Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

  • 4.9

Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

  • 4.9

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1


  • 1. How to Use the Course (1:40)
  • Downloads
chapter 2

Brief and Research

  • 2. Client Brief (3:00)
  • 3. Company Research (4:30)
  • 4. Client Questions (4:03)
  • 5. Managing Expectations (4:26)
  • 6. Finding Inspiration (5:01)
  • 7. Photo Manipulation Workflow (4:23)
  • Quiz - Brief and Research
chapter 3

Early Production

  • 8. Early Production (0:27)
  • 9. Sketching Brainstorming (6:42)
  • 10. Sourcing Images (4:49)
  • 11. Background and Perspective in Car Project (6:53)
  • 12. Perspective in the Flooded Street Project (5:52)
  • 13. Lighting in Car Project (3:33)
  • 14. Lighting in Flooded Street Project (1:56)
  • 15. 3D Scene Mockups (4:10)
  • Quiz - Early Production
chapter 4

Base Compositing

  • 16. Base Compositing (0:24)
  • 17. Car Rough Compositing (4:18)
  • 18. Perspective Warp (2:51)
  • 19. Rough River Composite (7:54)
  • 20. Rough Waterfall Composite (4:22)
  • 21. Adding Clouds (3:03)
  • 22. Adding Vegetation (5:35)
  • 23. Cutting Out the Car (4:02)
  • 24. Flooded Street Composites (3:33)
  • Quiz - Base Compositing
chapter 5

Lights, Shadows, and Colors

  • 25. Lights and Shadows (0:42)
  • 26. Vehicle Self Shadow (4:33)
  • 27. Vehicle Cast Shadows (5:45)
  • 28. Bounced Light on Vehicle (3:01)
  • 29. Lighting and Shadowing Street Scene (7:38)
  • 30. Vehicle Color Agreement (6:14)
  • 31. Adjustments to the Flooded Street Scene (5:26)
  • 32. Vehicle Reflections (4:20)
  • 33. Vehicle Window Reflections (3:59)
  • Quiz - Lights, Shadows, and Colors
chapter 6

Filling out the Scene

  • 34. Filling out the Scene (0:34)
  • 35. Adding a Sunken Truck (3:40)
  • 36. Adding Atmospheric Effects (4:52)
  • 37. Adding Jungle Vegetation (3:05)
  • 38. Adding the Kayaker (3:11)
  • 39. Rainbow Effect (3:19)
  • 40. Creating Light Streaks (4:27)
  • 41. Adding Vehicle Highlights (4:11)
  • Quiz - Filling out the Scene
chapter 7

Noise and Blurs

  • 42. Noise and Blurs (0:45)
  • 43. Noise and Blur in Automobile Project (5:08)
  • 44. Blur and Noise on Flooded Street Scene (3:22)
  • Quiz - Noise and Blurs
chapter 8

Final Effects

  • 45. Final Effects (0:51)
  • 46. NonDestructive Dodge and Burn (5:58)
  • 47. Final Effects Vehicle Project (5:36)
  • 48. Final Effects Flooded Street (2:44)
  • Quiz - Final Effects
chapter 9

Further Inspiration

  • 49. Additional Inspiration (1:55)
  • Quiz - Further Inspiration
chapter 10


  • 50. Conclusion (1:01)
chapter 11

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

Digital images are meant to tell stories. From advertising to social media, images are part of the storytelling process. Crafting these images usually involves manipulating photos, and that’s what this course is all about. This course will give you the skills to capture attention with images. This course doesn't just cover how to use the tools in Photoshop, but also why they're used. You'll learn a proven nine-step image manipulation process, starting from the client brief and ending with outstanding images for various projects.

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45 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • Md. Zahangir

The course is really important .I have learned a lot from this course.Many thanks to fiverr for having such an opportunity.

  • Robert

It was a great course to take as he is very technical and detail-oriented. I recommend this course to learn some cool techniques

  • coljamz

  • shaheengraphic

at first i thought i knew most of the techniques and things he is doing. even you are a expert i am recommending you to buy this course, when you look closely each artist will have techniques that you will learn that you have never seen somewhere else or in YouTube videos.
the way he created "light streaks" and
"non destructive dodge & burn technique" is so amazing and new for me.

it is worth every dollar and i wish that there was a tip option here.
appreciate your hard work sir!

  • artninja_ .

  • Ripan Dhali

Good Experience and Manythings Learning

  • omenx1994 .

Once again the instructor does not fail at all, the course was through and well thought out without having to be repetitive. I highly recommend this course in order to learn how to manipulate photographs to make a scene look like it all belongs even if its coming from 10 different photos.

  • Carrie Kopperman

  • rokibul2018 .

That was also great too. Thank you

  • kinshasia17 .

The final projects were beyond amazing! I mastered them both, I highly recommend this course...

  • James Bain

First of all, it is a fantastic course. I would HIGHLY recommend. A few Negatives for me were that the video streaming would not work for me, after internet speed checks, and checking out other video streaming platforms, I deemed the fault not mine. When I eventually was able to view, I became very happy, very quickly.

You are provided with the course content to follow along with, and follow step by step to create something pretty amazing, in 2 different scenarios. Both Scenarios present a range of different opportunities, offering the chance to explore different techniques to create professional, polished images you would find by top brands.

While I highly recommend this course, for me it was let down by the streaming issues I had.

  • diegoisui .

I expected less of the course, but in addition to the simple but well-detailed classes of each image and photograph that is used to create a complete PSD, the course included a great guide on how to communicate with the client; get enough and important information to get the client ideas to reality, starting with sketches before starting an order, and save you from unnecessary revisions that could arise during the process. A must have for every photoshop artist from Fiverr.

  • Erin Florence

Excellent course! I've been creating photo manipulations for years but there's always more to learn in Photoshop. I now have some new techniques that will make my creations even better.

  • Sebastian Croitoriu

  • joeka24 .

This was a very thorough course! I learned a lot about Photoshop that I didn't even know exist. Very valuable

  • sinsin .

Comprehensive case studies that cover all aspects that I expected when I purchased this course. Thank you!

  • pro_writer100 .

Good course

  • Scott Stanford

Great course, amazing instructor! Well worth the money!

  • Nadine Sharafeldin

  • Georg Lösch

  • david_allsep .

I learned some new techniques. definatly worth the 23 bucks

  • devidchakma .

Thank You For this course. I really enjoy it and I learned many photoshop tool technique from this course.

  • andelby .

An excellent course to manage image manipulation from concept to finalization. Brief, research, basic composition, lights, shadows, manipulations, finishing details, etc. A perfect mix for a great course! Recommended for those who want to improve in Photoshop!

  • darrendesign .

Great Course! Excellent teacher A+++

  • Jodie Walton

  • Victor Rosca

  • Ohenewa Anno

Very detailed. I enjoyed learning his process!

  • joy_alex .

This video tutorial is very useful for a Photoshop designer, this is recommended for for everyone who wants to success on fiverr. Thank you very much for providing such a useful guideline in this video tutorial.

  • Aftab Hassan

Sir thank you so much for this amazing course

  • todorf5 .

Really helpful course!

  • wanderingartist .

  • Kim sprengelmeijer

The course was great! I only have six months of experience with photoshop so at some points it took me a little googling and trial and error to manage to keep up, but the instructor is fantastic. His calm tone and the easy way he explains everything has taught me so much! I would love to follow more of his courses!

  • KAL architecture

  • KAL architecture

  • KAL architecture

  • Tim Vink

It was a little too hard for me but the instructions were very clear.

  • eugeneshenderov .

  • luhisan .

great course, proud of you fiverr!!

  • Sergio Petrukevich

In this course you'll find more then just a techniques for photo manipulations. It gives more, reveals hidden techniques and explains learned things in new way of using. All course passed through with one breath, is useful at practice and interesting with cup of coffee.

  • vickydavid .

Highly Recommended! I learnt a lot of new techniques which enhance my photoshop skills and knowledge

  • fist_of_fury .

Great course

  • cre8iveartwork .

I learned a few new skills from this course although I already knew how to use most of the effects presented . This is great for someone less familiar with photoshop , they will surely learn new techniques.

  • David Serrano

  • sunygraphics .

Words alone is not enough for me to explain how happy I am to have learned this course. Credits to fiverr for bringing out this scheme. Kirk Nelson did a great job and made all the teachings so simple for me to understand. Thank you so much.

  • amanda4job .

Very inspiring course i must say, it opens my senses on how these photoshop tools can be maximized, a lot has been learnt and i really love to learn more from him, though i wish to hear some jokes along the course and teacher seem too concentrated but its all full of useful lessons.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is photo manipulation in Photoshop?

    While using Photoshop, photo manipulation is the transformation of a photograph using various methods and techniques to arrive at a desired end result. There are a variety of software applications that are available for digital image manipulation inside Photoshop. Photo manipulation is also known as “photo retouching” when used to describe the alteration of products or models.

  • What is photo manipulation used for?

    Photo manipulation is what marketing and advertisers use to retouch a product, alter one’s appearance, change a real estate layout, and so much more. Photo manipulation enables businesses to alter photos to fit their needs. It can be used to remove or emphasize certain aspects of a photo, improve the quality, add effects, and ultimately tweak any photo to any desired look.

  • Is photo manipulation art?

    Many people would argue that photo manipulation is entirely its own art form. Photo manipulators can also insert artwork, painting streaks, and other obvious art to the foreground or background of a photo, in addition to slyly changing the composition of the original photo. To be able to bend and move a product or body so that it is more appealing is certainly an art form – and one that is in high demand.

  • How much do Photoshop artists make?

    Generally, individuals with acquired skills in Photoshop can expect to make about $54,897 per year. These are people that are referred to as Photoshop experts, and are skilled in photo retouching and manipulation. These people are hired by advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and regular companies looking to create manipulated visuals that spur people to take action and buy products or services.