Social Media Content Strategy

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Social Media Content Strategy

  • 4.9 (606 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Course Introduction

  • 1. Welcome (1:19)
  • Course Downloads
Chapter 2

Setting Objectives

  • 2. Marketing Funnel (2:15)
  • 3. Key Performance Indicators (0:47)
  • Quiz: Setting Objectives
Chapter 3

Identifying your Target Audience

  • 4. Marketing Personas (3:37) Free
  • 5. Customer Research (1:45)
  • 6. Facebook Audience Insights (6:45)
  • 7. Survey Monkey (5:56)
  • 8. Empathy Mapping (2:34)
  • Quiz: Identifying your Target Audience
Chapter 4

Defining your content strategy

  • 9. Content Mission Statement (2:24)
  • 10. Researching Competitors (8:47)
  • 11. Content Pillars (4:53)
  • 12. Identifying Post Types (4:50)
  • Quiz: Defining your content strategy
Chapter 5

Executing on your content strategy

  • 13. Executing on your Content Strategy (0:39)
  • 14. Planning your Posts (7:57)
  • 15. Selecting Visuals (3:34)
  • 16. Writing Copy (2:33)
  • Quiz: Executing on your content strategy
Chapter 6

Creating an efficient process

  • 17. Creating an Efficient Process (0:16)
  • 18. Reusing content (2:19)
  • 19. Getting Help (10:11)
  • Quiz: Creating an efficient process
Chapter 7

Measuring and Optimizing

  • 20. Measuring Performance (0:29)
  • 21. Facebook and Instagram Analytics & Insights (6:42)
  • 22. Multi-channel content strategy (0:40)
  • Quiz: Measuring and Optimizing
Chapter 8


  • 23. What we learned (1:27)
Chapter 9

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 23 Videos
  • time 1.4 Hours

Whether you're supporting a big brand like Coca Cola or your local yoga studio, if you're involved in social media content strategy you have a daunting task ahead of you: creating content that grabs your followers' attention. That's what you'll learn in this course: how to create social media content with "thumb stopping power". I'll take you step-by-step through my proven process for developing and executing on a social media content strategy. This course is ideal for small business owners or freelancers looking to develop a more strategic and efficient approach to content development for social.

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606 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • Muhammad Arslan


  • jscardspa

Great introduction to social media content strategy. Plenty of helpful insights and strategy as well as specific tools and even templates to use.

  • Ar

She described it very well throughout the course.
I am happy to do this course.


Great Teacher, I like this way of teaching, I have learn a lot of interesting topic from this teacher.

  • Salman

very helpful course to me :)

  • Uzzal

  • syyedahmed

Great Informative Course!

  • Abdur

  • Ishak

Great Course :)

  • endritkarameto

  • Labhlu

This course is awesome. In a word, I loved it. Special thanks to trainer for making the session wonderfully.

  • raton87

Lot of funs! I learned about content strategies. A lot of secrets here on how to grow your business! Thanks for the super tutorial.

  • Md. Mehedhi

nice course

  • Stacey

  • Bristy

she is a great teacher to have. learned a lot of important things and hope I can use it to improve myself. thank you.

  • rafsan__mahmud

great course

  • Nabeel

  • madushanka86123

Very helpful and understandable. thank you.

  • Sanidu

grate course

  • Being

  • Md. Nasir

Thanks for the course.It helped me to understand the customer journey.

  • sebastianevans

Great way to learn

  • Bilal

Overall good

  • thaonguyen1

good work

  • georgiadebono

Covered some basics I already knew, but also learned some new things around Content Strategy that I wasn't familiar with. Definitely useful! Thanks, Rita

  • Maham

  • Tim

Good course for social media content strategy.

  • Lino

  • mrodunlade

very helpful

  • M

  • agiroghene

  • Md Rakib

Great, thank you :)

  • Shba

I had no idea what goes into marketing content for social medial! I have always wanted to use the social media platforms that I use especially Facebook and Instagram to boost my product and presence. This course simplified every important module down for a person like myself to understand and use for my personal use. I recommend this course for beginners who wants to learn these strategies but have no idea where to start. Also, the instructor was very clear and had an upbeat attitude which held my interest. This is a huge plus! I need the instructor to be engaging and she did just that!

  • Shohag

I loved it so much. It was very informative to me.

  • Abdullah

  • Dewan Muhammad

  • olamotunrayo

  • la_cream


  • shourovbhuiyan

  • Md. Mofidul

  • Bhupendra

Great Value! Fully money worth stuff. Thank you!

  • Anika

I enjoyed doing this course. I learnt many new things. The presentation of the material was very organized, effective and practical. Thank you so much. I recommend this course to others.

  • article_boss


  • Muhammad

  • rmakhan

learn lots new things this course is the best way

  • Sheharyar

it was amazing course to learn about SM marketing strategy.

  • Azadur

Great course. Learned a lot. Suggesting to watch the course multiple times as the more info to digest.

  • edge_designers

Excellent course

  • Nizar

This course is amazing! Rita shows us practically how to effectively use Facebook and Instagram's Analytics, how to create good content, and much much more. Glad I purchased this course.

  • timheller

Very thorough overview of how to utilize social media as a marketing tool.

  • christieave6399

I did not know how important Social Media Content was and how hard it is to develop. This course was organized and easy to follow for steps on how to begin to create a social media strategy for your product or business. One of the best value's on Fiverr. I am using this because my business is temporarily shut down, in order to help my company get to the profit. Excellent course content and value.

  • Dane

  • Waqas

  • Gemma

  • Alberto

Very well structured and easy to follow, you can easily get the basics that you can apply in your day-to-day job!

  • Md Ala

Very Helpfull

  • Nihal

Thank you Fiverr.

  • Gayan

this course is very important

  • Jolanda

  • Salman

Good Course!!!!!! Outstanding

  • Glenn Bulthuis

Very informative and useful for anyone looking to promote a business, theirs or a client's

  • emily_articles

  • ronoahmed

Excellent course

  • Ali

  • Samir

Excellent course.

  • Elodie

  • taylormarek

Awesome job, great research. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  • biofin

Thank you for this great course! It really helped me to get started with my social media content strategy.

  • raheelas

  • Jerry

fun and informative

  • thetoxicdivorce

Very informative content, well presented and well organized. I would recommend to others.

  • Jonathan

This was a very very interesting, I learned a lot, thank you!!!

  • Christian

  • camilaslrn

A pleasant surprise. I gave it less than two hours and gave me a firm base from where to start. The content calendar is like a gift from the gods

  • kili1994

very informative.

  • marufkhan24

Very helpful & learned a lot about social media content strategy. Highly Recommended

  • paachooandrews

  • Qasim

A Great Course with a lot of new things for Social Media Content Strategy.

  • aleksandra_hel

  • bewell_services

This course was well delivered. I was very engaging. I feel empowered to offer this service to my clients on Fiverr. Thank you very much.

  • ulisesx

Great course with very clear and precise information showing all steps from the beginning with different ways to get your goals with free tools. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


She was amazing, got to learn a lot.

  • Best_

  • Aminul

It's a decent simple & short course.

  • Poornima Sewwandi

  • Salma

  • Marco

  • M.Faisal

Good learning experience. Introduce more such courses. BE happy!

  • Taha

I learn a lot about social media content strategy. I will implement this learning in my gig

  • Marcia

Beautifully executed by an energetic, motivational, professional and well spoken presenter. The entire course is easy to understand. Hats off to Rita!

  • Sonia Arefin

  • AbdelRhman

this course really have huge information and steps to get you more opportunities from other competitors, thanks :)

  • profjoshjoe

  • keithlapinski


Very very helpful and informative

  • Francesco

  • glenn4121

Thorough, very well presented and very helpful. Thank you!

  • walee28

The quiz was WRONG. It was incorrectly worded. This isn't how I intended for my investment to be used. Please review quiz #19 with Cross Posting and Cross Promoting.

You completed Quiz: Creating an efficient process
Your score

You answered 1 out of 4 questions correctly

If you have a lot of resources, it's recommended that you _____________ your content.
Cross-promoting requires more resources, but it's a better experience for your followers as you're creating content that fits the unique characteristics of each channel.
When you create unique content for each one of your marketing channels you are:
When you create unique content for each one of your marketing channels you are cross-promoting
True of False: It's OK to edit someone elses's image to fit your brand aesthetic.
You should never edit or doctor someone else's content.
When you use the same content on Facebook and Instagram you are:
When you use the same content on Facebook and Instagram you are cross-posting.



  • carolinetallis

  • Vinnie

The instructor was upbeat and well-spoken and I believe the course covered relevant topics toward achieving its end. A couple of things I felt could be improved were when certain highlight points were presented, she moved quickly past them and I often found myself having to stop the video so I could go back over them. Additionally, some of the visual backgrounds were blurred and I was unable to make out many of the words -- e.g. Facebook data. The "CC" was clear throughout the presentation, so that told me that the visuals themselves had the issue. Otherwise, I think the course was a good learning experience and I benefited from it.

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Social Media Content Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What content should I post on social media?

    It’s important to post regularly on social media – but that doesn’t mean you should just post anything! Posting boring, off-topic, or irrelevant content will only damage your brand. Instead, you should post content that passes 3 tests: First, it should be engaging enough to capture people’s attention. Second, it should be consistent with your overall marketing strategy. Finally, it should be relevant to your target audience. Content that ticks these 3 boxes will stand the best chance of being viewed and shared.

  • How do you write a good social media post?

    Make it interesting. Even if the topic’s technical, the way you write about it should make it feel exciting. Having a unique angle could set your brand apart, so try to find a new and different way of saying things, instead of just copying others. Your content should also be relevant and targeted. Knowing your audience is key to that aim, so think about how your posts can add to your followers’ lives – maybe telling them something they didn’t know; maybe just injecting some comedy into their day!

  • How do you develop a social media strategy?

    You’ll need to identify your target audience; research, surveys, and tools like Facebook Audience Insights all help build a deeper understanding of who’s interacting with your content. Be clear about your objectives – are you aiming for enhanced engagement, direct conversions, or something else? You could create a mission statement to define your key objectives, and KPIs to measure your success. Finally, competitor research is vital – ask what works, and what doesn’t, then learn from the best and avoid repeating other people’s mistakes!

  • How do you become a social media strategist?

    Taking this course is the perfect way to start, then you can build on your new knowledge by looking at how big brands use social media to stay visible to their customers. Next, you’ll need to practice your skills on real-world projects. Fiverr is the perfect platform to connect with business owners who need help building their social media presence. You probably won’t start working with world-famous brands right away, but you can learn from what they do and apply the same techniques for your buyers’ businesses.

  • What makes a good social media strategist?

    Patience is one of the key skills you’ll need to be a successful social media strategist. If you’re executing strategies as well as creating them, then it can be tempting to jump right in and start posting! But it’s important to invest time in research, looking at your target audience and competitors before tailoring a strategy to suit your client’s brand positioning. A good strategy could shape your client’s online presence for months, or even years, so it’s important to take the time to get it right!

  • What is the role of a social media strategist?

    Your first role will be creating social media strategies that align with the company’s aims and brand strategy. There’s a lot of cross-over between social media strategists and social media managers, since many strategists also execute their strategies. This involves planning and composing posts to include the most eye-catching images and engaging copy. You might choose to work with other experts, like graphic designers, image editors, or copywriters; you could even manage a team of specialists to deliver the very best results for your clients.