Email Marketing Fundamentals Using Mailchimp

  • 4.3 (38 Reviews)
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Email Marketing Fundamentals Using Mailchimp

  • 4.3 (38 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Email Marketing Introduction

  • 1. Course Introduction (2:09)
  • 2. Course Files (0:14)
  • Downloads
  • 3. Email Marketing Overview (5:57) Free
  • 4. Email Lists and Segmentation (3:48)
  • 5. User Journey Overview (6:16)
  • 6. Email Automation Overview (3:01)
  • 7. Checkpoint 1 (2:30)
  • 8. Checkpoint 1 Review (0:57)
  • 9. Email Service Provider Walkthrough (5:48)
  • Quiz - Email Marketing Introduction
Chapter 2

Creating Your First Campaign

  • 10. Navigation and Features of Mailchimp (4:25)
  • 11. Campaign Planning and Checkpoint 2 (7:48)
  • 12. Checkpoint 2 Review (7:48)
  • 13. Creating Forms (12:55)
  • 14. Creating a Campaign (10:35)
  • Quiz - Creating Your First Campaign
Chapter 3

Analytics and Testing

  • 15. Analytics and Checkpoint 3 (12:09)
  • 16. Checkpoint 3 Review (2:16)
  • 17. Anatomy of an Email and Checkpoint 4 (3:18)
  • 18. A-B Testing Intro (10:26)
  • 19. Creating an A-B Test (4:53)
  • 20. IEM Drip Trees and Checkpoint 5 (6:52)
  • 21. Checkpoint 5 Review (4:50)
  • Quiz - Analytics and Testing
Chapter 4


  • 22. Congratulations (0:36)
Chapter 5

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 22 Videos
  • time 2.0 Hours

One of the most important moments in email marketing is when a new user is added to your list. This class teaches you to plan and implement a welcome/onboarding drip email campaign to increase retention rate, engagement rate, and brand affinity. 

In this course, we’ll be using MailChimp, but the principles you’ll learn in this course apply to any email provider you choose to use.

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38 Reviews

  • 4.3
  • tamika

  • Diamond

  • etekseo

Straight to the point, very good modules/strategy with example!! Really excited to apply.

  • mo_mahbub

its really a good course, basic info but important for a new learner.

  • Laci

Amazing content put into words by a super guy. Thank you for the boost of knowledge :)

  • shahriajehsan

  • nicolabodyi

I really enjoyed the 1st 10 videos, from video 11 or 12 things go a bit pear-shaped, the videos and audio don't always match up some videos are repeated. I found the analytics section too advanced and rather confusing for me as a beginner.

  • Erik

To be honest, for the price I paid, I got much more valued than I expected, perfect course for beginner and novice e-mail marketers. This course really helped me get on course as well as organise my campaigns like the pros would do it.

  • Shubham

Need more indepth explanation about email marketing and Mailchimp.I will have to take other course.Though,I learnt something new.

  • scottwaltonvo

I’m new to email marketing, and this course was great to inform and help the newbie get their feet wet! Love the content and I’m hungry for more!

  • mahbubulmottaqi

Very basic things that I know already. I expect some real-life campaigns overview to understand how email marketing grow business activity. But unfortunately, this course gives a lot of information with a demo account.

For newer, it will be helpful definitely.

  • Andrei

Exceptional lesson. By taking this course I fix a lot of missing in my work. Thank you Fiverr and thank you, Chan

  • toddabarsness

Very nice course! I use a lot of marketing for my small business and didn't know anything about Mailchimp. Great knowledge to incorporate into my business going forward!

  • David

pretty good. sound and video de-synced sometimes. a little quick on some points. current UI of mailchimp does not sync with the content.

  • fitzie20

Jon is a great presenter and a good teacher. I would have scored higher but he moved so fast through the analytical pieces, I had to keep starting over and still not sure I got it, which is on me. But, I think those subjects are too important to not take time to thoroughly teach at an absorbable rate.

  • sjohnsonvoice

  • stdfast

  • Kurt

Another quality course! Thanks for the knowledge!

  • Md. Saju

  • Ryan

  • willstauff

  • Chandan

Relevant and updated as per current trends.

  • Kyle

great information to grow my business for 2020

  • jennfisher

This class is a great intro for beginners.

  • Elise

It was a little complicated. I will need to review the content more to fully grasp it. Part of me wonders if I needed all that information, but that will not be clear until I get more into actually doing it. I am glad to have continued access for the future.

  • Ryan

  • Manirul

I think good for more learn

  • atpcre

This is a fantastic course. There is so much actionable information that I want to watch it again 3 more times. I would have loved even more!

  • Melissa

This learn course is out of date with the current Mailchimp. There is no list section. An entire section of this course can not be followed along with.

There are also grammar and spelling errors riddled throughout the course.

  • bazapoet101

  • Josipher

A great course. Good insights. But there are some error with the videos

  • sarahmeder

  • Mosaic

  • robhegner

  • Matthew and Allison

He did a great job presenting the information on how to use email marketing!

  • eduh254

A great curse for beginners. Thank you.

  • cre8iveartwork

highly recommend.

  • shmm097

Good details for the beginner.

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Email Marketing Fundamentals Using Mailchimp

4.3 (38)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an email campaign?

    Email campaigns are a powerful form of marketing, and they make it easy for businesses to connect with large numbers of customers. You can use email campaigns to reach brand-new prospects; you can also send more targeted messages to people who’ve shown an interest in your products or services. These people might have ordered from you before, or they might have signed up to your mailing list. Either way, because they’re interested in what you offer, an email campaign that focuses on them is more likely to be successful.

  • Is email marketing still effective?

    Yes – email marketing is widely viewed as one of the most effective forms of marketing. Almost every major company worldwide uses email marketing, and many smaller businesses have embraced it too. Email campaigns are extremely affordable, especially when compared to alternatives like SEM or Social Ads; they also reach a more targeted audience. Of course, not all email campaigns are successful, and their results ultimately depend on the skill of the email marketing manager. But with the right approach, email campaigns can deliver an exceptional return on investment.

  • How do you create a successful email campaign?

    There are many steps to creating a successful email campaign. Everything you do should work together as part of a wider user-onboarding strategy. You should create this strategy first, before segmenting your email lists to target niche groups, planning the user journey, and using analytics to track your success. Not everything you do will work out, so it’s also smart to use A/B testing to compare different approaches. This email marketing course will walk you through each of these techniques – and more.

  • What is MailChimp used for?

    MailChimp is a leading ESP (Email Service Provider). The MailChimp software covers all the bases when it comes to creating, running, and analyzing email marketing campaigns. MailChimp can be used to compile and manage email lists, create emails from templates, set up analytics, test and compare campaigns, and more. As well as managing email campaigns, you can use MailChimp to create and configure other marketing resources, like landing pages. MailChimp’s basic version is free – so you can sign up, practice, and assess the software before paying a subscription.

  • What does an email marketing manager do?

    An email marketing manager has overall responsibility for running email marketing campaigns. The email marketing manager will create the strategy that shapes the campaign, set goals, identify the target audience, and define the messaging to maximize user engagement. Many managers will stay involved with campaigns long term, putting in place analytics and making tweaks to improve conversions. Their job could also involve managing other professionals, including copywriters and graphic designers. Some email marketing managers work directly for large businesses, others work for agencies, while others freelance.

  • How can I learn email marketing?

    The first step is to take this beginners’ email marketing course! We planned this course to take you all the way from complete novice to the point where you’ll be comfortable running multiple email marketing campaigns. The course includes practice exercises you can use to develop your skills, and quizzes that will test whether you’ve been paying attention! Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to create some gigs in our Email Marketing category, and start selling your services to real buyers here on Fiverr.