Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product

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Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product

  • 4.9
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • Introduction
  • 1. Secret 1: Sell The Problem, Not The Solution (14:37) Free
  • Quiz - Secret 1: Sell The Problem, Not The Solution
  • 2. Secret 2: Think Like a Magazine, Not a Salesman (4:30)
  • Quiz - Secret 2: Think Like a Magazine, Not a Salesman
  • 3. Secret 3: Content Is King, but Consistency Is Queen (3:56)
  • Quiz - Secret 3: Content Is King, but Consistency Is Queen
  • 4. Secret 4: Punch Above Your Weight Class (11:00)
  • 5. Secret 5: Ethically Steal Your Competitors' Customers (8:12)
  • 6. Secret 6: Bulid an Audience By Borrowing (10:25)
  • Quiz - Secret 6: Bulid an Audience By Borrowing
  • 7. Secret 7: Be a Shadow, Not a Ghost (5:19)
  • 8. Bonus: Tips to Be a 5 Stars Freelancer (16:07)
  • 9. Closing Thoughts (3:15)
  • Quiz - Secret 7: Be a Shadow, Not a Ghost
Chapter 2

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

In this course, you'll learn about the process of "going viral." It's not pure luck. No fluff. No touchy-feely theories. Only proven tactics, tools, and templates ready to apply whether you’re marketing a product, book, personal brand or crowdfunding campaign. This course is ideal for individuals who are ready to take their brand or business to a new level. Put an end to the guessing games, and come learn what it actually takes to go viral so you can promote any product.

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285 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • tweety1

Very insightful, highly recommend for anyone looking to launch a product or improve the performance of their marketing campaigns for an existing product, basically if you have something you want people to buy online, this course is a MUST!

  • toddabarsness

Great course! I knew very little when it came to marketing on different social media platforms. I believe this helped me understand at least the basics on how to going forward with my marketing on those platforms if I choose to in the future.

  • whatsyourfree

Really engaging instructor with practical and inspiring strategies. Lots of case studies and metaphors that were entertaining and helpful for memorization.

  • Kirk

  • adrianogar90


  • Charles

Wow, amazing content - I had no idea how much there was for me to learn!

  • mohamedsoussi13

Amazing, It High quality Course.

  • Jacopo

  • Mohammad Asif

  • elitetalentfb

great course it will give you some great ideas to use now..

  • kianadavis1115

Great course, learned a lot.

  • mrbooze1

  • tiffanibrown75

Awesome stuff, Im finna make millions of this knowledge

  • Ali

Absolutely outstanding course highly recommend the course to digital marketing professionals.

Can not wait to put into practice what I learnt.

  • Kinga

A great course! I consider the insights and practical tools shared in this course very valuable.

  • sharkintank

  • Frank

Loved this course!

  • marketingdrip


Very good information. Most of it is not new but to have highlighted in that from is helpful. The tools mentioned is powerful I believe and i will definitely add them to my resources list. Thank you!

  • Resim

Great but a little pricy.

  • Josh

enjoyed this

  • pgital

Power packed informative actionable course with perfect presentation making it simple, easy and faster to understand and apply.

  • mohsinrony

Highly recommend it to every marketer out there, if you really wanna know how to promote any product successfully. Thanks a lot to the instructor for creating such a valuable course. :)

  • ivanalexx

Very efficient, thanks a ton!

  • Muhammad Luthfe

  • moneywisealpha

Another awesome course by Youshaei! He breaks everything down to such easily understandable steps that are entertaining to watch at the same time! I highly recommend this course!

  • ase1290

Chock full of excellence!

  • Diana

  • Miranda

Great content, very useful, easy to follow tips!


  • nell888

  • Daniele

  • Larry

  • aflores_909

  • tzina88

  • Ivan

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

  • alexsuvorov745

  • Iain

Very interesting details that I wouldn't have thought otherwise. Recommended!

  • joconti1

  • Saadi

  • mahola91


I totally enjoyed the course. An eye opener for me.

  • digidrub

  • Richard

  • paulorr

Spoiler Alert: it's not just 7 secrets...there's a bonus. ;) . Jon, gave me stuff I can use now. He also makes an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. I accepted. This was amazing!

  • Nadia

  • taptapkaboom

What a great course. I wrote a lot down. The examples were great—more would have been even better. I found the video cuts and audio quality off-putting at times. But overall, really happy I took it. I would recommend it.

  • Raymond

I enjoyed every lesson on this course. There were very detailed and straight forward points.

  • dariosmm

  • andelby

A Great course, useful at a theoretical level! Learning is always beautiful and learning from fiverr is the top!

  • mohamedjanane

love it
can be more benefic if language choose options

  • Sergio

Powerful course, a lot of info to apply and research.

  • jimmilou

  • Andrew

  • Katie

  • ymt1942

The course was informative, but it had content everyone's heard before, i.e. "solving a problem, or lead with the problem." To be a little different and to drive the point home, perhaps you could give more examples of different industries or give more examples of actual ads, etc. Also, posting consistently is something we've all heard before (but I know it's an important topic). So maybe you could help people with more tips to help them stay consistent. But comparing your brand to market leaders and large brands was good, and Going Viral using Culture was very helpful. I hope this helped.
Thank you.

  • Anthony

Great course with useful tips that I will surely be using with my clients on Fiverr!

  • cohammah

  • madushi1992

The presenter was amazing. Excellent presentation, organization, and energy. One of the best course I've attended. Thank you very much.

  • ryan_lo

  • philfingerusa

Opened my mind to do my personal post

  • Leticia

I absolutely loved this course, I wish it would've never end! I'm inspired!

  • ndvoiceovers

I really enjoyed the course and plan to take away all relevant information. The host was very engaging and I look forward to more courses from him. Great job all round!

  • frobinson111

Awesome Infromation

  • Isis

Very interactive and insightful.

  • Evans

Amazing lesson lean a lot of technics and marketing tricks

  • hilaharel525

  • studioglenn

  • Carlos

  • lavinatl

Very interesting and practical. Provided information I can use in my business today.

  • Burhan

Seriously amazing content! This course helps me a lot to understand better about marketing techniques!

  • create_a_dream

  • markrank

This course had a lot of great content. Straight to the point. I am going to try and implement of these strategies into what I am doing now.

  • willstauff

What incredible content! Thank you for this great course!

  • Shearill

Great info I will be putting to use

  • mina7com

Good content, fast and many tips!

  • boulmpos

I loved the course, straight to the point.

  • leona254

  • hkmhkmhkm

  • euytiepo

Excellent, gave a lot of tips and new insights to improve our strategy in digital marketing!

  • tatianasbooks

Great course! I learned a lot, and had to pause it often to apply what I learned to my business. I would like to take the next course on how to create great content.

  • Gabriel

  • Tilden

  • Oyeboade

Very fresh and potent thoughts/delivery/techniques! Great resources and templates too. Value definitely exceeds the course 'fee'. I will be back to watch over and over again; as I execute. Thanks, Jon!

  • Felix

Golden nuggets everywhere!

  • ahtshamrana1

Loved this course! Secrets of Viral Marketing explained well.

  • Bri

  • diksha1122

  • sheikhstudios

One word to describe "MINDBLOWING"

  • rixdocs

I love this course. I hope I could always access it just like a book so could review key-points! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


  • Ann

  • Jerry

  • paulanavarro

It's ok. He's a really good speaker. But overall I felt at the end the last secret went by without much explanation. If it was 6 secrets I would have totally given 5 stars. But I was pumped to hear the last one as the best one only to find him rushing through it with no real examples, tools or explanations.
Also, there are questions on the pixels that he never spoke about so I don't know how I was supposed to know the answers to that.

  • proroy

The course is rock solid with awesome use cases and content that is actually useful. There is considerable research put into this and is something worth reading.

  • Kevin

  • Phillip

This course is PURE GOLD.

  • ritric

Loved it 🙂

  • williamw1987

Best Course! Tons of Real Content that can be executed easily and seamlessly.

  • Maxime

Some good points I didn't think to use. thks

  • Dario

You're one step away

Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product

4.9 285

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a product-marketing strategy?

    A product-marketing strategy is a roadmap created to promote a product and maximize its appeal. The strategy should ultimately lead to higher sales – something every business wants! The most successful product-marketing strategies involve telling a story. This story should tap into real-world problems that people will relate to. Then, once the need for a solution is clear, the product can be presented as that solution. The basic techniques behind a successful product-marketing strategy also apply to marketing a service, a personal brand, or anything else!

  • How do you create a product-marketing strategy?

    The key to every great product-marketing strategy is knowledge! The more you know about your audience, your competitors, and your product, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. Start with your audience – who are they, what problems do they face, and how can your message reach them? Then look at competitors – what do they do right, and – just as important – what do they do wrong? Finally, think about your own product – what unique value proposition sets it apart and says ‘buy me’?

  • What makes a marketing campaign viral?

    There’s a big difference between a standard marketing campaign and a viral-marketing campaign. Every marketing message should be memorable, but to go viral, content needs to engage people at a deeper level. It shouldn’t feel like a sales pitch, but a message people will feel compelled to share. It’s not easy to get ahead of competitors, so be prepared to take risks and push the boundaries! Forget about selling, and instead tell your product story in a way that’s engaging, unique, and funny.

  • What does a marketing career involve?

    Professional marketers spend their time planning and executing marketing campaigns. These campaigns could be small – such as promoting a local service provider, or they could be big – promoting a product that’s available internationally. Offline marketing is still popular, but the fastest growth has been in online – or digital – marketing. Some large businesses have in-house marketing departments, but many marketers prefer to join an agency or to freelance. You can also choose between offering diverse marketing services or becoming a specialist in a niche.

  • How do I start a career in marketing?

    Marketing is a competitive sector, but you could stand apart from others by investing time in developing your professional skills. This course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of viral marketing; you’ll learn practical techniques that you can apply to real-world campaigns. This will prepare you to offer professional marketing services here on Fiverr. You’ll probably start by planning and managing small campaigns – but that’s the perfect way to build the skills and reputation you’ll need to secure bigger projects.

  • How do I sell myself for a marketing job?

    Buyers care about 3 main factors when they’re searching for a marketer. The first is excellent service – but this is about more than just achieving results; it’s about how you interact and communicate. The second is experience, so if you’ve handled other marketing projects, then use your background to sell yourself; if not, then completing this course is another way to demonstrate your knowledge. Finally, you’ll need a proven methodology for storytelling – a compelling, memorable, and shareable way to express your client’s message.