Instagram Ads Fundamentals

  • 4.6

Instagram Ads Fundamentals

  • 4.6

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1

Instagram Marketing

  • 1. Introduction (1:53)
  • 2. Why Instagram (2:53)
  • 3. Types of Content (1:58)
  • Quiz - Instagram Marketing
chapter 2

Instagram Promoted Post

  • 4. Introduction (0:51)
  • 5. Promoting a Post (2:20)
  • 6. Choose an Objective (1:09)
  • 7. Budget (1:11)
  • 8. Insights (1:42)
  • 9. In-App Campaigns Summary (1:16)
  • Quiz - Instagram Promoted Post
chapter 3

Instagram Campaigns in Ad Manager

  • 10. Ad Manager Introduction (0:24)
  • 11. Ad Manager (1:19)
  • 12. Selecting and Objective (5:08)
  • 13. Creating a Target Audience (0:51)
  • 14. Placement on Instagram Only. (1:24)
  • 15. Budget & Schedule (2:33)
  • 16. Create an Ad (3:27)
  • Quiz - Instagram Campaigns in Ad Manager
chapter 4

Targeting and the Facebook Pixel

  • 17. Introduction (0:46)
  • 18. Facebook Pixel & Targeting (6:37)
  • 19. Targeting and Audience Insights (13:35)
  • 20. Custom Audience (7:55)
  • 21. Lookalike Audience (2:22)
  • 22. Retargeting (3:22)
  • 23. Targeting & Pixel Summary (0:18)
  • Quiz - Targeting and the Facebook Pixel
chapter 5

Creative Best Practices

  • 24. Intro to Creative (0:47)
  • 25. Research & Insight (2:13)
  • 26. Creative Best Practices (2:53)
  • 27. Instagram Hall of Fame (2:10)
  • 28. Creative Summary (0:39)
  • Quiz - Creative Best Practices
chapter 6

Measurement, Reporting and Optimization

  • 29. Introduction (1:57)
  • 30. A-B Testing (7:35)
  • 31. Reporting in Ads Manager (7:12)
  • 32. Measuring Impact in Google Analytics (1:05)
  • 33. Campaign Tagging (5:08)
  • 34. Summary (0:31)
  • Quiz - Measurement, Reporting and Optimization
chapter 7


  • 35. Congratulations (0:53)
chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

This Instagram Marketing course is for anyone who wants to learn how to enhance their knowledge of Instagram’s marketing tools. By taking this course, you'll gain the knowledge to create inspiring and engaging Instagram campaigns that will drive real business results for your clients. You'll learn about tagging and tracking campaigns, including how to set up and use the Facebook pixel. You’ll also master how to define the best custom and lookalike target audiences for your client’s objectives, create inspiring ad content, as well as take away best practices on reporting and optimization in Google Analytics.

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112 Reviews

  • 4.6
  • oliviasito .

This course is amazing. I learn a lot and it is easy to understand.


great course with detailed explanation

  • stephenmcmedia .

I've found Sharon's course to be very informative and useful...
a great ready reckoner for anyone wanting a better understanding of how to market your brand on Instagram or Facebook... Thank you!

  • Bhupendra Kaneria

Perfectly surrounded by the great value bomb. Well defined info and strategy. Thanks!

  • Tydarius Latson

  • Holland Bash

It’s also a good test to acknowledge from the site and how to be best you can in your expert

  • chiggy416 .

  • Matt Snedeker

  • Abu Bakar Siddik

The lesson were perfect and properly described by the girl. very easy to understand and the sound quality is also 100% clear .. but she is not that exert in instagram marketing and not the advance level of marketing

  • huureendesigner .

Nice and informative. really helpful to run your ads on Instagram or Facebook. Would love to do a part 2 as well!

  • Wendy Ong

My first course in Fiverr

The instructor was great and provided practical tips. Plenty of case studies as well.

  • rusriddell .

  • grade booster02

  • Muhammad Shafiq

Great learning

  • Alaka Sodiq

Good course for the beginner

  • debbie2632 .

The course is very good at the beginning, but by the end there are some problems with the information and videos. I would rather pay a little more than purcharse a cheap but not too good course.

  • miftah129 .


  • Richard Asher

Great course with a lot of valuable information

  • shinemill .

love the course. straight to the point and not overwhelming. Nice bite size chunks. Could have used a little more info on exactly how to set up and place a pixel but outside of that it was great.

  • Dawn Irish

  • Kurt Guidry

Learning from Sharon was awesome! She provided so much valuable insight and concrete tips for optimizing my Instagram Ads process. Thank you!

  • Mihai Taranu

It was an excellent recapitulation of all the tools that Instagram Ads provide us as marketers. It was no new information for me since I'm working with ads for over two years, but it was great to remember some small details that I forgot to use.
Thanks for this course!

  • chidinweke .

Needs more content.

  • Vasily Kichigin

  • Eugen Prendi

Such a fantastic program ! Very useful, beautifully explained and gets you ready to start practicing! Thank you

  • Ampi Jones

  • nicolabodyi .

Great course and I enjoyed all the information and insights give, I feel I know much more about the potential of Instagram Ads but I don't feel I have the ability to put into practice everything that was discussed particularly from the analysis aspects. The basics of setting up and running an Instagram ad were really clear and well explained, and I have already managed to run an ad - thank you

  • Penelope Whyte

  • jamielafonta971 .

  • karenlfaulkner .

Excellent course! I had used Instagram ads a few times and there was a lot of new information here that I didn't know. The information on using Ads Manager and how to set up Split Testing was especially useful.

  • Moniruz zaman

Awesome Thank you.

  • jane_anyiam .

Great lessons. Like the fact, each topic was broken into bite-sized subs which them easier to understand.

  • boogieb22 .

  • Javier Zapata

Thank you Fiverr this is amazing!!!

  • joebrise .

I've learn a lot with this course. Now I am ready to use it and see what happen. I am Waiting for a second part of the course ;)

  • Edwin Girald

Great Course

  • ajazi_blerina .

I really loved attending this course.. Sharon is very professional and I learned a lot from her. I now feel more confident in offering Instagram Advertising to my clients.
Thanks again.

  • seomania .

  • tzina88 .

  • ashikurrahaman .

  • chuks micheals

A well explained videos with the best practices, it's helpful, I should add this to my knowledge and experience.....

  • rmonge95 .

  • cre8iveartwork .

Great, thanks

  • Iftekher Hassan Ifti

Youtube Provide a much more helpful tutorial then This.
it's just a pitch of Shit. Wish Fiverr Return my Money.

  • out400 .

Good basic Instagram tutorial. It will be useful for me in my work.

  • morganfreedude .

Really hands-on, specific and easy to understand. I've been doing Instagram ads before but this will take me to that next level and help me organize my work.

  • Ann-Kathrin Joos

  • transcripsparks .

  • chantelrunting .

  • Gerison Hoxha

  • soniawilson .

Hello, it was informative but I thought it needed some more hands-on, over the shoulder approach instead of so many print theory.

  • Dina Genkin

Overall the course is fantastic! Sharon is a great instructor. But some of the video in episode 33 is broken.

  • georgiadebono .

  • Triston Jackson

Great Course with great insight!!

  • Blank Creative

  • swaydesign .

Loved it!

  • Anne Herick - Beumer

Very good Course!
A good step by step explanation of Instagram Ads.

  • superior_seo .

  • efixcredit .

  • aracaproducts .

Great course. I sould have liked to see a few more how to exampels. I felt some areas where discussed in greater detail than others.

  • univsolmc .

Absolutely loved the course. Brought a lot of understanding to things I've had trouble with. Some overlay with the Instagram Ad and Facebook Ad course, but I feel it brings everything together. I'm feeling smarter already. Thank you!

  • iamsachmusic .

It's a good course for the person who has just started Instagram marketing. I can say that It's basic information for me. It can be better, but it's okay to start from here.

  • Cedric Waku

Very detailed course. It was easy to follow. I am an Instagram Ads Expert now.

  • nickbester .

  • shanaburg .

Excellent. Lots of information that is very clearly explained by Sharon. I will probably need to go through the content one more time before I feel like I've internalized it all. Really great course!

  • seopro7 .

Well explained . Thank You.

  • princeseha .

Great short video tutorials.

  • valleys2785 .

Great course. Very informative

  • Astha Jain

The course had both few pros and cons. It was a well designed course by Sharon. However, to me it sounded too bookish with less practical knowledge and more like reading a book. It may be because it seems Sharon is just reading her written content instead of explaining things. The explanations of Ads Manager and Google Analytics becomes confusing in between when she jumps the examples of hair salon and fitbit. Also, at a lot of places, her voice over doesn't match with the visuals specially in Google analytics section. I would have preferred if she took some real life examples of small businesses to explain the whole campaign designing thing in a better way instead of just citing examples of big retail giants. Reason - I know I will have to start with much smaller companies who might not even have so many features in place. In all, the course is not as realistic as it could be instead just explains what I found on other free Youtube videos which are available free of cost.

  • da23nunes .

Good i did enjoy as well as I improved my skills an knowledge. I learned how do use more facebook manger that will provide more aspects how to run a good and skilful campaigns and make sure my client got the results they looking for and if something doesn't go well i have tools to find out and amend it. The one aspect i need to refer to get same level you are I need more practices and i don't know how i'm going to get them if same thing you can help me i will appreciate that.

  • design_theweb .

Helpful information. Very interesting course.

  • sinkeedgedesign .

Very basic and not going detailed into things. If you are a starter it is useful but don't expect to be ads expert after taking this course.

  • Tomas Pichierri

Very clear course!

  • bssp4u .

Absolutely amazing!

  • Brandon Mullins

This course was way better than the course I was taken on udemy it's short and to the point. I know now I must implement everything I learned. Made complex subjects seem simple and not so scary. great investment

  • Skyler Ekwensi

I like the course but I feel as it lessons were to short and could've went in depth more. But overall the teacher was excellent and I look forward to trying out my new skills!

  • royleblanc .

  • alexvlaston .

Very happy with the information! Thank you!

  • jonaal .

She is very accurate and professional. She shares the info in a clear and understanding way. I know all the thins she explained and after completed the course I feel confident to express those with my clients in order for them to understand better.

  • atpcre .

  • noaniemusic .

THIS WAS SO WORTH!! I absolutely loved this course! It was right to the point! It didn't leave anything out! Thank you for offering this course at such an affordable price!

  • timehush .

very helpful

  • Jevon Stephens

  • perevoznyuk .

great course, took away a couple good tips

  • logan53 .

Excellent tutorials for a beginner in Instagram marketing.

  • Magenta Freeman

I wish this course had been titled, "Facebook Ads Manager Fundamentals for Social Media/Marketing Managers" instead. It was good to learn about how to use that tool, but it wasn't what I was looking for from this course. I wasn't looking for how to manage campaigns for companies; I was hoping to learn insider tricks of how to use IG to promote my business, and this wasn't that course. That, the fact that the voiceover info didn't always match what was on-screen, and the overuse of "All of the Above" for the quizzes was disappointing.

  • josephpbourne .

Before I purchased this course, I actually knew the basics of Instagram and using automated scheduling software to manage my client's social media.

However, I learned quite a lot from this course. This course teaches you the basics of managing an Ad campaign with Instagram but also puts a big emphasis on managing/reporting/optimization for clients campaigns. Which I think is important for generating valuable data for your clients to make them interested in continually using social media marketing.

After taking this course, I have tons of ideas I want to implement for this new business I plan to start.

  • unqitaly .

This course is very well explained and every lesson shares very useful informations. It's a basic course anyway so you will surely need to dig deeper to really master this topic.

  • klevitt70 .

Learned a lot...very interesting...great teacher!

  • gocvel .

  • elenaalenvers .

  • Francesco Derme

  • raihan30 .

She only shares something basic information which i already know, I did not find something valuable here.

  • prdpseo .

Not explained in deep. It's facebook oriented rather than Instagram itself. Also, focused on Ads rather than organic growth.

  • montelmoore .

Very informative! I had no idea that the analytics went so in-depth. This will definitely assist me in helping promote my clients

  • Enis Saygili

  • Jacquelyna Sanchez

  • frida_ .

Good job. Learn some new things, didn't go in depth on some aspects however. But overall great job. Recommended if you've been struggling with Instagram marketing.

  • nj_lee .

Informative, insightful, inspiring.

  • mairis .

It was a great generic course! It misses some more in depth lifehacks and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Instagram marketing?

    Instagram marketing is all about building connections with new audiences and attracting more customers via Instagram. Businesses often employ social media managers to create engaging images and videos and post these to their Instagram accounts. It’s also possible to run paid ad campaigns or promote (sponsor) posts to achieve the widest exposure. Instagram marketing is used for more than just selling products or services; some of the most effective campaigns focus on building brand awareness and expressing the culture of a business.

  • Why would a business want to use Instagram?

    Today’s consumers expect to find their favorite brands on social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram only started life in 2010, but it’s the fastest-growing social media platform, with over 1-billion users right around the world. Instagram offers businesses a great way to reach out to specific age groups – like millennials and teens. Users can quickly build up a dedicated base of followers and deliver targeted, on-trend content. The platform is free to join and free posts often attract just as much attention as promoted posts.

  • How can businesses measure their success on Instagram?

    It’s easy to see the number of Instagram followers you have, as well as the number of likes and comments your posts get. There are also more advanced analytics tools available for businesses and social media pros. Facebook pixel makes it possible to track visitors that arrive on a website after clicking an Instagram ad. You can even measure conversions by checking what percentage of those visitors make a purchase. Techniques like A/B testing make it easy to measure which Instagram ads deliver the highest ROI.

  • What’s the future of Instagram marketing?

    Social media marketing is a big growth area. Businesses are diverting money away from TV ads and print media to focus on alternatives like Instagram. The platform is always innovating to keep pace with users’ demands. We can expect to see deeper analytics, the continued growth of video posts, and exciting new features like ‘Shopping on Instagram’ - which could empower businesses to boost conversions. Instagram marketers who stay up to date will be well placed to thrive in this exciting niche.

  • Is social media marketing a good career?

    A career in social media marketing could be perfect if you want to work in a fast-growing sector. Instagram is a very visual platform and many of the best Instagram marketers are passionate about photography and design. Ideally, you should also have an eye for detail and the ability to think analytically. Overall, social media marketing is a good option for anyone with a blend of creativity and technical skills. If that sounds like you, then social media marketing could be a great career choice! ***

  • What is the career path for a social media specialist?

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.