Google Search Ads Fundamentals

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Google Search Ads Fundamentals

  • 4.7 (26 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

The Power of Search Marketing

  • 1. Course introduction (2:12)
  • 2. How Do People Search (5:10)
  • 3. What Can You Learn From Search (2:12)
  • 4. SEO vs. SEM (3:45)
  • 5. Search vs. Social (Push vs. Pull) (0:58)
  • 6. How Google Serves Ads (2:04) Free
  • Quiz: The Power of Search Marketing
Chapter 2

Campaign Setup Best Practices

  • 7. Google Campaign Types (3:27)
  • 8. Objectives and Conversions (1:25)
  • 9. Ad Extensions (2:44)
  • Quiz: Campaign Setup Best Practices
Chapter 3

Keyword strategy - Ad Groups

  • 10. Types of keywords
  • 11. Measuring Purchase Intent of Keywords (2:14)
  • 12. Brand vs. Non-Brand Keywords (2:27)
  • 13. Keyword Research (7:17)
  • 14. Identifying proper match types (4:26)
  • Quiz: Keyword strategy - Ad Groups
Chapter 4

Bidding Strategy

  • 15. Bidding Strategy (5:32)
  • Quiz: Bidding Strategy
Chapter 5

Search Ad Hall of Fame / Ad Copy

  • 16. Search Ad Hall of Fame (10:32)
  • Quiz: Search Ad Hall of Fame / Ad Copy
Chapter 6

After the Click: Landing Pages, Results and ROAS

  • 17. Landing Page Best Practices (3:56)
  • 18. Tracking Results & Google Tag Manager (7:13)
  • 19. Google Analytics (4:11)
  • Quiz: After the Click: Landing Pages, Results and ROAS
Chapter 7

Optimization and Refinement

  • 20. Optimization and Refinement (8:58)
  • 21. How to Optimize for Voice Search (5:17)
  • Quiz: Optimization and Refinement
Chapter 8


  • 22. Conclusion (0:45)
Chapter 9

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 22 Videos
  • time 1.5 Hours

Getting your website on the top of a search page is one of the best ways to engage people who are looking for your product or service. It allows you to be the answer to their question.

Hi, I’m Sharon and I’m a digital marketing expert who has used search marketing to drive direct revenue and results for my clients and their businesses. I have over 15 years of experience working with industries and companies at the forefront of search. Some of the brands I’ve helped to build include Dove, Axe, Vaseline and COMO Hotels and Resorts.

In this course, you’ll get a deep dive into Google Ads campaign creation and search engine marketing best practices. This class is ideal for you if you’re looking to learn the basics of search marketing and gain a better understanding of Google search in order to use it for your own business or for your clients.

By taking this course, you will:

  • Learn to build successful search campaigns that result in user acquisition, e-commerce, and lead generation.

  • Learn to conduct keyword strategy and research, as well as run successful A/B testing strategies

  • Learn best practices for targeting, ad copy and landing pages that maximize conversions and ROI for your Google Ads campaigns.

This course is not for you if you already have experience with search campaigns.

I hope that you’ll join me for Learn from Fiverr’s Google Ads Fundamentals course and that this is the first of many times that we will be getting to know each other.

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26 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • dashdigital

Great course and teacher!

  • dio_nna

  • valeriekyle

Great for a beginner

  • leocuteno1

  • Lorraine

  • Andrei

Complicated. Nothing that i know before is the same after this course. Thank you!

  • marinerjames

Great insights and very easy to understand. A good starting point for beginners.

  • manavchawla

Very Informative Course. Thanks for sharing the great knowledge. Cheers.

  • D'Angelo

  • Deblina

I dont know who copied from whom but a lot of your content exactly matches with several article from wordstream. By exactly i mean word to word and also the images used also matches exactly with those articles. I am very disappointed and I feel like being cheated

  • Arie

  • Rafał

  • frida_

The course only touched briefly on the topics. I don't think I got value for my money.

  • toddabarsness

I enjoyed learning about Google Search ads. I knew very little about them and this class course helped!

  • Md. Saju

Thanks for help

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Google Search Ads Fundamentals

4.7 (26)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do ads work on Google?

    Google supports a few different types of advertising; this course focuses on Google search ads. These ads are shown to users who’ve searched for a specific term. They normally appear first on the search-results pages, outranking the organic results. Each Google search ad acts as a link to the advertiser’s website. If the ad is relevant and includes appealing ad copy, then the searcher might click through to that website. And if they like what they see when they get there, they might even make a purchase!

  • Which is better, SEO or Google Ads?

    It’s hard to make a direct comparison between SEO and Google Ads. The two are very different and each has pros and cons; many businesses use both for best results. SEO is most effective as part of a long-term marketing strategy; it can take time for a website to rank organically – especially for competitive keywords. Meanwhile, Google Ads deliver immediate benefits. If you select the right keywords and set a realistic budget, your ad could appear at the top of the search results right away.

  • How do I optimize keywords for Google Ads?

    With Google Ads, you can define which keywords will trigger your ads to show. Try to choose keywords that are relevant, popular with searchers, and cost-effective. Short keywords (or ‘head’ keywords) get the most traffic, but long-tail keywords are often more relevant. For example, ‘dresses’ would get more traffic than ‘floral-print dresses’, but if you only sell floral-print dresses then it’s a lot less relevant. Ideally, the keyword should also indicate strong purchase intent – for example, ‘buy floral-print dresses’.

  • How do I become a freelance PPC specialist?

    The first step is to build up your knowledge, skills, and confidence. We developed our Google Search Ads Fundamentals course to teach you all the basic techniques behind successful PPC campaigns. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to start offering your services as a freelance PPC specialist. Creating gigs on Fiverr is a great way to get work in this sector. Our SEM category is visited every day by business owners looking for PPC experts to manage their Google Ads campaigns.

  • How long does it take to learn Google Ads?

    Google Ads is always evolving as Google introduces new features and as searchers’ habits change. Even the most experienced Google Ads campaign managers would admit that they’re still learning. That makes SEM an exciting sector to work in. When you start out, the key is to focus on the fundamentals – and that’s what we’ve done here. We’ve squeezed all the most important bits into this course, making it as simple as possible for you to learn the skills you’ll need to provide PPC services here on Fiverr.

  • What are landing pages and why are they important?

    You can control which page each ad links back to. This becomes your landing page (the place where searchers first ‘land’ on your website). You could use your homepage as your landing page, but a specific service/product page will often achieve higher conversions. You could even build a bespoke landing page for your Google Ads campaign. Landing pages are a vital part of the sales funnel – after all, they’re the place where the real selling is done. That’s why we’ve devoted a chapter of this course to them.