Adobe Illustrator Mastery

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Adobe Illustrator Mastery

  • 4.9
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


  • 3. Trick for Redrawing Hand Drawn Images in Adobe Illustrator CC (3:17)
  • 4. Curvature Tool vs Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC (10:27)
  • 5. Advanced Pen Tool Tricks Using Adobe Illustrator CC (8:46)
  • 6. How to Draw Flowing Curves in Adobe Illustrator with the Width Tool (13:13)
  • 7. Mastering Corners with Adobe Illustrator CC Corner Widget Effects (5:27)
  • 8. The Best Creation Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC the Shape Builder Tool (22:59)
  • 9. More Shape Builder Goodness (11:01)
  • 10. Using Live Shape Effects in Adobe Illustrator CC (6:03)
  • 11. Class Project - Drawing Exercise Using Width, Curvature & Corner Widgets (1:39)
  • Drawing - Quiz
Chapter 3

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 12. Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator CC (11:04)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Quiz
Chapter 4

Color & Patterns

  • 13. Advanced Color Tips & Tricks for Adobe Illustrator CC (15:43)
  • 14. Using Color Themes in Adobe Illustrator CC (3:03)
  • 15. How to Color a Real Hand Drawing Using Adobe Illustrator CC (7:07)
  • 16. How to Use the Color Guide in Adobe Illustrator (2:47)
  • 17. How to Change All the Colors at Once in Adobe Illustrator Recolour Artwork (4:19)
  • 18. How to Make Gradients Bend in Adobe Illustrator CC Using Gradient Mesh (13:35)
  • 19. How to Make Long Shadows in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:14)
  • 20. How to Blend Images with the Background Colors in Adobe Illustrator Blend Modes (3:26)
  • 21. How to Make Images Black & White in Illustrator & Mix with Color (7:44)
  • 22. How Do You Make Anaglyphic Text Using Adobe Illustrator CC (6:12)
  • 23. How to Make Gradient Stroke Overlap & Mix Colors in Adobe Illustrator (6:39)
  • 24. How to Create a Duotone Image Effect in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:23)
  • 25. Advanced Repeating Pattern Swatches in Adobe Illustrator CC (14:16)
  • Color & Patterns - Quiz
Chapter 5

Workflow Speed

  • 26. How to Change The Default Font & Swatches in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:36)
  • 27. Advanced Workflow Tricks for Adobe Illustrator CC (10:51)
  • 28. Shortcuts for Aligning & Distributing in Illustrator CC Using Actions (4:28)
  • 29. How to Proof Colors in Adobe Illustrator CC (1:25)
  • 30. Adobe Illustrator is Running Slow, How Do I Speed Up Illustrator (9:40)
  • 31. How Best to Use Illustrator With Other Adobe CC Software (8:13)
  • Workflow Speed - Quiz
Chapter 6


  • 32. Advanced Fonts Tricks & Tips in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:52)
  • 33. How to Put Text Type into the Shape of a Letter in Adobe Illustrator CC (8:40)
  • 34. How to Use the Touch Type Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC (2:27)
  • Typography - Quiz
Chapter 7

Strokes & Lines

  • 35. How to Multiply Strokes to a Path in Adobe Illustrator CC (6:24)
  • 36. How to Add a Stroke Line Around the Outside of Text or Shapes in Illustrator (3:45)
  • 37. How to Make Multiple Lines Using Offset Path in Adobe Illustrator CC (9:33)
Chapter 8

Depth, Perspective & 3D

  • 38. Introduction to 3D in Adobe Illustrator CC (11:10)
  • 39. How to Make Semi Flat 3D Icons & UI Design Using Adobe Illustrator CC (15:22)
  • 40. How to Make the Paper Cut Effect in Adobe Illustrator CC (9:35)
Chapter 9

Charts & Graphs

  • 41. How to Make a Pie Chart Line Graph & Bar Graph in Adobe Illustrator CC (17:38)
Chapter 10

Artboards & Pages

  • 42. Advanced Artboard & Pages Tricks in Adobe Illustrator CC (5:42)
Chapter 11

Creative Cloud

  • 43. Advanced CC Libraries Adobe Stock and Adobe Market (9:12)
Chapter 12


  • 44. Advanced Image Tricks & Tips in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:22)
Chapter 13

Transform, Distort & Blend

  • 45. How to Distort Bend Shapes & Type in Adobe Illustrator CC (3:40)
  • 46. How to Make a 3D Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator CC (8:58)
  • 47. How to Create Lots of Lines that Blend Together in Adobe Illustrator CC (9:24)
  • 48. How to Make 3D Gradient Lettering Blends in Adobe Illustrator CC (11:25)
  • 49. How to Make a Linocut Effect in Adobe Illustrator CC (8:26)
  • 50. How to Use the Puppet Warp Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC (9:33)
  • Transform, Distort & Blend Quiz
Chapter 14

Web UI design

  • 51. How to Use Adobe Illustrator for Web & UI Design (15:16)
Chapter 15


  • 52. How to Make an Animated GIF Using Adobe Illustrator CC (14:51)
Chapter 16


  • 53. What Next After Your Illustrator Advanced Course (1:07)
Chapter 17

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

This course is a more advanced look at Illustrator CC, for individuals who already have some prior experience and have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. If you already know what an anchor point is and how to adjust it, then this course is the perfect fit for you. You'll learn how to speed up your productivity and workflow. Because this course is project-based, you'll learn all the necessary tools and tricks to create beautiful and modern design styles. If you're ready to step up your Illustrator game, take this course to unlock and master new skills.  

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202 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • ziaulh11

Pretty helpful. But, it would be better if the videos shows the shortcut keys as well instead of only saying.

  • Rajia

Awesome and very helpful for the beginner to expert.

  • D'Angelo

  • Dinusha

  • Shawn

  • Md. Abdul

Good teacher. Thanks!

  • Mohammod

really nice. thanks

  • Luna

Very helpful!

  • tom_designs

I really enjoy this course

  • findante


  • Shohag

I loved it very much. Dan is really awesome and friendly trough this course. I would love to take his more course, Besides thanks Fiverr to make a fantastic learning platform.

  • Carrie

  • kainaatmiya

This course was pretty helpful, of course there were some of the things that I already knew But overall It really helped me learn more.

  • chinoesq

  • Maqsood

I Really have been learning a lot from you, A great course that remind you that there is much more then you already know ! Highly Recommended for intermediates. This is the best Adobe Course i have ever Enrolled by the way :) Thank you Dan and Fiverr.

  • Muhammad

Just an amazing course.
COR Designer Fiverr

  • najir

thanks a lot

  • shanram256

Awesome course Dan, Highly recommended

  • Muhammad

  • Arham

Amazing learning techniques, I have learn a lot ,to much helpful .
Great Communication skills he has.

  • leahan

Awesome Course , looking forward to get the UI with XD. Hopefully !

  • Maja

Alright, first of all I have to say Dan is a really great teacher. He explains everything to the details which is really helpful even for someone who is familiar with this program. But, since i signed up for the Mastery and already had a basic course of his, this one was toooooo long with numerous repeating and to be honest, at the end was really exhausting ... another big downside was a constant mixing of other Adobe programs. I'm quite good in them, but for beginners this would be literally a definition of a nightmare. The topic should be Illustator itself.. However , I'm looking forward to the course about Ae

  • Justin

  • graphicdawn

Learned a lot of new things, dan is just awesome, magical person!

  • Luca

Very helpful and interesting. I'll recommend it!

  • Muhammad

I have been using Adobe Illustrator for about 4 years but I still feel that my expertise in using the software is still very little and I hope to learn many things from this course. Unfortunately, most of the tutorials in this course are basic things that I already know, I even know tricks that are better and faster than those taught in the video. As for the new tricks that I learned, it didn't really help me to improve my expertise in my specialty, Illustration and character design.

  • graphichouse1

It was really great. I learned a lot. Highly recommended to all!

  • Tent

Well I really enjoyed this course. I have learned some important tips and tricks as well as ideas. But in 1 or 2 place the tutorial instruction did not work.
Any way this really really amazing and wow video.

  • enuhaque

Awesome tutorial

  • Sidra

Outstanding Course, I have learnt much from this course. Basically this course enhanced my skills in adobe illustrator cc.

  • Sidra

Outstanding Course, I have learnt much from this course. Basically this course enhanced my skills in adobe illustrator cc.

  • Zahanggir

Awesome! Thanks!

  • Md. Biplob

Definetly! It's very helpful

  • Rudy


  • grafix_204

An excellent Job. Great things to learn.


Thank you very much!! I really want other courses like this one.

  • multi_tdesigner

Thank you so much Sir. i learned a lot of new things from this course. Highly recommend :)

  • asiansoftbd

Great ! every designer should learn this course. I am really helped by this course.

  • umesha_g

learnt lots of new things. thanks Mr. Dan

  • Ms

Awesome for more KNOWLEDGE!

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Great course! Learned a lot!

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Really nice! I like this

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Awesome guy with a great teaching style, learnt so much :)

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Great course..! Thanks:)

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I think I invested on something useful. Thanks Dan.

  • Carlos

Dan is Awesome. He also uses Awesome a lot :)

  • Rony

Very Helpful Course, highly recommended Everyone, Who need to improve their skill on Adobe Illustrator.

  • logoflow

amazing detail provide by fiverr learn

  • creative

Very helpful for us.

  • dixel_7

Really helpful!

  • Angelina

One of the best courses ever! Love it and recommend to everybody who wants to improve their skills on Illustrator!

  • reduan88

Super tutorial! I love it very much!

  • shaheengraphic

it was really great. i already know most of it but i learn a few things from you that i didn't learn anywhere else. thank you sir and thank you fiverr for giving me opportunity to learn from adobe certified instructor.

  • rachelhill348

Brilliant course, thanks again Dan.


DANIAL SCOTT IS AN EXTREMELY GOOD DESIGNER AS WELL AS AN INSTRUCTOR. HE IS REALLY AWESOME "DANE LOVES ADOBE!" and I am also gonna love that thing.... all the topics were nicely covered and preached well. The weird thing was I couldn't contact my instructor. Maybe he is pretty much busy in making an updated and cool stuff for us.... THE INSTRUCTOR IS ONE MAN ARMY in his knowledge about creating graphics!

  • blehman524

  • clippingpathtop

Great I love this tutorials!

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Your Course are very Helpful , Thank you Daniel !!

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Great informative course i have learned a lot of tips and tricks i will definitely recommend this course to my friends.

Many Thanks Dan :)))

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Excellent trainer.Perfect contents!

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Cool and nice course.

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This is the best tutorial. Thanks fiverr for arrange this course.

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Very Helpful.

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outstanding experience, thanks

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Amazing Instructor. I learned so much Creativity In Ai From Scott.
Thank you.

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Very helpful!

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super experience, thanks

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Super details. thanks

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Great course. I could really update my skills in Adobe Illustrator.

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Great course!

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Quite useful, thanks)

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perfect !!!

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Thank you for this, it was nice learning with you. Great course!!!

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love it

  • studio

I have learnt much fro this course. As I was not aware of many of tools usage before thsi course.

  • subbratas20

I Learned many new tricks here. very good coarse for designer. Thank you.

  • sarfraz_jasim

Great Course!

  • superdon

Enjoyed watching the course. This creator is definitely one of the best here on Learn. Thank you for sharing your skills with us.

  • rareanimation

  • Maribel

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Great content!

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Great Dan course, very specific and in-depth for those who want to know all the illustrator tools to the end.

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Overall best courses!

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Loved the content delivered...

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  • Ibrahim

  • Muhammad Hammad

Nice course helped improving the skills

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I really enjoyed studying this course, very helpful.
Thank you. We hope we will get discounts on other courses.
5 star :)

  • graphics_media


  • sk_virtuoso

I learn and refresh many important topics, thanks ..

  • Wendy

I am a professional graphic designer and thought that maybe I could brush up on my Illustrator skills and maybe also learn a few new tricks. I did learn more about the tools in Adobe Illustrator but it was not done easily with this course.

On occasion the instructor would call a tool by the wrong name. At times he would attempt to create an effect on an image and it wouldn't work.

I lost track of how many lessons I had to eventually resort to using another source like Adobe help or other websites. And that was even after I found his transcripts!

The fact that some of the lessons could only be done on a Mac (and I have a PC) is ridiculous. That's something every instructor should consider before putting a course together.

At least, unlike my high school daughter's computer science teacher, he did not turn on Infinity Wars while he was expecting us to go on to do the lesson without him.

  • ernikz

It could be better to give more ideas on some specific topics like website design and UI/UX design too. Some theory part is also required to make a full fledged package that can make someone to earn from freelancing websites with confidence.

  • renelisabreur

Excellent, Dan is a great teacher, loved the course!

  • designwall

It's great course though I'm a experienced design consultant. I learned lot of extra helpful tips and tricks for use Adobe Illustrate which allow me to fully utilize the Illustrator. Thank you Daniel for keep our hopes up.

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Adobe Illustrator Mastery

4.9 202

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the prerequisites to join the course?

    This is the advanced Adobe Illustrator course, so before you join you should have some basic knowledge of the software and how to use it. If you’re brand new to digital illustration, then you should first complete our Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals course, which we created for beginners. This will introduce you to the basics of drawing, color, type and fonts, effects and patterns, and more. Once you’ve completed this you can move on to the advanced course, but if you already know the basics then you can join right now.

  • What is the best preparation to become an illustrator?

    You can start by taking these courses! We created this advanced Adobe Illustrator course to build on the beginners’ course; together, they should give you all the knowledge needed to become a professional illustrator. As well as teaching you new techniques, there’s also a whole chapter on workflow speed, so you’ll learn how to work more efficiently. You can’t learn everything overnight, so it’s important to practice your new illustration skills regularly; this is also a great way to build up a portfolio of work to impress future clients!

  • How do I become a successful freelance artist?

    First, you’ll need practical skills and knowledge, so start by completing this course, paying careful attention to the techniques we teach and taking thorough notes as you go. When you’re ready, search the Fiverr marketplace to discover which services are in demand. (Hint: Look for gigs with high numbers of reviews and queued orders – these are the most popular!) Once you’ve found a niche to focus on, create some gigs and be sure to provide a fantastic experience for every buyer.

  • How can I start working as an illustrator with no previous experience?

    Just start small! One of the best things about working as a freelancer is having the power to choose how many projects you take on. Many of Fiverr’s most successful illustrators started as part-timers, working in the evenings or at weekends. If you’re at school or college, or you have another job, then working as a freelance illustrator here on Fiverr could be a great way to earn extra money! Longer term, you could become successful enough to freelance full-time and build a career in illustration.

  • Do you think that digital art is making hand-drawn illustration obsolete?

    No, digital art and hand-drawn illustrations appeal to different people in different ways. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so hand-drawn illustrations will never become obsolete. Digital art can be easier to use online or in animations, since it doesn’t need to be scanned or photographed. It’s also possible to create a more predictable, uniform finish to digital art. Hand-drawn illustrations are known for their uniqueness and character; no two are ever identical! Even so, more and more people are outsourcing their illustration projects to digital artists working online.

  • What’s your best advice for an aspiring illustrator?

    Follow your dreams! If illustration is your passion, then as well as earning money you’ll get great job satisfaction from working in this niche. Of course, it won’t always be easy, and you’ll face challenges when you first start out, but keep trying – and always keep learning. One of the best ways to learn and improve is to look at the work of other talented illustrators. Look at the styles they use before trying to develop a distinctive style of your own, and take inspiration from their success!