Data Storytelling: Deliver Insights via Compelling Stories

  • 4.6

Data Storytelling: Deliver Insights via Compelling Stories

  • 4.6

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1


  • 1. Introduction (3:30)
  • 2. Do The Exercises (0:38)
  • 3. Communication Challenges and Solutions (5:20)
  • 4. Exercise: 4X4 Model (4:31)
  • 5. Exercise Solution: 4X4 Model (3:25)
  • Introduction - Quiz
chapter 2

Thinking Like a Communicator

  • 6. The Power of Story (6:47)
  • 7. Six Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Storyteller (12:31)
  • 8. The Importance of Understanding Your Audience (3:42)
  • 9. How to Understand Your Audience (4:35)
  • 10. How to Embrace Emotion (to review) (4:37)
  • 11. How to Tap Into Your Inherent Creativity (5:54)
  • 12. Exercise: An Emotional Story (1:30)
  • 13. Exercise Solution: An Emotional Story (1:13)
  • Thinking Like a Communicator - Quiz
chapter 3

Telling Data Stories

  • 14. Basic Data Analytics Tactics (8:53)
  • 15. Basic Journalism Tactics (4:55)
  • 16. Defining Your Story (5:37)
  • 17. Sketching and Storyboarding (7:05)
  • 18. Use Your Words (4:20)
  • Telling Data Stories - Quiz
chapter 4

Essential Design Principles

  • 19. The Power of Visuals (7:44)
  • 20. How to Pick the Right Chart for Your Data (5:18)
  • 21. Exercise: Chart Selection (6:27)
  • 22. Exercise: Visualization (3:00)
  • 23. Basic Chart Designs Principles (8:20)
  • 24. Research Driven Design Principles (6:27)
  • 25. Exercise: A Data Story (3:50)
  • Essential Design Principles - Quiz
chapter 5

And Now What?

  • 27. Great Data Stories for Your Inspiration (5:53)
  • 28. Tips and Tricks (3:53)
  • 29. How to Sell Data Storytelling Services (3:56)
  • 30. A Conversation Guide for Talking to Prospects About Data Storytelling Projects (5:29)
  • 31. Course Summary (2:48)
chapter 6

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

Data that sits in Spark or Hadoop or even a spreadsheet is not as powerful as data that is interpreted, packaged and communicated to those who need to hear what it has to say. Anyone who works with data needs to know how to effectively present that analysis to the people who will be making decisions based on the data. And it's not as simple as throwing charts at people. You need to create narratives and visuals that really connect with audiences. This course will cover data storytelling, data visualization and communications best practices - all with an eye to turning a raw set of data and converting it into a compelling narrative presentation that will resonate with your audience.

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31 Reviews

  • 4.6
  • ruebenlooi

  • pencilprincess7

This was, at it's heart, very basic, beginner information, with a few noteworthy tips and tricks thrown in. I found that I didn't learn too much new information. Writers who re new to data storytelling may learn a lot, though.

So, highly recommend if you've never done data storytelling before. Otherwise, choose a different course.

  • Katy

Simple language, effective strategies, easy to follow along and implement.

  • stefficolbert

Great course!

  • Kevin Cochrane

Before I bought this set of courses, I worried about whether it would be a quality investment.

After completing it, I'm more than satisfied. It's information-rich and offers templates that you can bring to a project.

The course did well to integrate the three key elements: design, data, and story. I'm not as strong on the data analysis side of things, and the course helped me address some of the key points to consider. Plus, the exercises and links to extra resources are good for navigating further study.

  • andelby .

A very didactic course, but one that is useful to all designers who design infographics!

  • Markus Kalter

A brilliant course ! Thank you very much indeed, Bill.
You will not only get tips & tricks from a master of the trade, but also a basic work structure, which will help you through projects. You will learn how to tap your creativity and see what´s possible by looking at many great example and related websites.

  • Jacques Fourie

Aimed at absolute beginners

  • alexvlaston .

Great insights and information!

  • Sapphire Campbell

Very well presented in every day language that everyone can understand.

  • Tricia Renee Coleman

  • Abdhesh Kumar Jha

Data Storytelling: Deliver Insights via Compelling Stories is the best course to create a visually appealing design. During the course, I learn lots of new things.


Great course! I had some knowledge on the topic but Bill managed to make everything clearer. The knowledge acquired will definitely help me when writing content that includes data. Highly recommended!

  • boomlandjenkins .

Very informative.

  • Anneliese Place

The task if you choose to accept it... take boring data and make it interesting. Bill shares his lessons, tips, and tricks to make any data more marketable and with the right subject, I dare say interesting. As a nonfiction writer, it was definitely worth my time.

  • genesisbio .

Most. Boring. Course. EVER.

  • Tanya Page

  • icic13 .

Learned a lot of things. Good course.

  • nvkhoa .

I learned a lot of this information from this course! Just having a little boring in lessons!

  • brandon Maziwisa

Very Insightful course, being in data analysis it has shown me one aspect which is how to produce consumable content for the audience and thus create more effective results for my clients overall.

  • ewelinafiedler .

  • univsolmc .

The course had me in the beginning when the instructor was talking about how to actually make the storytelling of data instructing. Towards the late middle to the end, it started getting a bit technical. I didn't really care for the class work, but overall I learned a lot from this course.

  • Seth Livingston

Took four pages of notes--all things that I didn't previously know about. This is really going to give my bland dashboard creations a kick in the rear. Thank you!

  • sinsin .

The course has insightful lessons and great materials for student further study.

  • earth_citizen .

Very insightful and easy to follow along. I like that the course also shed light on the peripherals like gestalt principles, journalism mindset, and colours.

  • datagk .

This was a great course, I am a data analyst and related to most of the content but the tips and lesson on the design side were amazing!

  • humanissocial .

  • Will Lee

The second half of the course felt somewhat dry and hard to maintain focus

  • lutfur351 .

  • amit_later .

The course itself was really interesting and insightful. I am an experienced analyst that has been dealing with data for 5 years, so I knew most of the things. The course arranged most of the knowledge in my head and reminded me of what is important.
Overall a great course!

  • blue008778 .

Very insightful and though provoking course! I learned allot about the psychology of story telling and how I can help my clients tell better stories. I would highly recommend this course!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data storytelling?

    Data storytelling is the term used to describe translating data analyses into layman’s terms so businesses can make a decision moving forward. Since more and more data is being generated through digital tools and apps today, businesses have a trove of data right at their fingertips. Not everyone is a numbers genius, which is why these numbers need to be turned into a story that everyone can understand. Naturally, this is a skill that is in high demand today.

  • What is data visualization?

    Data visualization involves the creation and study of the visual representation of data. A data visualizer will create statistical graphs, plots, and information graphics that businesses can use in business plans, investor proposals, presentations, and more. It is essentially the simplification of data in a visual manner that tells the whole story from start to finish at just a glance. Both data visualization and data storytelling fall under the study of data science.

  • What is the future of data science?

    Considering that data science is an integral part of big data processing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, it’s safe to say that the future of data science is only going to spread and expand rapidly. Right now, there is a gap between the number of data scientists in the world, and the amount of open positions. So, it’s a great time to consider this kind of position for your future if you want a steady supply of work and a high salary.

  • How can you start as a data storyteller when you don't have any previous experience?

    After you complete our course, you will have the necessary skills and training to be a data storyteller on You will be able to immediately kick-start your career and offer a service in avery popular and expanding industry. As you work your way up on Fiverr, you will accumulate more reviews and will be able to open more Gigs, work with more people, and make more money on a weekly basis. It all starts with our specialized training!