Craft a Logo by Hand

  • 4.7 (173 Reviews)
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Craft a Logo by Hand

  • 4.7 (173 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • 1. Welcome (2:19)
  • 2. Tools (0:54)
  • 3. History (1:54)
  • 4. Quick Exercise (0:24)
  • Quiz - Introduction
Chapter 2

The Client

Chapter 3

Logo Terminology

  • 8. Logo Terminology (3:37)
  • 9. Type Terminology (2:07)
  • 10. Examining Letterforms (7:35)
  • Quiz - Logo Terminology
Chapter 4


  • 11. Design Principles (6:45)
  • 12. Intro to Procreate (3:24)
  • 13. Concept Sketches (16:40)
  • 14. Concept Roughs (27:01)
  • Quiz - Concepting
Chapter 5


  • 15. Setting Up Adobe Illustrator (5:02)
  • 16. Variable Width Tool (3:02)
  • 17. Shape Builder Tool (2:15)
  • 18. Pen Tool (39:35)
  • Quiz - Vectoring
Chapter 6


  • 19. Texture (7:08)
  • Quiz - Effects
Chapter 7


  • 20. Project Review (2:17)
  • 21. Playing with Colors (3:47)
  • 22. Sending Files (2:18)
  • 23. Conclusion (0:45)
  • Quiz - Conclusion
Chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 23 Videos
  • time 2.5 Hours

In this course you'll learn how to create a logo, starting with a standard pencil or an Apple Pencil, and move through the stages necessary to turn your hand lettering into vector artwork. We'll make stops along the way to explore relevant history, terminology, and practical tips to help you improve and gain a deeper appreciation for hand lettering.

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173 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • Sadia

This course was really very helpful for me. My skills increased to take this course.. I recommend this course for everyone who are interest to design craft a logo by hand . Thank You.

  • treinor

This Craft A Logo By Hand course is very useful for lettering artists, the "Concepts Roughs" contains a very valuable information, thanks for this product bro!.
As a suggestion: my first language is spanish, so the videos should have subtitles in english or other languages for a better understanding

  • MD Rasel

Amazing course, thanks

  • Alin

Awesome! I got the pieces of information I needed

  • fist_of_fury

  • cre8iveartwork

The course is very easy to follow and you will surely learn a few new things even though you are an experienced logo designer .

  • eranganew

Excellent. Learnt many new things...

  • neonlemar

Great Instructor, needs some production work to align the instructions with the on-screen actions.

  • Angelina

It was a good course with a piece of good quality information! Recommend it!

  • hamidesigner

  • mariashtelle

This course will be definitely good for the beginners with no experience in design but for an experienced designer not much to learn.

  • zarakkhan421

Very informative course learned a lot.

  • Jernej

  • bakhtear05

wow really Great, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Sadia

Nice course

  • milanmanojlovic


  • Lakshay

  • adripoggetti

It starts a bit slow, but I learned a lot! Loved the details and shared tricks! Thank you.

  • Adam

Great Course. It compliments the other fiverr learn courses very well. I wish I had started on this one before moving on to more advanced courses. I learnt alot.

  • Daniel


  • Debraz

This course has not included more concepts about logo design . Only one logo is made but it is not good for learning logo design to see only one concept or design. Including creating more logo design that will help very understand the process.

  • Moomtaaz

One of the best course!

  • dani3k626

Awesome Experience!

  • gfxbyusman

Great to learn the way of thinking, making and crafting a logo.

  • mehedi

Thanks to learn from fiverr and boost my gig...more mony....... good experincee...

  • deesajn

Good course.

  • Rony

Thank your Fiverr for help to learn the professional course.

  • mczerwikvo

Really enjoyed the course and gained a lot of knowledge I know I'll be able to use again!

  • h_dexter

Really helpful, Thanks !!!


It was good

  • Malti

Excellent Client.

  • Anna

Great source of inspiration!

  • logoist1

I learnt from this course more than my expectations. Great Learning Experience. thank you fiverr for giving this opportunity.

  • hana_designer

  • raihansuman209

Wonderful video. Learned a lot!

  • leejohnsonvideo

Great Course. Really made me consider the step-by-step creative process of Logo Design.

  • muhaimenhasan

It was good.

  • aminurp

Amazing Course. Nicolas was very easy for the process. He showed and talked about a lot of aspects that very essential. A great value of money. Highly appreciate & recommend "Craft A Logo By Hand" course for all levels of sellers. Thank you.

  • todorf5

The course is right to the point. Unfortunately only 1 sample of lettering is explored. The vector section should be updated. But overall good course

  • Aftab

Thank You So Much Very Helpful

  • voutikarman

Really this is Great Experience. I learned a lot.

  • sissiwedgwood

Nice. I've always used fonts. I'm going to try a handcrafted logo soon.

  • jahadul

It was an amazing course and I learn a lot of important things. The tutor was excellent and easy to learn from him. I also enjoyed the examination.


Nice guy, Great course. Thank you.

  • Rahmat

great course to make it up skills

  • graphic_beach

Really Great TUT...i am happy to learn with this instructor

  • Kai-André

  • destyfit

Would love to see part2

  • grafix_pro360

Good Course and Recommended for beginners as well.

  • brand_factory

Awesome way :)

  • creative

Very helpful

  • coneartworlds

A great course that shows a lot through a practical example.

  • arecia

I actually learnt a lot from this course!

  • vintage_valley

really easy to learn. fiverr! thanks for offering.

  • g_designer1

Awesome Course! i Learnt many important things which can help me in increase my skills.. Teaching style are very nice and conveyable. Thanks GD

  • workwithchris

As I completed the class, I definitely recommend this course to newbies who interested in learning more about how to craft a logo by hand. I might be able to say something about the class. It is very well organised class; especially there is a special course for the tools and Roughs but I prefer him to speak slowly and clearly. Thank you very much Nicolas Fredrickson

  • zahidndc

Suggested only for very beginers...

  • Asanga

Mr. Nicolas Fredrickson
Your lesson is very good....wonderful

  • fasih_ur_rehman

It was good but only for beginners. I didn't get much out of it.

  • Risa

This course was pretty disappointing now that I am looking at the other courses. I felt that it was too basic and would not fly for clients on Fiverr. I wish I picked another course.

  • angela_winslet

Great learning experience. Truly deserves 5 stars!

  • andelby

The course that helps basic designers and enriches professional designers. Videos explained well and directed to the point. Recommended to anyone who gives importance to handmade and typography.

  • dezign_geek

I have been a logo designer for about 8 years now. I knew most of the concepts he talked about. But I learned many new things as well. It was a well-scripted course. Hoping to design better logo's to my clients using things I learned from this.

  • maryjone

I have learned a lot from this class, I used to make mistakes "when typing logo Terminology" I learned more on design principles and to use my Pen Tool, the classes are really interesting, I wish I can get the copies of the videos, I recommend this courses to anybody who wants to learn more about Crafting a logo by hand, thanks to Fiverr

  • Zia

I personally think, there should be more in this course. Only a single logo was done in the whole course. This can be improved by adding some more techniques and design skills.

  • mkprodhan

Great course! I really enjoy this class, I've been working on the logo design for a long time, through this course I learned new things, Hopefully, I can share my clients with better concepts.

  • Gustavo

I thought we would learn more about calligraphy and as it says in the tittle I thought we would learn more hand writing styles and practice some techniques in paper by hand.
This course is only possible if you have already a great calligraphy background. I would love this course if was given to us exercises on how to write in different styles, like a pdf with alphabet so we could track our hand writing has he says he did to improve his skills.
I would name this course "How to vector a logo created in Procreate" .
But really love to learn new skills and I really want to explore more with new courses.

  • modernrecruiter

I have so many GREAT things to say about this course!! Right off the bat, it is a FULL in depth course from start to finish. I love that we learn the history of terms, and get a good background so we can appreciate and understand our subject. We learn how to formally set up a plan with the client. All the way to the end where we learn what files to use, and send it off to the client. Brilliant and thorough! The only reason I couldn't give 5 starts (as much as I want to- I wish there were categories but we are doing overall) is because the course says we don't need programs, and while that may technically be true, you really can't get anywhere near the full value without them. I have Procreate and Corel Painter 6 so I figured I could follow along. But Painter is nothing like Adobe software, and I don't want to invest until I learn more about digital creative content. He is clearly an expert which is great, but as a beginner I was a little lost towards the end especially with the vectoring. I still think it's a great course. I can maybe come back to it in the future as a learn more and get more software. Maybe include an option w/o Adobe? I think I can still do this but I'd have to do the details totally by hand with the pencil. Overall, he put a lot of effort and detail into the course and I learned a lot nonetheless! To the person who said we "ONLY did one logo" I just have to say, what?! That "one" logo was the majority of the course and took forever (In a good way- it was in real time, step by step) it was more than thorough enough to only need one to understand how to create one. Thank you for the course! Would recommend.

  • Anneliese

Easy to understand and follow along with. Crafted an awesome logo myself within a few hours of starting this course.

  • jelenaa

  • anand3441

learn a lot...thanks

  • top_logo_expert

This course is very helpful for new seller.

  • simonrabiix

  • Bart

  • Abubokkor

  • mr_enthusiastic

Amazing, learned many new things.Great course. Well explained and put together. Thank you.

  • Muhammad Tarequr

Easy to learn. Show everything steps by step. I learn a lot from this course. This course will help me to raise my sells.

  • albanokofsha

The way of working is like customer wont request any revision. If he does you have to re-start again.

  • Molham

Great course, would love to see more of logo courses. There's so much to learn even tho I've a good years of experience still feel there's a lot to learn with the new modern of design.

  • digitaldream99

I enjoyed this course. Thanks a lot #fiverr

  • Davit

  • Saad Ali

nice coursee

  • Ozil

  • sinsin

Ok for beginner. Too short and simple.

  • Alex

  • idesign_4u

good course

  • Lea

The course was perfect and I got a lot to learn

  • shaawnn

  • Joshua

good course

  • skydesigner

  • habentesfai

  • Mijanur Rahman


  • Samer


  • Chiara

  • Zachary

  • Ansleigh

Awesome course! This is my first Fiverr course and although I thought I knew a lot about this subject already, I learned a lot of new tips and tricks that I had never thought of before! Very great course!

  • danielaotero

Good content, good course!

  • mateodcarmona

  • logoroad

Nice guy, nice course. Thank you.

  • arsalan3695

The best course for the one's who really wants to learn logo design and typography also vector tracing, I learn a lot of stuff from this course I highly recommend this course.

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Craft a Logo by Hand

4.7 (173)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is hand lettering?

    Lettering involves creating unique and characterful letters, one by one. Lettering is different to typography, where a whole alphabet is created and each letter is reused many times throughout a text. If the word ‘Fiverr’ was written using typography, then the first and second ‘r’ would be identical. But if we used lettering techniques to write ‘Fiverr’, then each ‘r’ would be different! Many lettering projects are completed using software like Illustrator, but hand lettering is the technique of drawing these letters by hand.

  • Is hand lettering hard to learn?

    Basic hand lettering is incredibly simple – if you can pick up a pencil then you can do it! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be very good, but with practice and expert advice you’ll be able to improve your skills. Learning hand lettering is about more than just improving your practical techniques. It’s also about developing your creativity and sense of style. Hand lettering can encourage us to think about everyday shapes in new and exciting ways. The more you do it, the better you’ll get!

  • What’s the difference between hand lettering and calligraphy?

    Hand lettering and calligraphy are similar, but there are some important differences. Hand lettering often takes a long time, because each letter is unique and may include fine details. A pencil or stylus is normally used for hand lettering. Calligraphy is also about creating unique letters one by one, but calligraphy is usually performed quickly, by creating swift, bold strokes using a pen and ink. Because calligraphy is faster, it’s often used to write out longer passages of text. Hand lettering is better suited to logos, titles, or short taglines.

  • How do I become a lettering artist?

    The first step toward becoming a lettering artist is building your skills! Learn the techniques behind hand lettering and practice them until you can complete projects confidently and efficiently. Put together a portfolio of your best work; this will make it easy for clients to check that your style suits their brand image. Once you’ve developed your skills and portfolio you can start marketing your services. Creating gigs right here on Fiverr is the perfect way to do that!

  • Can you make a successful career from lettering?

    Yes – but your level of success will depend on how skilled, willing to learn, and determined you are. Lettering is a small niche and when you first start out you might need to offer complementary services (like calligraphy or graphic design) in order to make enough money. As you become more experienced you should be able to build up a client base and focus on lettering. It’s important to be patient and not to give up if you don’t achieve overnight success!

  • How much should I charge for hand-lettering projects?

    Hand-lettering artists charge anything from a few dollars to a few-thousand dollars per project! When you start out, you’ll probably need to offer low prices to attract your first few clients, but avoid working for free (charging for your work is a vital part of being seen as a professional). As you become more established, you’ll be able to raise your prices. Ultimately, you should consider the amount of time each project will take and how much you want to earn per hour.