speaks fast, and uses the industry lingo but the quality and practicality of the content is great.

  • John

I thought the course was well organized and clearly articulated, however, I didn't really feel it offered me anything groundbreaking. I felt I had come across most of it before and thought there were areas that could have been explained in more detail. This course will not have you ready to take on clients - period. You'll need to research in detail all of the points presented if you are serious about offering your "Blog Content Strategy". This wasn't a bad course, but it wasn't for me and I've been left with buyer's remorse. It may be different for you.


This course is exceptional. Ivan has created a fantastic course that, even though being concise, covers all the key aspects of building a Blog Content Strategy. This is the best course I have ever purchased and it is definitely worth the money. I wish Ivan immense success and hope that many other fellow bloggers and freelancers like me get the opportunity to learn from him.

  • forcontentworld

Awesome information, brilliant downloads to start implementing what you learn straight away. Because I always knew a lot of the content, this was a fab refresher and would recommend to newbies too.

  • dirkvervacke

This is a very good course for those new to blogging and willing to understand the underlying dynamics and how to optimize the results from a blog. Definitely worthwhile! I did have to pause every now and then and go back to review because the pace is quite fast and there are also some assignments to do in between the chapters. Great value!

  • Ionut George

Great blogging strategies and the course offers a lot of resources in terms of analytics and optimization of your blog.

  • anassauthor

Great course, to be honest, I got what I expected! Valuable information! Thank you

  • ma85219

  • Rachel

really enjoyed it thank you!

  • Jessica

Best course ever!

  • tuhin2u

Very basic stuff, but useful for beginners. Best of luck!

  • Kyle

Excellent ideas and straight-forward implementation plans

  • hostog

Having purchased the Website Blog and SEO Course, it taught me so many things. Highly recommend it to anyone learning about Blog and SEO. Very informative and helped me enormously towards developing Websites for my Fiverr clients and Ranking my Fiverr clients websites high and top on Google.

  • Chad

The course absolutely rocks and comes with templates. The speaker accent is Irish and may need subtitles...but to use as a point is not really because the blog strategy has an international side of the river/ocean explanation on blog strategy. Awesome!

  • penspearls

There were several instances where the video just wouldn’t play. It could be my phone/internet connection speed. Other than that, the course was outstanding!!!

  • indio128

Very useful information taught in a very useful way.

  • grvkumar121

Good course for beginners but I was expecting a little more strategies and techniques to create blog content strategy for clients. Thank you.


Great course learned a lot. It goes really in depth and gives you everything you need to be successful thank you!


Quite technical and comprehensive. So many softwares unveiled and necessary to research and review. Summarily the course was quite interesting. Who would have thought there would be so much technicalities to it!

  • Nelson

A really useful course, not fully what I was expecting. but it was well delivered, comprehensive and structured.

  • vujo91

  • Autumn

  • playgroundzrock

  • lesleycat11

Really useful and interesting course. It's definitely something that I can see myself referring back to in the future.

  • Hafiz Fahad

Course is for beginners. Should be another course for high level.

  • sergiofelix

Goes really in depth and gives you everything you need to be successful

  • Nikolaos

One of my favorites. Very happy with the way the presenter explained everything. Probably the best SEO course on fiverr learn.

  • catwriter

Good, informative and fun.

  • dungers

Good course but need some more detailed course in seo field. thanks

  • judepeter696

Well detailed and really helpful. Thanks a bunch.

  • Alexander

This course is superbly laid out, with great information. Highly recommend it to those starting on the journey of Blog Content Strategy!

  • sarahcoleva

It was a GREAT course and I took many, many notes!! It definitely expanded what I can offer to my present clients and future clients which has increased my value.

Thank you very much!!

Sarah Cole - Social Media
Real Estate Marketing Strategist

  • Ryan

  • Raiyan

The course content was professional but the sound quality can be further improved.

  • Digital

  • Bruno

  • Scott

I am not particularly computer or web-savvy, so much of this info was over my head. And there was a lot of info. But probably a great course for someone with more basic knowledge of the web, and social media, than me. Thanks.

  • Zafar

I found the course very informative and practical. only content promotion area I think a bit complicated for beginners. I learn a lot of practical knowledge and hopefully going to apply on my own blog as well as on Fiverr. Thanks, Ian cleary

  • dariosmm

  • Elyes

great love it !!!

  • Ma. Cristina

  • creativdzine2

It could be improve my adding some free SEO tools for use

  • nicolaswrites

the instructor knows his onions. Definitely worth every minute I spent watching.

  • julieschoen

So much useful information on how we can improve strategy for our clients!

  • peterprevos

A very comprehensive overview of developing a blog content strategy. The number of online tools that were briefly shown as a bit much to keep track of. It would have been nice to have some downloads with summaries.

  • uzairshah414

Amazing Course. Learned a lot from this course. Highly Recommended.

  • miriyes

Amazing course! Clear, valuable, and full of tools. I recommend it 100%

  • jovi206

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Although I ended up taking it over a longer period of time that I had anticipated, it was well organized and allowed me to stay on top of my progress all the way through. I am looking forward to working new gigs of blog content strategy!

  • R. Dean

Great information! Course discusses a number of free SEO tools and other services that are helpful for optimization and analytics.

  • Abdulrahman

Although I had more expectations, I wanted more hands on and examples. But he looks like he knows what he is doing.

  • peter

I enjoyed the course and learned allot thanks.

  • Fabio

Awesome! Really informative and helpful!

  • khubaibkhawar

Really a valuable and great course. Instructor has covered the topics in-depth and have shared many tools, which makes SEO process very easy.

  • Steven

This is such an informative course that breaks down big topics into small chunks that makes them so much easier to grasp.

I've learnt some great skills and recommend this course to everyone.

  • Daniel

Excellent information. Even an experienced content strategist and blogger can pick up a few tricks from this material!

  • Jessica

An excellent guide to implementing a content strategy from the ground up. Easy to follow and very informative with lots of resources provided.

  • vinitapariyani

  • 6C

  • msty2016

  • atpcre

I enjoyed this course and the resources that were shared will really help me with creating content that will be found.

  • chrisza

Absolutely brilliant. This was alot more than just a blog strategy course. It has helped both my social influence skills and fiverr gig offerings. I really enjoyed the detail each course went through with lots of useful information for building your freelancing services. I will be referring to the course material while I close my first sale. 5 stars. #cannabispromoter #fiverr #indoerswetrust

  • Muhammad Faran

Very well organized course. I have learnt a lot about content marketing, building a content and convert visitors into customers.

  • Frederick

  • kitselette

Very useful, I really appreciated that it covered both high-level concepts as well as executional, including recommendations for free and paid tools.

  • David

  • Nicola

  • Destany

Gave me a lot of awesome on free tools! Also helped me create a good work flow and process! I'm so glad I went through the course

  • mahbubulmottaqi

Overall a great opportunity to learn more about SEO industry and especially content promotion strategy. I have found one wrong question options that has been said that "alt" as an HTML tag although it is an attribute of tag.

  • melissahoff

If you are on the fence about this course, jump on over. I had all the skills necessary to do a blog content strategy but I didn't know how to structure my research to successfully execute the strategy. This course is a blueprint to making any blog have better reach and return.

  • Victor

The course was so interesting, it opened my eye with so many interesting tools and strategies i dont know about before but i have a question for the author regarding SEO yoast, my question is how do we make image to have ALT attributes

  • studioglenn

Very insightful. I learned a lot!

  • toddabarsness

  • Nick

Long and detailed course. Extremely put together for someone new to blogging or a novice! Highly recommend!

  • univsolmc

Very informative. Thank you.

  • ladesiigner

  • Andrea

Great Course. Thanks Ian!

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Blog Content Strategy

4.8 (91)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of a blog?

    There are all kinds of blogs, serving all kinds of purposes. Personal blogs give an insight into the lives of their creators, but many businesses also create blogs. A successful blog can establish a business as a respected authority in its niche, and support SEO. Blog posts can also express the ‘personality’ of a business better than standard website content. Finally, blogs provide an opportunity for content marketing – a subtle form of marketing that allows you to wrap promotional messages in something of value, like an engaging article.

  • How do you write a blog article?

    Don’t dive in! Instead, take the time to research the topic and plan the structure of your article first. Every article should start engagingly – with words crafted to draw the reader deeper into the text. If you’re writing a long-form article, it’s usually best to break the content up with headers and sub-headers. Bullet points and numbered lists also provide a reader-friendly format. Avoid ‘fluff’ and make each word count. Finally, remember that writing isn’t a one-step process, so always be prepared to edit and improve your work.

  • What makes a blog successful?

    It’s not enough just to post great articles on your blog; these articles need to align with your blog content strategy. That strategy should allow you to connect with your audience – so you’ll need to understand who you’re targeting, and what they’re searching for. Next, you’ll need a plan to put your content in front of your audience – that’s where SEO and content promotion come in. Finally, never accept that your blog is ‘good enough’; keep analyzing and optimizing your content – and your content strategy.

  • Does blogging help SEO?

    Yes – blogging is one of the most powerful ways to improve a website’s position in the search results. Building a body of keyword-rich content helps search engines recognize what a website’s all about, so when you’re blogging for SEO reasons, it’s even more important to keep your posts on topic. As well as being a great way to target valuable keywords, articles and blog posts can also attract backlinks. Always remember, the key to getting backlinks organically is offering high-quality content that provides genuine value for your readers.

  • How do you do keyword research for a blog?

    Keyword research is vital for a blog’s success. The trick is finding search terms used by people interested in your niche. This starts with a little common sense, but there are also some great keyword-research tools you can use. Google’s Keyword Planner is a popular (and free) choice, but paid tools sometimes provide more detailed statistics. Not all keywords are equal. You should ideally target keywords that are popular with searchers, but not too competitive. It’s typically easier to rank for longtail keywords (which include 3+ words).

  • How do I become a freelance blog writer?

    Fiverr is the perfect place to launch your career as a freelance blog writer! Every day, our Articles and Blog Posts category is visited by a steady stream of buyers, all looking for blog writers. It’s a competitive niche, but this Blog Content Strategy course will help you stand out; the badge you earn will show buyers that you understand the strategies behind successful blogging. Top-notch writing skills are important too – so sharpen up by building a blog of your own, or contributing guest posts to established blogs!