Google Analytics - Fundamentals

  • 4.6

Google Analytics - Fundamentals

  • 4.6

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1


  • Introduction (3:15)
  • 1. Web Technology (17:33)
  • Quiz - Web Technology
  • 2. Web Analytics Terminology (18:12)
  • Quiz - Web Analytics Terminology
  • 3. Getting Started With GA (12:48)
  • 4. Fundamentals of GA (12:15)
  • Quiz - Fundamentals of GA
  • 5. What We Can Do With GA (11:21)
  • Quiz - What We Can Do With GA
  • 6. Your GA Account (25:20)
  • Quiz - Your GA Account
  • 7. Navigating GA UI (22:18)
  • Quiz - Navigating GA UI
  • 8. Audience Reports (37:05)
  • Quiz - Audience Reports
  • 9. Acquisition Reports (17:07)
  • Quiz - Acquisition Reports
  • 10. Behavior Reports (15:29)
  • Quiz - Behavior Reports
  • 11. Conversion Reports (19:20)
  • Quiz - Conversion Reports
  • 12. Account Administration (29:26)
  • Quiz - Account Administration
  • 13. Summary (1:52)
chapter 2

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

Discover Google Analytics from the ground-up with this training program. In this course, you'll learn how to harness the power of Google Analytics, get the most out of the data you collect, and discover all that you can do within Google Analytics. Get a grip on what you can do inside of Google Analytics in this 12-lesson course. This course is great for all skill levels. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience with Google Analytics, and if you do have experience, it's a great opportunity to learn something new.

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26 Reviews

  • 4.6
  • Jamil Ahmed

Awesome course ! Really love this, very much.

  • Aleem Razzaq

Very Comprehensive for benginners

  • Farooq Ahmad

  • David Hall

Good for understanding how Google Analytics works and what all the reports can be used for.

  • adrockmarketing .

  • Marius Lex

Good intro, nice content but much, much too long. The amount of provided info could have been tought in about two hours less.

  • Kevin Oconefsky

  • nikitashigov .

It's not bad. quite informative. but i would cut some parts and make it shorter

  • Devin Waddell

  • Joselino De Leon

  • jill27 .

  • evgeniap .

Very happy with it! Informative, comprehensive, good pace, excellent delivery.
Thank you!

  • Nathaniel Hamilton

  • bhavnaprakash .

  • jovi206 .

  • univsolmc .

Wow! That was a lot of information. I may need to take the other two course to have everything make sense.

  • George Vinueza

  • nomysirang .

  • trafficnpromo .

  • bloomwithseo .

  • konkamunsif .

I think jeff knows what he's talking about but I also believe the fundamentals course is not the right match for you if you know the basics of ads whether it be fb or google because this course is basically a walk through of the google analytics platform. While it may help complete newbies, if you are already familiar with online marketing terms, you wont find this of much help. Probably your money would be better spent on the advanced courses.

  • Powers Austin

Great course just wish I could show my fam how well i've done!!!! I am in need to go back and re learn I do not want to have to buy again to refresh my mind on what I learned!!!!

  • Lori Konomos

  • jane_anyiam .

Great lessons and in-depth overview of the Google Analytics

  • seopro7 .

Informative and Very detailed explanation. Looking forward to google analytics mastery and advanced course. Outstanding Experience :-)

  • Nir Sabato