SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

  • 4.6

SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

  • 4.6

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1


  • 1. Intro - Technical SEO (1:40)
chapter 2

What is Technical SEO?

  • 2. Definition and History (3:26)
  • 3. Why It Matters (1:24) Free
  • 4. Core Components (1:45)
  • 5. Results + KPIs (1:27)
  • 6. Goal Setting (0:40)
  • What is Technical SEO? - Quiz
chapter 3


  • 7. Overview + Getting Ready (0:41)
  • 8. Google Search Console (4:20)
  • 9. Screaming Frog (6:12)
  • Tools - Quiz
chapter 4

How to Approach a Client

  • 10. Questions + Brief (1:06)
  • 11. Competitive Overview (3:54)
  • 12. Mini Audit (2:25)
  • How to Approach a Client - Quiz
chapter 5

How to Perform an Audit (Part 1)

  • 13. Sitemaps (4:59)
  • 14. Robots.txt (2:44)
  • 15. HTTPS (2:09)
  • 16. Broken Pages (5:55)
  • 17. Duplicate Content (2:11)
  • 18. Mobile Friendliness (7:44)
  • 19. Bonus Lesson - Site Speed Diagnostics and Optimization
  • Performing an Audit (PART 1) - Quiz
chapter 6

How to Perform an Audit (Part 2)

  • 20. Metadata + Header Tags (2:40)
  • 21. Image Optimization (1:38)
  • 22. Schema Markup (4:57)
  • 23. Social Tags (1:58)
  • Performing an Audit (PART 2) - Quiz
chapter 7


  • 24. Summary - SEO Course (0:34)
chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

Among the many components to SEO, technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other tactics are built. In the SEO - Technical Audit course, I'll guide students through the nuts and bolts of technical SEO, from its purpose and value to its execution. The focus will be on technical SEO tools and how to use them, approaching a client, and performing an audit. This course is intended for all levels, from beginners to seasoned SEO pros who might need a technical refresher.

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168 Reviews

  • 4.6
  • Hryhorii

Please ADD subtitles for each course, thanks!

  • seosupremacy

Not a bad course, it can be a little bit more detailed...

  • csales23

A really good introductory course to SEO! I highly recommend!

  • Tobias

  • ian

This cool is ok its very well presented i would suggest you would infact need some more detail if you actually wanted to offer this service on fiverr as this courses covers only the basic and covers them quite quickly.

  • Jeremy

  • khubaibkhawar

Excellent course, great SEO Audit practices.

  • studioglenn

Good introduction!

  • Sanchit

It was good but very basic. It just gave an overview of the topic with very basic things that I already knew before. It's good for beginners who are just starting out.

  • shamayun4

Best for Beginners!

  • provotalent

Decent content.

  • Aleem

This Course is Pretty Awesome for beginners.

  • mina7com

It was good I learnt new skills! thanks!

  • penspearls

Robust and packed with valuable insight.

  • tzina88

  • Zafar

Sorry to say, this course is not up to the standard.
Very low voice volume and very hard to understand for a none native English speaker. She only provides overview. She needs to explain every step in-depth and demonstrate. She tells that you can add schema from google but do not demonstrate. Overall I am disappointed after purchasing this course.

  • Steve

Good sound knowledge

  • mdrickicki

  • muhammad

if you want to learn something regarding technical SEO so this course is for you. Recommended/...

  • Raiyan

I think the course is quite good for starter but it should have more information.

  • cre8iveartwork

thank you

  • Ali Hassan

This course very helpful for understand technical SEO that is high demand in market I love instructor teaching style very much effective.. Instructor teaching style is superb i learn lots of SEO related topics from instructor.

  • atpcre

I really enjoyed this course. All the free tools and the explanations behind them really helped.

  • Varun

  • Samantha

  • mingogomes

  • dungers


  • Lori

  • Klaivs

Great educational material!

  • shahbaz


  • fotis_fotiadiss

  • Jamil

Simply awesome way to learn inside about technical SEO

  • nazmun_nahar

  • Isis

Very in depth course. I feel fully equiped to offer services as a SEO auditor. Thank you !

  • codobux


  • Muhammad


  • Debora-Sharon

  • peter

The course helped me improve on sections I was unsure about. Good course

  • Evgeniy

Greate course

  • amanbhangoo

Touches all the basic aspects for a newbie.

  • Md

good !


Even though the course title mentions "SEO-Technical Audit Fundamentals", the jargon used is a bit complex and a person who is new to SEO can be overwhelmed by it. The course data is quite good and the explanations are satisfactory. Barring the excessive use of core technical terms, this course is really good.

  • mhpc_solutions

Good course!

  • Mahesh

Great course for beginners. Easy to understand.

  • Marius

Good course but very basic info. Would have loved to see an audit on a real example with deeper info on how to fix things.

  • univsolmc

I loved the course content and teaching style. Learned so much on SEO that I didn't know. Now it's time to use it. Thank you!!

  • Brian

  • Asiri

It is very important who is apprentice to SEO and I would love to learn intermediate level and if there is how to deliver a SEO audit report as sample that is great.

  • Muhammad Faran

The course goes well as progressed but not best at the start. Some typos in the course, overall is a good course and recommended if you want to enhance your knowledge.

  • atlantacpr

  • mayfairweather

Very good course

  • Giulia

  • Hafiz Fahad

Very well organized course. A lot of information as well.

  • coerdelion

This is a great course - thanks!

  • William

concise, easy to understand, great tips

  • Anton

  • Amjad

Thank You so much Kelly for making this Awesome course. Though this is very basic of auditing but it really worth the time and value. She presented it very nicely and I have enjoyed all lessons and Obviously Learned something really good. Now I am going to make my clients WOW!! Have a nice day!

  • hassanbilal

It was a very basic course! I was expecting something advance!

  • George

Good solid overview of the technical aspects

  • salehzeer

This Course cover the fundamental of Technical seo and give you the basic line and ground to take off.

  • traffic_geo

I just checked about, i think it good, still watching and learning more stuff, thank you soo much and worth it

  • naim_kst


  • evgeniap

It was useful and really technical. I feel there was a lot of information squeezed in a relatively short course. Maybe course could be longer and offer more opportunities to practise with all those new tools. It was useful and enlightening. Thank you.

  • hassanmushaid

  • forcontentworld

Enough to get you started to conduct audits but further study required to implement them or as the course said 'pass changes needed onto a web developer'.

  • hostog

Having purchased the Website SEO Course, it taught me so many things. Highly recommend it to anyone learning about SEO. Very informative and helped me enormously towards developing Websites for my Fiverr clients and Ranking my Fiverr clients websites high and top on Google.

  • bahal987

Covers the basics really really well

  • John

  • wursti

Great course!

  • successishere

I liked the course but wish she would've given more detail on how to basically how to perform SEO on your own website, before actually going after clients.. There's lot of tools out there but to show and give an example of preparing your own account for traffic, with results is a lot better and good to show before actually getting a client. I would definitely like to perform a before traffic, the process and the after SEO training. Please let me know when you get that type of training. Thanks

  • jennfisher

The teacher was great and I really did learn a lot. However, it was a lot to take in for someone who is new to SEO.

  • chidinweke

It was above average.

  • bmamran

I would love to learn the Advance SEO course from here. It's really amazing! Learn lot of technical issues.

  • kashamim

It was really good.

  • Anneliese

  • edrsvc

This course helped me to learn a bit more about technical SEO. It dives deep into the fundamentals and the advanced material helps to enhance my SEO Profession. I can offer a better service now! I offer Off page SEO services where I can additionally use now the knowledge learned in this course to offer an even better SEO service! Thank you!

  • Daniel

  • Derek

Not taking developmental factors into consideration when explaining topics such as the mobile friendly test or PageSpeed, which is server dependent and the environment must be setup to make the findings and tweaks valid.

  • dzeeshah2

This is a great course covering all the basics of technical SEO.

  • Tanbir

Pretty clear (y)

  • Kyle

Covers the basics really really well

  • Alexandru

I would have liked to see a more in-depth explanation about these tools and how SEO really works...

  • Muhammad Adil

If you just need an introduction to technical SEO and want to see what it's all about, this may be a good course for you. But if you actually want to learn enough technical optimization to offer it as a service, this is definitely NOT the course you wanna take. This is a very brief introduction to technical SEO. No more no less.

  • Chad

The course is a great insight for beginners and intermediates wanting to refresh on SEO content deliverables!

  • Megan

I only knew the very basic principles of SEO and this gave me a great, well-rounded understanding of technical SEO that will assist in my everyday work.

  • 6C

  • Woofy31

Great course for beginners, and a quick refresher for those who are in the SEO business. Kelly is a great instructor - she manages to effectively teach the basics of technical SEO & website audits in an engaging way.

  • manoar_molla

  • Josiah

If you literally have no idea what SEO means or how to check SEO, or SEO terms, then this course if for you.

If you want to increase your SEO knowledge, run for the hills.

I've participated in five courses through Fiverr now, and this one is the worst so far IMO.

The intonations are child-like. The background music is void and dry. The knowledge in the subject is quite basic and not convincing of expertise.

I'd imagine most people taking this course already have some knowledge about SEO and basic principles. So some of this content seemed like fillers because you don't have that much experience to offer yourself.

It would have been great to learn from an actual expert in the topic instead of someone who relies on the tech to explain everything.

If you have an advanced course, I'd be intrigued to see what you offer. As you tell your clients in this course to show that they're the experts to their clients – with little to no knowledge themselves.

  • shan404

The course feels more like a audio than a video tutorial. Examples showed in the course are not through, most of them are described rather than being shown. In overall the starting was great but when it came to the actual thing it could have been much better.

  • superior_seo

Good Refresher!

  • computersgh

  • madamwriter

I learned a lot from the course. Thank you so much!

  • Matthew

Basic Knowledge I could have gotten anywhere for free.

  • temmy3114

Very interesting course and easy to understand.

  • monk83

Contains some basic info but overall quite informative. The videos could have been more elaborate in explaining how the concepts can be implemented.

  • positiveboby

Highly recommended for everyone to catch the main things about SEO!
Kelly is an amazing teacher and very detail in every step.

  • Fandi

Very well presented and easy to understand.

  • imranhossainali


  • redfxstudio

One of the best Course I learn in Fiverr Learn platform. She explains everything with practical. Good Keep it up