Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller

  • 4.9

Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller

  • 4.9

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1


  • 1. Welcome (0:34)
  • Link to Important Articles
chapter 2

Fiverr Overview

  • 2. What is Fiverr? (2:17)
  • 3. Earning Income with Fiverr (1:15)
  • Quiz: Fiverr Overview
chapter 3

Creating Your Fiverr Gigs

  • 4. The Service You Will Provide (1:34)
  • 5. Create Your Seller Profile (1:10)
  • 6. What is a Gig? (2:07)
  • 7. Writing a Winning Gig Description (4:02)
  • 8. Picking the Right Gig Image and Video (1:54)
  • 9. Pricing, Packages and Extras (2:34)
  • 10. Order Requirements and Revisions (2:33)
  • 11. Fiverr Platform Integrity (2:00)
  • Quiz: Creating Your Fiverr Gigs
chapter 4

Converting Customers & Managing Orders

  • 12. Chapter Introduction (0:30)
  • 13. Communicate - Be Responsive (2:18)
  • 14. Utilize Quick Responses (1:51)
  • 15. Send Custom Offers (1:53)
  • 16. Managing Orders - Start to Finish (4:03)
  • Quiz: Converting Customers & Managing Orders
chapter 5

Growing Your Business on Fiverr

  • 17. Chapter Introduction (0:51)
  • 18. The Fiverr Dashboard & Analytics (1:00)
  • 19. Promote Yourself with ‘Fiverr Anywhere’, Social Media and Quora (1:20)
  • 20. Fiverr’s Leveling System (0:53)
  • 21. Invest in Your Skills with ‘Learn from Fiverr’ (1:29)
  • Quiz: Growing Your Business on Fiverr
chapter 6

The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer

  • 22. Creating the environment you need to succeed (3:43)
  • Quiz: The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer
chapter 7

Course Summary and Conclusion

  • 23. Course Summary and Conclusion (2:05)
chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

Do you want to know how to grow your career as an online freelancer—and offer outstanding experiences for every customer you work with?

It’s no secret that online freelancing is empowering millions to grow their own careers, take control of their schedules, and live better lives—with Fiverr leading the way for so many prolific, talented freelancers.

That’s why this course should be your number one choice when growing your business on Fiverr. From how Fiverr works, to creating your Gigs the right way with killer Descriptions, Gig Images, through converting potential customers, and successfully manage and deliver projects, and more—you can live the lifestyle of a successful freelancer by turning the super tactics we’ll teach you into your own success.

This course is based on the experience of top Fiverr Sellers as well as a deep understanding of the marketplace and all of the tools that are available for you on the platform. 

Are you ready to be a better freelancer?

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  • 4.9
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Well detailed

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They are very usefull tips, and the outstanding thing in this Tutorial is that you can watch it again when needed, BIG THANKS TO FIVERR.

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It was a great help.

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I think it's a great way to get started. Only downside from this course is that the camera-angles switch too often in my opinion.

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Informative and simple!

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Very informative and helpful.

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I have learned a lot of new things & the secret to increasing sell through this course.

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Outstanding EXPERIENCE

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Concise and knowledgeable information provided in a timely and engaging manner. Quizzes and videos are set up in a way that keep you focused and hungry to learn.

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Excellent Course.
Learned a lot about Fiverr & freelancing.
Thanks Fiverr Team for making this learning platform and Mr. Oren Ben-Ami too for teaching us.

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Fundamentally, this course has kick-started my Fiverr career and I am reaching for the stars. Even the sky can't stop me. I love how "simplicity" is encouraged, through the content and the way the course is delivered! Easy to follow, inspirational and key!

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I've been on fiverr for 2 years and I still found very useful things in this course. I'll probably update my gigs after this.

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As I've been already on Fiverr for 2 years now, having complete more than 160 projects with all 5 star reviews, I've found this course great for newcomers.
It may be difficult for some people, but I think the Top Rated Seller is a great objective for every seller for a number of reasons, but specially for the 7 days earning clearance.

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I think I learn a lot today

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is freelancing?

    Freelancing is a different way to work – one where you’re not employed by a particular company or tied to a particular job. As a freelancer, your working relationship with your customers could be ongoing or short-term. If you only want to work part-time, it's up to you. You don't have to quit your day job. You can work a few hours a week, or whatever your schedule allows you. Being a freelancer gives you the flexibility to work remotely, set your own hours, and work only on the projects you want.

  • How to become a freelancer online?

    To become a successful freelancer online, first make sure you have the relevant skills to complete the tasks needed to succeed in today’s digital world. This could be anything from website design to writing a blog post to designing a logo. The increasing connectivity of today’s world means geographical barriers are no longer an obstacle, and that people can work from anywhere in the world. You can also join freelancing-related portals, and build your profile for each site.

  • What jobs can I do freelancing?

    As a freelancer, you can do almost anything! Popular freelance jobs include writing, graphic design, website and app development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. So much work can be done remotely these days, and regardless of whether you do graphic design or sales and marketing, if you’re ready to put in the effort to make it work and you have the right skills for today’s market, you can succeed in almost any business or profession.

  • Why is freelancing so popular?

    Freelancing accounts for nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce. People want more flexibility in the projects they work on, who they work with, and when they work. This ability to earn income through a variety of sources and arrangements is becoming more and more popular. Some are completely leaving traditional jobs for a more flexible schedule, and others are keeping the security of a permanent position while freelancing on the side. Either way, the trend is clear: freelancing is on the rise.

  • When should I start freelancing?

    You can start freelancing at any time. Consider your skills and make sure that you have the right ones that customers are looking for today. Freelance because you have a passion for the work you want to do. If you succeed, the pay will follow! Stay up to date with current industry trends, and make sure you have a good network of friends and connections to help you get started.

  • Can I make good money on Fiverr?

    Yes! First, make sure that your Gig description is clear and offers the right content to attract customers. Describe what you offer, price your Gigs based on comparable marketplace Gigs, and offer Gig packages and custom offers so that your customers know exactly what it is that you have to offer. You can also promote your Gigs outside of Fiverr – through social media and other means. Fiverr has led the way for so many to achieve huge success…you can be next!