SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

  • 4.6 (216 Reviews)
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SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

  • 4.6 (216 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • 1. Intro - Technical SEO (1:40)
Chapter 2

What is Technical SEO?

  • 2. Definition and History (3:26)
  • 3. Why It Matters (1:24) Free
  • 4. Core Components (1:45)
  • 5. Results + KPIs (1:27)
  • 6. Goal Setting (0:40)
  • What is Technical SEO? - Quiz
Chapter 3


  • 7. Overview + Getting Ready (0:41)
  • 8. Google Search Console (4:20)
  • 9. Screaming Frog (6:12)
  • Tools - Quiz
Chapter 4

How to Approach a Client

  • 10. Questions + Brief (1:06)
  • 11. Competitive Overview (3:54)
  • 12. Mini Audit (2:25)
  • How to Approach a Client - Quiz
Chapter 5

How to Perform an Audit (Part 1)

  • 13. Sitemaps (4:59)
  • 14. Robots.txt (2:44)
  • 15. HTTPS (2:09)
  • 16. Broken Pages (5:55)
  • 17. Duplicate Content (2:11)
  • 18. Mobile Friendliness (7:44)
  • 19. Bonus Lesson - Site Speed Diagnostics and Optimization
  • Performing an Audit (PART 1) - Quiz
Chapter 6

How to Perform an Audit (Part 2)

  • 20. Metadata + Header Tags (2:40)
  • 21. Image Optimization (1:38)
  • 22. Schema Markup (4:57)
  • 23. Social Tags (1:58)
  • Performing an Audit (PART 2) - Quiz
Chapter 7


  • 24. Summary - SEO Course (0:34)
Chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 23 Videos
  • time 1.1 Hours

Among the many components to SEO, technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other tactics are built. In the SEO - Technical Audit course, I'll guide students through the nuts and bolts of technical SEO, from its purpose and value to its execution. The focus will be on technical SEO tools and how to use them, approaching a client, and performing an audit. This course is intended for all levels, from beginners to seasoned SEO pros who might need a technical refresher.

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216 Reviews

  • 4.6
  • Sanchit

It was good but very basic. It just gave an overview of the topic with very basic things that I already knew before. It's good for beginners who are just starting out.

  • Bogdan

  • Steve

Good sound knowledge

  • Mandeep

Really Helpful Information. Thank you Fiverr Team

  • Megan

I only knew the very basic principles of SEO and this gave me a great, well-rounded understanding of technical SEO that will assist in my everyday work.

  • tuhin2u

Very basic stuff, learn nothing new. It can be helpful for newbies.

  • mayfairweather

Very good course

  • Debora-Sharon

  • Lori

  • Jaimy

  • Kyle

Covers the basics really really well

  • Hafiz Fahad

Very well organized course. A lot of information as well.

  • graphicz0716

Great Course. it would be nice if the instructor teaches deep insights. but for $19, this course covers lots of points. A+

  • officialrajat

The course gives helpful walkthrough to run various types of tools for SEO. This is an amazing course for anyone wanting to understand and learn about Search Engine Optimization.

The instructor takes his time to explain things in full depth, which is much appreciated!

  • bahal987

Covers the basics really really well

  • dungers


  • Mahesh

Great course for beginners. Easy to understand.

  • Ben

It was a fairly good course. It introduces you to a lot of new technical terms and the basics of SEO auditing, but in terms of the next stage, which is to apply it practically; something more advanced is needed.

  • jarstickme

Excellent. well explained all, easy to understand everything.

  • Jamar

  • Jamie

  • nafdraw

  • fogi

Fairly basic, but has a good structure, and I could actually learn from it.

  • Md Javed

Kelly is composed and in-detail trainer. She covered all aspects of technical SEO basics, some which are definitely very useful. I would be interested to enroll for advance course as soon as it becomes available.

  • Chandan

For an expert it would appear to be a basic and for a newbie it would appear complicated. Just note that it is one of the 3 aspect of SEO Auditing (out of On Page, Off Page and Technical Audit). As a Technical SEO Audit this course it complete, there is nothing much that is needed. Very well explained.

  • Arrigo

Good but not enough for the price. The instructor was ok but it felt like she was blatantly reading a script most of the time. The hour goes by really quickly and for 20$ it's honestly a stretch saying that the course was life-changing. I'm a very critical person so I notice every detail in what I do. Was the course helpful? Yes, schema especially, but also the various Google SpeedTests, Search Console, and ScreamingFrog. These tools are really useful and I understand how to use them now. That said, we should be getting a lot more for 20$. I bought this course because I knew it'd help me on Fiverr and I'm sure it'll help me grow as an SEO specialist, but there are best-selling courses out there that offer you 9-10 hours of content for less than 20$. Oh well, I enjoyed it anyway. Thanks, Fiverr!

  • uxreview

It's called technical audit fundamentals course, but I think a complete newbie would find it somewhat confusing. I took it as a refresher, so it was very easy for me to follow, but I'd say if you don't know anything about SEO then you might wish to take a different more in-depth course.

Also if you're expecting to get like a detailed guide how to do a technical audit and sell it as a service then this course alone is not enough. There are other courses available that offer you a blueprint that you can use pretty much out of the box.

That being said, it's a professional and well built course. The usability is good and there's a logical flow for the content.

  • Josiah

If you literally have no idea what SEO means or how to check SEO, or SEO terms, then this course if for you.

If you want to increase your SEO knowledge, run for the hills.

I've participated in five courses through Fiverr now, and this one is the worst so far IMO.

The intonations are child-like. The background music is void and dry. The knowledge in the subject is quite basic and not convincing of expertise.

I'd imagine most people taking this course already have some knowledge about SEO and basic principles. So some of this content seemed like fillers because you don't have that much experience to offer yourself.

It would have been great to learn from an actual expert in the topic instead of someone who relies on the tech to explain everything.

If you have an advanced course, I'd be intrigued to see what you offer. As you tell your clients in this course to show that they're the experts to their clients – with little to no knowledge themselves.

  • rdsmith1977

  • joysud

Great course, very informative!! Very well designed course that is perfect for someone who is new to the field of SEO!

  • successishere

I liked the course but wish she would've given more detail on how to basically how to perform SEO on your own website, before actually going after clients.. There's lot of tools out there but to show and give an example of preparing your own account for traffic, with results is a lot better and good to show before actually getting a client. I would definitely like to perform a before traffic, the process and the after SEO training. Please let me know when you get that type of training. Thanks

  • William

concise, easy to understand, great tips

  • edrsvc

This course helped me to learn a bit more about technical SEO. It dives deep into the fundamentals and the advanced material helps to enhance my SEO Profession. I can offer a better service now! I offer Off page SEO services where I can additionally use now the knowledge learned in this course to offer an even better SEO service! Thank you!

  • traffic_geo

I just checked about, i think it good, still watching and learning more stuff, thank you soo much and worth it

  • Sean

I enjoyed this course and learned a lot, considering myself still a beginner in the SEO world but a pretty technical background in other areas, coming into this course. The trainer does a good job explaining FREE tools to use that can really help, and goes through some decent examples along the way with those tools.

I do think this class could be very beneficial by actually going through fixing some issues called out in the examples (i.e. fix a header or improve the site speed a bit by improving something on the site). I understand this may require a developer, but it wouldn't be too using a CMS and plugin as an example, or just opening a site and analyzing the HTML file to explain exactly where some of these updates would take place (maybe get this info from a developer beforehand).

  • ng_1stin

Great course! SEO audits can be difficult due to the massive amount of information you have to distill for a client. This course breaks it down step-by-step into a simple process. If you're new to SEO this is a good starting point, if you've been in the game awhile this is a good refresher and will help you deliver more organized audits to your customers.

  • duoweb

The course was very helpful and the information provided was easy to understand.

  • Jamil

Simply awesome way to learn inside about technical SEO

  • cldisplay_seo

I absolutely loved this, I feel like a better freelancer because of it. I will be taking a lot more courses here, Great course, interesting and easy to understand.

  • Md Mahi

Basic Video But Good...

  • zaheer2284

awesome course! Learn lot of things

  • peter

The course helped me improve on sections I was unsure about. Good course

  • hassanbilal

It was a very basic course! I was expecting something advance!

  • eman365

Very useful information and Recommended this course.

  • Daniel

  • Melissa

Really useful for every business!

  • Christian John

A really good introductory course to SEO! I highly recommend!

  • kashamim

It was really good.

  • squarebuilder

Good course with everything covered in detail. Lots of information and very useful.

  • Muhammad

Don,t Purchase this course its just a waste of money..

  • abdul

Please add more detail thanks

  • codobux


  • stephen

Brilliant course hopefully will get me work on Fiverr.

  • ipekyolu

Good content but not advanced..

  • Hryhorii

Please ADD subtitles for each course, thanks!

  • best_kindle

very Helpful to build my Carrier on Fiverr. Thank you.

  • Taukir Rahman

Learned something new. It was a good course indeed.

  • henrypro3

Great course! thank you

  • dzeeshah2

This is a great course covering all the basics of technical SEO.

  • seosupremacy

Not a bad course, it can be a little bit more detailed...

  • Evgeniy

Greate course

  • Asiri

It is very important who is apprentice to SEO and I would love to learn intermediate level and if there is how to deliver a SEO audit report as sample that is great.

  • Kieran

A lot of the terminology is not really explained or elaborated on. For a complete beginner it can be very tricky to follow.

  • swidia

Concise and inspiring lesson. Now I know all the things I need to improve my SEO skill.

  • bmamran

I would love to learn the Advance SEO course from here. It's really amazing! Learn lot of technical issues.

  • salehzeer

This Course cover the fundamental of Technical seo and give you the basic line and ground to take off.

  • boomlandjenkins

Basic stuff, but accurate and important information to know. You can't go wrong for $19. Learn new stuff, or get a refresher.

  • fresh_developer

great content

  • jennfisher

The teacher was great and I really did learn a lot. However, it was a lot to take in for someone who is new to SEO.

  • nazmun_nahar

  • Nadun

  • kokoha

Great course. Important aspects of technical SEO covered in easy understandable language.

  • muhammad

if you want to learn something regarding technical SEO so this course is for you. Recommended/...

  • Anton

  • woofy31

Great course for beginners, and a quick refresher for those who are in the SEO business. Kelly is a great instructor - she manages to effectively teach the basics of technical SEO & website audits in an engaging way.

  • cre8iveartwork

thank you

  • Adnan Pervez

  • pentaseo

Great course that will help you be at par with the best in the industry!


Even though the course title mentions "SEO-Technical Audit Fundamentals", the jargon used is a bit complex and a person who is new to SEO can be overwhelmed by it. The course data is quite good and the explanations are satisfactory. Barring the excessive use of core technical terms, this course is really good.

  • flodega2015

Great course, will definitely recommend. One thing to improve would be to be clearer about the pre requisite knowledge needed for the course. Beside that the course is well designed and easy to understand.

  • Saud

From 2009, I have been enrolled in 2000+ courses but never started even a single one because they were not compelling like the courses offered by Fiverr here. The quality is too good, to the point and best quality. However, the voice quality has some echo which needs to be improved. Thanks so much for making an excellent course.

  • fahadjee

It is very nice. Excellent.

  • Luculle

SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals, great course! However, you do need a basic knowledge on the subject to take this course.

The course instructor was great, but I had to replay sections due to pronunciation. I have two notes with no idea what the word was even when re-listening to the section - Image Alt Tags and Duplicate Content?

  • Isis

Very in depth course. I feel fully equiped to offer services as a SEO auditor. Thank you !

  • imranhossainali


  • aiqmiller

This is great for all of us. I learn new things and i will keep more practice on it.


  • yasirtanvir

Very informative about SEO and Website Technical Audit.

  • Concept

Good course but need to be more adanced

  • Anthony

pretty good

  • undamuy

Covered on site SEO checklist, explained well. Thanks

  • evgeniap

It was useful and really technical. I feel there was a lot of information squeezed in a relatively short course. Maybe course could be longer and offer more opportunities to practise with all those new tools. It was useful and enlightening. Thank you.

  • computersgh

  • kaiser_coder

Appreciated. I was looking this type of courses finally found at fiverr. Hope it will continue and more technical issue and resolve practically courses will be presented to us.

  • gocvel

  • Amjad

Thank You so much Kelly for making this Awesome course. Though this is very basic of auditing but it really worth the time and value. She presented it very nicely and I have enjoyed all lessons and Obviously Learned something really good. Now I am going to make my clients WOW!! Have a nice day!

  • Varun

  • superior_seo

Good Refresher!

  • forcontentworld

Enough to get you started to conduct audits but further study required to implement them or as the course said 'pass changes needed onto a web developer'.

  • icrisk

Great course and presenter!
I was expecting less and was surprised by the high quality, attention to details, and professionalism in this session.
Thanks, Fiverr, for doing this!

  • Chad

The course is a great insight for beginners and intermediates wanting to refresh on SEO content deliverables!

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SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

4.6 (216)