Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product

  • 4.9 (307 Reviews)
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Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product

  • 4.9 (307 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • Introduction
  • 1. Secret 1: Sell The Problem, Not The Solution (14:37) Free
  • Quiz - Secret 1: Sell The Problem, Not The Solution
  • 2. Secret 2: Think Like a Magazine, Not a Salesman (4:30)
  • Quiz - Secret 2: Think Like a Magazine, Not a Salesman
  • 3. Secret 3: Content Is King, but Consistency Is Queen (3:56)
  • Quiz - Secret 3: Content Is King, but Consistency Is Queen
  • 4. Secret 4: Punch Above Your Weight Class (11:00)
  • 5. Secret 5: Ethically Steal Your Competitors' Customers (8:12)
  • 6. Secret 6: Bulid an Audience By Borrowing (10:25)
  • Quiz - Secret 6: Bulid an Audience By Borrowing
  • 7. Secret 7: Be a Shadow, Not a Ghost (5:19)
  • 8. Bonus: Tips to Be a 5 Stars Freelancer (16:07)
  • 9. Closing Thoughts (3:15)
  • Quiz - Secret 7: Be a Shadow, Not a Ghost
Chapter 2

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

In this course, you'll learn about the process of "going viral." It's not pure luck. No fluff. No touchy-feely theories. Only proven tactics, tools, and templates ready to apply whether you’re marketing a product, book, personal brand or crowdfunding campaign. This course is ideal for individuals who are ready to take their brand or business to a new level. Put an end to the guessing games, and come learn what it actually takes to go viral so you can promote any product.

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307 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • leronj23

  • Jenean

  • whitebrdanimatr

I really recommend taking both of his courses. Simple, precise and on point!

  • paulanavarro

It's ok. He's a really good speaker. But overall I felt at the end the last secret went by without much explanation. If it was 6 secrets I would have totally given 5 stars. But I was pumped to hear the last one as the best one only to find him rushing through it with no real examples, tools or explanations.
Also, there are questions on the pixels that he never spoke about so I don't know how I was supposed to know the answers to that.

  • Bri

  • andelby

A Great course, useful at a theoretical level! Learning is always beautiful and learning from fiverr is the top!


I totally enjoyed the course. An eye opener for me.

  • nequraperdue

  • Tom

So much value. I learnt a ton from this course.

  • stanleyf

  • spaintranslator

The depth of material was appropriate for an introductory course. Very informative and helpful.

  • batterypro

Great ideas and a fresh modern
Way for an old dog to learn
New tricks and approaches

  • kevsam

Wow! Such an amazing course with helpful tips to use in day to day digital marketing services provision. I would highly recommend this course to everyone looking to sell products online.

  • seowriting94

Really interesting course. Worth investing on.

  • farrettejeda

  • tamahlee

Loved this course ! Thank you ... only issue I had was the Intro video & #8 would not play for me for some reason ... but not sure if the issue is on my end or not. Awesome otherwise !! Thanks !

  • Andrei

Foarte fain. Eductiv si plin de jucarii noi!

  • brunmed

I have never understood social media or internet marketing. Yet, this course made it easy for me to understand and apply the lessons. This was a phenomenal course that I have recommended and will continue to do so.

  • ohboyyrag

This is amazing course for marketing.

  • Flora R

My deep gratitude to Jon Youshaei for his very empowering course on
Viral Marketing : 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product
at Learn from Fiverr.

I can not wait to put all those golden nuggets to professional practice. #SkillsUpgrade #ProductivityDuringDownTime #InvestInYourself

  • juliuscato

Great introduction to the major topics needed to set yourself apart from the crowd on the internet.

  • Robin

Pretty awesome stuff. I learned a lot, but i would like to have deeper informations and more how to without using so much tools from the web that i have to pay for. But awesome work John!

  • Terrick

Very informative course, clear speech and video. This guy knows what he is talking about.

  • valeriekyle

I just love how he presents his courses! They are not boring !

  • Chayse

LOVE'D it and would 100% recommend it to anyone else who is stuck on Promoting there products

  • Faraz

Great insights!

  • safebehaviour

  • ritric

Loved it 🙂

  • Michelle

  • jackvo29

Great course! I have learned tons of stuff about marketing! I can't wait to apply those concepts to my business. I totally recommend this course to everyone who is interested in marketing.

  • kokoha

Great course. It is full of useful information. Great videos and examples. I was also so glad to see the first TV ad.

  • melissahoff

Fairly short form but information packed. Learn from someone who does this for his clients and can show you how to do it yourself. Plus his freelancer bonus at the end of the series and through the video landing is great fuel for an educational fire that continues to burn after your mind starts to tingle from the new ideas and possibilities.

  • konkamunsif

Got a structured and well informed way forward. Looking forward to implement what I learned.

  • emgarry

Solid knowledge that is updated to today's world. Jon is engaging, clear, and gives practical thoughts and examples that anyone can apply with the right mindset

  • lrfernandez

Excellent course, would love summary notes cheat sheet available for download after each chapter in order to review for the long run.

  • Burhan

Seriously amazing content! This course helps me a lot to understand better about marketing techniques!

  • euytiepo

Excellent, gave a lot of tips and new insights to improve our strategy in digital marketing!

  • wandalizpower

The content was very useful for me. It gave me great ideas for marketing my business. Thank you

  • George

This course was eye opening on How Popular YouTube channels grow and How they Create content. I am very excited to try all the Steps from the program. I loved every module. Wow

  • delvige

Super engaging and full of examples for everything that was talked about.

  • bseaustralia

Great and useful course!

  • mattajcaldwell

Very enlightening and interesting course!

  • Tanvir

It's a good course. Resources are well explained.

  • robertodiana

This Course is really interesting and well done. Jon explain really well and I found the 7 Secrets really helpful. Great job and thank you for sharing.

  • niiikola

Really Awesome Course! I'm starting to use these techniques right away, and I'm sure they'll make a great progress.

  • kaustubh7355

This course is very great And this will help me in my online business Thank you for sending so great information

  • Mason

Great information here, I recommend keeping a notepad or something around! Well worth the money.

  • chrisza

A well presented course that has armed me with many tools I can implement to market my clients products better. The knowledge gained will also help me improve the marketability of my own business to potential clients. Thank you and looking forward to your next course.

  • Joseph Dean

Typical of the marketers of this time period. Rehashing the same hackneyed ideas that created the platforms which preceded them. Only the segments on "Stealing Customers" and "Shadow your Clients" reflected the actual marketing that is exclusive to the internet and making good use of the media. There is so much more to the possibilities of the internet as a media and as an advertising platform. In the end this course was about Advertising and not about Marketing, per se. Marketing is tightly defining your best customers and super-serving their needs. Some overview of how to identify your best customers' values and lifestyles provides huge clarity in meeting their expectations -- that's marketing. This effort was generic in its spectrum. Finally, this is not a class where learning has the chance to take place. This is an "Exposure" to an approach in generally solving the creative question in Advertising. In a traditional class, students are expected to memorize the correct answers in order to clearly demonstrate that they have met the expected learning outcomes. That approach is not learning either. That's just memorized what the teacher thinks and says. Learning takes place through repeating the fundamentals over time, making mistakes, getting correction, and finally being able to articulate a greater understanding as a result of the training.

  • Mohamed

It's amazing, that definitely gonna help me to Create amazing AD Copy For Facebook advertising

  • ymt1942

The course was informative, but it had content everyone's heard before, i.e. "solving a problem, or lead with the problem." To be a little different and to drive the point home, perhaps you could give more examples of different industries or give more examples of actual ads, etc. Also, posting consistently is something we've all heard before (but I know it's an important topic). So maybe you could help people with more tips to help them stay consistent. But comparing your brand to market leaders and large brands was good, and Going Viral using Culture was very helpful. I hope this helped.
Thank you.

  • taptapkaboom

What a great course. I wrote a lot down. The examples were great—more would have been even better. I found the video cuts and audio quality off-putting at times. But overall, really happy I took it. I would recommend it.

  • Charles

Wow, amazing content - I had no idea how much there was for me to learn!

  • aflores_909

  • tzina88

  • shandeenis

Excellent information, easy to digest, and no fluff. The value of what you learn more than pays for the tuition cost.

My only chief complaint is that the quizzes did not match the content-- For example, the video did a very brief list of the stages a person goes through in the sales funnel process but NOT how each one works in marketing. And the final module went briefly into how to target ads- but not how Facebook determines what you are charged on a bid. However, roughly a third of the relevant quiz questions and the final were about these uncovered details rather than the content itself.

  • Ciubotariu

Good and important info for your business!

  • cingram197

Excellent value. Lots of important information which makes total sense. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course. Thank you.

  • Chris

This is the best course that i have taken to solve my marketing issues. Thank you and am sure i will purchase another course by this same instructor.

  • miiila

Jon's course is not directly related to my actual profession or job but indirectly useful for part of what I do and will benefit some of my clients, and might as well prove useful generally, being a freelancer.
It was an opportunity to learn some new things and to look over the rim of a teacup.
I enjoyed the content as well as the presentation.
Marketing pros probably know some or a lot of the content but I definitely recommend it to people like me - lots of insights and ideas to work with, I was inspired enough to look up and start using one of the recommended tools the very next day after finishing the course. Thumbs up also for the tips more specific to Fiverr!

  • tagcostopoulos

Well one of my main problem is like all other courses, is in the end you have to be genius to be able navigate thru all of the application like Buffer, Google Trends , Busssumo, Spyfu, Similarweb, and the list goes on and who has time to study and comprehend them all . My other concern is that they are all free until you really need them ( never free ) 14 days free trial and limited access or need to upgrade to premium . That being said there are a few interesting tip but for regular Joe like me who thought that he had found a course that would finally give him THE edge for marketing his product not even close sorry. But here is an idea why not include a sent us your .com and we will do it once so you can have head start so here is mine .

  • Magenta

I took Jon's other course on Content and loved it, so I was excited to get to this one! He did not disappoint! Great material, key memorable facts, tools and techniques that you could immediately and easily apply...I wish all the courses I signed up for were this well done, and provided this much value for such a great price! Thanks so much Jon!

  • jellafornie

Great insight and very practical.

  • tuhin2u

Awesome tips. I have learned lots of new marketing strategies.

  • professordelich

This is excellent course! Definitely will try to implement the strategies learned here. Bravo!

  • teresa_voice

Amazing marketing course! Even though I do not plan on going "viral" in the context of being a social media star, everything in this course was expertly designed for me to best sell my brand while staying 100% aware of my competition!

  • atpcre

I absolutely loved this course. As a voice over talent, it has always been hard to market to such a niche, but this training has opened my eyes to ways I can market to huge community. Thank you.

  • Obed

Enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot ,thanks

  • damianorstore

I absolutely loved this. It was actionable and insightful and I feel like a better freelancer because of it. I will be taking a lot more courses here wow! Good job Fiverr. I tip my hat to you guys.

  • amyamy22

I would like to thank Jon for his nice course. Very interesting and really cool. Every minute of the tutor is a treasure!

  • chantelle_50

very valuable

  • ericcantona2012

This is great, every stage gave me a wow experience. I am now very equipped to crush my competitors. Well done.

  • artichokepress

Hello from beautiful Montana, the presenter was excellent. I wish I would have taken the classes over a couple of days instead of just straight through. I got off track a couple of times.

He also said something about signing up to get a bonus and gave a address but closed the screen before I could write it down.

Very well done and I will watch it again.

Fondly, Judy Helm Wright--Author/Blogger/intuitive Wise Woman

  • wandagarner155

Jon's course is chocked full of usable ideas and tools I can use immediately. Thank you.

  • Sam

  • trishadunbar

Straight to the point course that gives the student the ability to make active changes to product promotion whilst working through each session. Thank you.

  • Anneliese

  • redysuperwriter

Thanks Jon & your team for putting this together. Learned a lot.
From the real world examples, and in course practice questions.
It was great.
I especially liked the Marketing Treasure Chest! 5 STARS!!!!!

  • graphicz0716

PERFECT Course. Thanks for giving us this valuable content. Cheers

  • Andrei Mircea

I have seen many versions of this course. TED - YouTube amm ... This is by far the most educated and the best structured. Congratulations. I will also move on the content writing course after I have some sales here on Fiverr! Thanks!

  • Ali Ahsan

I am glad I bought this course, learned a lot, changed my perception.

  • thijscreemers

  • wyndgroup

Great course. I have to say, many questions on the final quiz were never discussed in any way in the videos. That was really odd to me. Other than that, good info, probably the most valuable being the detail on what tools to use to accomplish various tasks. It's a jungle out there with so many options and hard to tell which ones the pros use. This video series was a shortcut for that information.

  • umerkhawer

For someone who knows nothing about Marketing. This was a GOLDMINE. Jon was effective and concise with each lesson. I cant wait to apply his secrets to me and my clients marketing. Thank you so much and as you said in your lessons. "i hope our paths cross again"

Thanks you alot.

  • francesco0809

  • ajayorr

This was a great course filled with great strategies and tools to help you implement these strategies immediately. Jon does a great job breaking things down and not only showing you how these strategies are applied in the real world, but also how you can apply them in your business.

  • pocahottas

Excellent content!

  • Carmela

  • supermsbusiness

Great course! I am going to sign up for Jon's other course now!

  • reddit_pro

Simply awesome

  • dejan3d

  • penspearls

Great course!

  • alexvlaston

Awesome! Great insights I will totally use!

  • moniqueknight

  • Anuj

Quite insightful. You'd definitely have too many takeaways from this course!

  • pixel_logo

Very Clear and Informative! I would definitely recommend this to everyone who would like to establish their brand! Really Worth It!!

  • jokuubas


  • juanwriter

Another excellent course by Jon: easy, straight to the point and effective. A must for all marketing professionals!

  • Josipher


  • Isis

Very interactive and insightful.

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Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets to Promote Any Product

4.9 (307)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a product-marketing strategy?

    A product-marketing strategy is a roadmap created to promote a product and maximize its appeal. The strategy should ultimately lead to higher sales – something every business wants! The most successful product-marketing strategies involve telling a story. This story should tap into real-world problems that people will relate to. Then, once the need for a solution is clear, the product can be presented as that solution. The basic techniques behind a successful product-marketing strategy also apply to marketing a service, a personal brand, or anything else!

  • How do you create a product-marketing strategy?

    The key to every great product-marketing strategy is knowledge! The more you know about your audience, your competitors, and your product, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. Start with your audience – who are they, what problems do they face, and how can your message reach them? Then look at competitors – what do they do right, and – just as important – what do they do wrong? Finally, think about your own product – what unique value proposition sets it apart and says ‘buy me’?

  • What makes a marketing campaign viral?

    There’s a big difference between a standard marketing campaign and a viral-marketing campaign. Every marketing message should be memorable, but to go viral, content needs to engage people at a deeper level. It shouldn’t feel like a sales pitch, but a message people will feel compelled to share. It’s not easy to get ahead of competitors, so be prepared to take risks and push the boundaries! Forget about selling, and instead tell your product story in a way that’s engaging, unique, and funny.

  • What does a marketing career involve?

    Professional marketers spend their time planning and executing marketing campaigns. These campaigns could be small – such as promoting a local service provider, or they could be big – promoting a product that’s available internationally. Offline marketing is still popular, but the fastest growth has been in online – or digital – marketing. Some large businesses have in-house marketing departments, but many marketers prefer to join an agency or to freelance. You can also choose between offering diverse marketing services or becoming a specialist in a niche.

  • How do I start a career in marketing?

    Marketing is a competitive sector, but you could stand apart from others by investing time in developing your professional skills. This course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of viral marketing; you’ll learn practical techniques that you can apply to real-world campaigns. This will prepare you to offer professional marketing services here on Fiverr. You’ll probably start by planning and managing small campaigns – but that’s the perfect way to build the skills and reputation you’ll need to secure bigger projects.

  • How do I sell myself for a marketing job?

    Buyers care about 3 main factors when they’re searching for a marketer. The first is excellent service – but this is about more than just achieving results; it’s about how you interact and communicate. The second is experience, so if you’ve handled other marketing projects, then use your background to sell yourself; if not, then completing this course is another way to demonstrate your knowledge. Finally, you’ll need a proven methodology for storytelling – a compelling, memorable, and shareable way to express your client’s message.