From Shapes to Complex & Beautiful Illustrations

  • 4.7 (107 Reviews)
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From Shapes to Complex & Beautiful Illustrations

  • 4.7 (107 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Course Introduction

Chapter 2

Getting Started

  • 5. Concept Development (9:11)
  • 6. Tips for Pencil Sketch (18:11)
  • 7. Shape Tool Basics (6:58)
  • 8. Shape Tool Advance (8:35)
  • 9. How to Control Shapes by Different Movements (4:49)
  • 10. How to Control Shapes By Reflect Skew and Rotate Tools to Create Complex Shapes (5:44)
  • 11. Combine Multiple Shapes with Pathfinder Tool (4:19)
  • 12. Create Complex Shapes with Pathfinder Tool (6:50)
  • Quiz - Getting Started
Chapter 3

Case Study 1: Stand Alone Graphic

  • 13. Case Study 1 Overview (Stand Alone Design) (2:04)
  • 14. Creating an Environment for Converting the Pencil Sketch into Editable Vector Graphic (3:29)
  • 15. Create a Group of Shapes to be Used as a Base of the Illustration (13:02)
  • 16. How to Introduce Large Medium and Small Design Elements to the Overall Design to Achieve Depth and More Detailed Result (5:43)
  • 17. Adding Colors (11:11)
  • 18. How to Fine Tune the Design and Finalize It (3:27)
  • 19. Exercise (0:51)
  • Quiz - Case Study 1: Stand Alone Graphic
Chapter 4

Case Study 2: Illustrative Pattern

  • 20. Case Study 2 Overview (Illustrative Pattern) (1:41)
  • 21. Creating an Environment for Converting the Pencil Sketch into Editable Vector Graphic (1:38)
  • 22. Create a Small Unit of Complex Shapes to Use as a Base of the Whole Illustration (14:00)
  • 23. How to Introduce Large Medium and Small Design Elements to the Overall Design to Achieve Depth and More Detailed Result (1:49)
  • 24. How to Introduce Foreground Middle and Background Elements to the Overall Design to Achieve More Depth (9:55)
  • 25. Adding Colors (7:27)
  • 26. How to Fine Tune the Design and Finalize It (6:38)
  • Quiz - Case Study 2: Illustrative Pattern
Chapter 5


  • 27. Conclusion (0:59)
Chapter 6

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 27 Videos
  • time 2.6 Hours

In this course, you’ll learn about how any simple shape can be enhanced to become an intricate illustration by understanding and applying basic design principles. This course is perfect for individuals who have learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator and want to brush up their illustrative design skills. You'll learn how to take advantage of the tools to create effective illustrations with an efficient workflow. By the end of the course, you’ll have all the skills needed to add your own style to any design and create something original and effective.

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107 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • dezign_geek

I learned new techniques about designing in illustrator. I can effectively use these to do a better job for my future clients.

  • Manuella

Clearly communicated and slowly - Was really fun and was very helpful

  • tori_pixels

really worth it ...

  • Francisco

Too simple and kind of boring explanations. Feels like we're kids when listening to this. Didn't learn a thing. Sorry for the sincerity.

  • Adam

Fantastic course!!

  • logoflow

Hey, Thank you so much your all help to create some more original & and Creative design idea really worth it. it's amazing and good experience with the technique as they did.

  • andelby

A very interesting course that shows how complex, unique and particular designs can come to life from small simple geometric shapes. The two case histories are also very interesting. Recommended!

  • kili1994

nice course. learned new things.

  • saradonato

Very complete course, you can see every step of the process, starting from the concept to the final work. It's very interesting to see how Junichi is handling the project!

  • inspiredesigns1

This course does not target either beginner level or advance level designers. Introduction video is very misleading.
Instructor doesn't go in detail (on the thinking) behind choosing specific design elements in case studies.
Just shows you how to place an image in illustrator and how to trace it (which most designers here already know how to do).
Knowledge shared about colors is very basic and nothing new.
If you are buying this course to learn about instructor's process behind creating these images (in detail), don't purchase it.
Videos are not polished and introduction video is very misleading.

  • monikwnek

It had many obvious things but also many helpful tips for vector design.

  • Florian

A bit confusing in some parts of the course.

  • mk_sanwal

This is a very good course, I really enjoyed and learn a lot from the course.

  • alamgirshovo

It's Really Helpful. I am happy but How to download this video for future see.


  • ktmart

Nice course. Thank you.

  • jahadul

It was amazing course and I learn lot of important things. Thanks fiverr for the course system.

  • danielaotero

Great course!

  • Brody

I did not like this course. In my opinion the value is negligible compared to Fundamentals and Mastery courses.

  • jennfisher

The knowledge is amazing, the layout of information is well organized and the price is affordable.

I recommend this online class!

  • cre8iveartwork

This was a complex course where I learned different new techniques even though I am an experienced graphic designer . The course if easy to understand .

  • Kasun

Simple, subtle tricks and tips. Very useful.

  • sinsin

Very insightful content. Great course!

  • Elias N.

Junichi Tsuneoka has a strong well defined style and definite expertise in the field of graphic design. His explanation of design fundamentals (elements and principles of design) were fairly strong and concise. That said, I don't necessarily feel that he is the best instructor on this topic. The guided sections in Illustrator were not strong at all and had a lot of "dead air", unnecessary repetition (no/bad video editing where complete phrases were repeated multiple times), slow pacing, and lack of intimate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator (e.g. no mention of the shape builder tool!). For students that have a strong understanding of the elements and principles of design, or students who are highly versed in Adobe Illustrator, this course may not be very useful for you. Unfortunately, I was not very pleased with this course.

  • Briana

Very informative and easy to follow. Learned a lot!!!

  • fist_of_fury

  • zahidsaifi

This was such an amazing experience by learning adobe illustrator online with talented teachers! they explained everything in this course with details and examples. i really learnt lots of new thing in this course which i didn't learn before. and also the Picture and voice quality of pre-recorded videos in this course are really good. Thank you so much for teaching me!

  • holics12

Great course! Good overview on how to create shaped-based illustrations with tons of handy design principles to learn and apply in the future.

  • camodesign

very detail, nice

  • gpsehmbi

Appreciate it... but its really basics you can explain more....

  • rareanimation

right course, but it should build something more in-depth in the subjects that are in the course

  • icreative_7

nice course .i have learnt a lot for this course .This course enables me to design a illustration in easier way.thank you

  • designer_waqas

This course is really amazing for more tips, Great experience

  • design_blast

  • blehman524

This course is great! Gives you the ability to take simple shapes and making complex designs.

  • xuntes

One more great course. This one is more about creativity than technical but I loved this.

  • balaji_online

Much recommended course.

  • Saad

It was a valuable course to enhance my illustration skill-set. Thank you

  • steven41

This is a very talented person!

  • wpsjaya

very good course.

  • inovation_gfx1

I'm really very satisfied! very helpful video! good job!
Thank you so much Fiverr !

  • rafikaleng


  • Kurt

It Was Awesome Learning How To Design Both Simple And Complex Shapes, & Then Seeing How They Blend Together To Create Depth! Thank You.

  • angela_winslet

Outstanding teaching methodology. Easy to understand and learn!

  • creatubugs

I really love the simplicity of the explanations, the very clear way the facilitator used to show us how to come from simplicity to complex shapes. On the other hand, sometimes, it became a little repetivive and I was waiting too see more tools from illustrators. In general, was useful and I enjoyed it

  • Maja

Really impressed of the amount of useful info i received in this course. will definitely try it out!

  • palash

Amazing Experience.

  • MD. Jahidul

It was an amazing course and I learn a lot of important things.

  • Nazia

  • chinoesq

  • lukian025

  • nayeem14128

hmmmm..! Allover good course.

  • hashini

  • Md Rasel

Just what i learned! Thanks again.

  • shabz12

you deserve a 10 star review i am a great admirer of your work

  • Adam

I thought this was a pretty good course. His teaching is very simple and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to applying the skills I've learned.

  • voutikarman

Really this is Great Experience. I learned a lot.

  • gabanque

Junichi Tsuneoka, it's a magician of simplicity and with a very high level of composition. The course was great indeed, only I would liked that some of the chapters (like chapter 6 and the pathfinder chapter...) were not so repetitive tecniques, because once you finished the Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals course and with the experience as a Graphic designer, this lessons could be ended a little boring. Despite that I really appreciatte the new tips learnt specially on Composition. Thanks again to Fiver...!

  • billneill

Great range of operation by using a few simple tools creatively. Very clear in his presentation.

  • Ibrahim

  • vectordesigns

  • Justin

  • kathrinemorgans

Great course!

  • deesajn

Quite basic. Nice illustrations, but the course is in the Illustration Path at the last, higher position which misleadingly tells the learner, that there will be something more than the Master Illustration course, which is not true.

  • Ivan

  • mrfattemi

cool and easy to understand

  • Aftab

Great communication & sense of creativity!

  • wasiulhuq


  • shaheengraphic

it's really good.

  • Designs

Awesome and I'm very happy!

  • logo_des1gner

Great course :)

  • D'Angelo

  • brand_factory

Clear and concise course. Very good for beginners to learn about shapes and illustrations.

  • graphics_media

The curse is fully for beginner and very basic. If you expert, then leave it.

  • Anthony


Great learning

  • graphic23

  • mitamazumdar

good experience

  • mateodcarmona

Awesome thank you for this course.

  • Anna

Very good course, which has given me new insights in designing with different shapes. Thank you.

  • omarfaruk321

The course was good. But not so good that I am looking for. You chose SHAPE sketch to design which is less difficult to make. You should choose any sketch in where we could see how to use all the main tools of Illustrator. Like, Pen tool, Brush tool, Pencil tool and so one. That would be a good course!!

  • atikrahmanshuvo

Too small course. But love it.

  • Namra

  • rokibul2018

That was absolutely amazing. First of all I want to thank FIverr Team to arrange a course for the seller. From that I have leaned a lot of Illustrator option. I also test for some quiz which was so helpful for me. I am so great to learn this this type of option/tool. Which I have lean from here I hope I will invest my experience in future. Special Thanks

  • superdon

Learned the whole process how to create complex illustrations using simple shapes. Really useful.

  • pixelrocks

The course lecture was good. thanks Junichi and Fiverr..

  • Scott

There are SCORES of misspelled words throughout the quiz questions. Also, the verbiage in many of the questions is wrong. This course really, REALLY should have been proofread by someone with a good grasp of appropriate English. It was embarrassing to read these questions and answers and have misspellings in nearly every single word. Fiverr encourages members to be educated via courses offered on the site ... the instructor of this course, and/or his associates who wrote this course, should be encouraged to become educated on the proper use of English, spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar. This was truly horrible. Thanks.

  • daimdesigns

this course is good, but i believe it is very basic but its good for someone who is new in graphics,

  • Daniel

Thank you so much mentor... the course is really helpful

  • Irina

There is too much repetitive information but course was good enough.

  • weperfectionist

Outstanding experience! The course is really helpful in getting shape basics along with sharpening good sense for color and depth.

  • lyroughn

  • davediy

  • Zachary

  • mr_enthusiastic

It was very helpful and Very professional

  • Shawn

  • Dinusha

  • Rabia

The course is really effective. Learned so many new techniques and tips.

  • creativemelon

Nice one! Learned a lot.

  • mkprodhan

You're one step away

From Shapes to Complex & Beautiful Illustrations

4.7 (107)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Adobe Illustrator do?

    Adobe Illustrator is a graphic-driven software that is used primarily to create vector graphics. These graphics will then be used to create cartoons, fonts, banners, and unique logos that can range from animated to realistic static images. Adobe Illustrator is vital for any business looking to establish brand identity, and used by millions of designers and artists around the world.

  • What is difference between Illustrator and Photoshop?

    The main difference between Illustrator and Photoshop is that Photoshop is based on pixels, whereas Illustrator is based on vectors. This means that every graphic you design on Illustrator can be resized to any size you want without losing quality. Photoshop is primarily used for editing and creating photos or raster-based art, whereas Illustrator is used to create graphics, cartoons, fonts, and logos.

  • Is Photoshop easier than Illustrator?

    Photoshop is said to be an easier program to learn, but is not the best program to use for all types of graphics. Designing on Illustrator allows you to create images that will never lose quality when resized. This makes Illustrator the preferable program when it comes to creating logos, banners, fonts, social media graphics, and more. Vector graphic will never lose its quality if they are scaled up or down, which is what makes Illustrator preferable in the creation of logos, banners, unique fonts, social media graphics, and more.

  • Do I gain with this course the necessary skills to become Adobe certified?

    After you complete this course, you will be equipped with all the needed skills to become an on-demand Adobe professional and sell your services on Fiverr. With the skills you will learn, you will be able to offer a variety of Gigs that are in high demand, especially considering that Graphic Design is the most lucrative category on Fiverr today. We’ve designed this course to be practical, so you can get right to work with all of the skills and know-how you need to be immediately successful.