Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

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Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

  • 4.9
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 2


  • 3. How to Use Layers in Adobe Photoshop CC (9:56)
  • 4. Basic Navigation & How to Combine Images in Photoshop (7:37)
  • Layers - Quiz
Chapter 3

Color & Adjustment Layers

  • 5. How to Fix an Image Using Levels in Photoshop CC (4:03)
  • 6. How to Enhance Colors in Photoshop Using Vibrance (3:28)
  • 7. How to Change the Color of Something in Photoshop Using Hue (2:52)
  • 8. How to Change Just One Color in Adobe Photoshop CC (1:57)
  • 9. How to Make an Image Black & White in Photoshop CC (4:35)
  • 10. How to Add a Gradient to an Image & Text in Photoshop (10:56)
  • Color & Adjustment Layers - Quiz
Chapter 4


  • 11. Creating a Specific Sized Document Adobe Photoshop CC (4:11)
  • 12. How to Draw Star Square Circle Shape in Photoshop CC (12:00)
  • 13. Stealing Colors & Adobe Color Themes (6:39)
  • Shapes - Quiz
Chapter 5


  • 14. How to Create Text in Adobe Photoshop CC (8:09)
  • 15. How to Warp Text in Adobe Photoshop CC (1:57)
  • 16. How to Get Text to Follow a Line or Circle in Photoshop (13:03)
  • Text - Quiz
Chapter 6

Layer Styles

  • 17. How to Add a Line Around the Outside of Type in Photoshop (8:17)
  • 18. How to a Bevel or Emboss to Text in Photoshop CC (2:19)
  • 19. How to Add a Drop Shadow to Text in Photoshop CC (3:03)
  • 20. Presenting your Photoshop Work for your Portfolio (6:35)
  • 21. Project 1 - Creating your own Postcard (4:30)
Chapter 7


  • 22. How to Crop an Image in Adobe Photoshop CC (3:40)
  • 23. How to Crop an Image for a Frame in Adobe Photoshop CC (6:11)
  • 24. How to Straighten the Horizon Line Using Photoshop CC (1:55)
Chapter 8

Selections & Masking

  • 25. How to Copy from One Image to Another in Photoshop CC (6:20)
  • 26. How to Crop Images Inside of Text (9:35)
  • 27. How to Remove the Background in Adobe Photoshop CC (10:11)
  • 28. Class Project - Quick Select Tool (0:37)
  • 29. How to put Text Behind a Person in Adobe Photoshop CC (7:01)
  • 30. How to Create a Layer Mask in Adobe Photoshop CC (4:47)
  • 31. Class Project - Cut a Person out & put them into Another Image in Photoshop (8:57)
  • 32. How to Blend Fade one Image into Another in Photoshop CC (4:36)
  • 33. How to Weave Text in and out of a Photoshop Image (3:18)
  • 34. How to Select Hair in Adobe Photoshop CC (16:23)
  • 35. Class Project - Selecting Hair (1:22)
  • 36. How to Select Things with Straight Edges in Adobe Photoshop CC (3:41)
  • 37. How to get Text to Interact with Ink & Plants in Photoshop CC (13:14)
  • 38. Class Project - Text & Image Interaction (1:41)
  • Selection & Masking - Quiz
Chapter 9


  • 39. How to Add Filters & Effects in Adobe Photoshop (4:13)
  • 40. How to Turn an Image into a Painting in Adobe Photoshop (3:13)
  • 41. Class Project – Oil Painting (0:31)
  • 42. How to Create the Dotted Halftone Poster Effect in Photoshop (6:41)
  • 43. Class exercise - Halftone (0:23)
  • 44. How to fake Realistic Motion Blur in Adobe Photoshop CC (4:28)
  • 45. The Lens Flare Right of Passage in Adobe Photoshop (3:31)
  • Filters - Quiz
Chapter 10

Smart Objects

  • 46. What is a Smart Object in Adobe Photoshop CC (9:03)
Chapter 11

Transform & Distort

  • 47. How to Bend a Logo onto an Image Realistically in Photoshop (7:49)
  • 48. How to make a Sky Peeling like Fabric Revealing Background in Photoshop (3:13)
  • 49. Class Project - Peeling Sky (0:49)
  • 50. How to Shrink Body Parts in Adobe Photoshop CC Using Liquify (5:45)
  • 51. How to Create Dripping Paint Text Effect in Photoshop CC (9:17)
  • 52. Class Project - Drippy Paint Text (0:52)
Chapter 12


  • 53. How to Remove People & Text from a Picture in Photoshop (6:56)
  • 54. Use Google Images to find your Image Before Retouching (2:38)
  • 55. How to Remove Red Eye from Photographs in Photoshop (0:54)
  • 56. How to Retouch Skin in Adobe Photoshop CC (5:22)
  • 57. Class Project - Retouching (0:47)
  • 58. Enhancing Eyes in Adobe Photoshop CC (6:46)
  • 59. How to Fix Teeth in Adobe Photoshop CC (4:32)
  • Retouching
Chapter 13

Blending Modes

  • 60. How to Instantly Remove the White Background of a Logo in Photoshop (4:15)
  • 61. Using Blending Modes as Color Accents in Photoshop (7:10)
  • 62. How to put Images Inside a Bottle Using Photoshop (15:13)
  • 63. Class Project - Boat in a Bottle (2:16)
Chapter 14

Visual Styles

  • 64. How to Create the Spotify Duotone Effect in Adobe Photoshop (5:43)
  • 65. Class Project - Duotones (0:21)
  • 66. How to Create the 3D Glasses Anaglyph Effect in Adobe Photoshop (6:14)
  • 67. Class Project - Anaglyph Effect (0:36)
  • 68. How to Create a Vintage Instagram Matte Photo in Photoshop (8:40)
  • 69. Class Project - Vintage Matte Photo (0:50)
  • 70. How to Create the Paper Cut Effect in Adobe Photoshop CC (12:06)
  • 71. Class Project - Paper Cut Effect (0:31)
Chapter 15


  • 72. How to Use an Artboard in Adobe Photoshop CC (20:13)
Chapter 16

Color Modes & Resolution

  • 73. What is the Difference Between RGB and CMYK in Adobe Photoshop CC (7:12)
  • 74. How do you Change the Resolution to 300dpi in Photoshop CC (10:38)
  • Color Modes & Resulotion - Quiz
Chapter 17


  • 75. Basic Introduction to Using a Wacom Tablet with Photoshop (12:22)
  • 76. How to Create Splatter Paint Effects in Adobe Photoshop CC (8:11)
  • 77. Class Project - Ink Splats (0:55)
  • 78. How to Create Dripping Paint Ink Effect in Photoshop (6:46)
  • 79. Class Project - Dripping Paint Brush (0:56)
  • 80. How to Create Smoke with an Image Inside it using Photoshop CC (5:50)
  • 81. Class Project - Smoke Effect (1:03)
Chapter 18


  • 82. How to Make a Long Vector Hard Shadow in Photoshop (5:25)
  • 83. How to Cast a Realistic Shadow on the Ground in Photoshop (7:16)
  • 84. Bending or Curved Shadow Under an Image in Photoshop (3:33)
Chapter 19


  • 85. How to Export Images from Photoshop for Print Web & Social Media (10:18)
Chapter 20

What Next

  • 86. What Next after your Photoshop Essentials Class (1:15)
Chapter 21

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about getting started with Photoshop. This course is for beginners, without any required knowledge of Photoshop, photography, or design. It starts from the very beginning and works its way up, step by step. Whether you have never opened Photoshop before or you would like to review the basics, take this course to learn how to make beautiful images using Photoshop.

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141 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • Kenny

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Great course, learned a lot of new things!

  • mis_rakha

It's Amazing cousre and it's very helpfull

  • paulorr

Fantastic. This is a very relaxed but energetic teacher. I followed right along.

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Daniel Walter Scott is a great tutor!


It was really amazing!

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Very nice course for beginners! A+

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Good Teacher

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This course was excellent! Gets you jumpstarted right away into its practical use and saves the nerdy stuff for later

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Such a great course! Dan is awesome. Super funny and easy to understand. The practice files are very helpful. I feel like I have a good grasp on the basic skills needed to use Photoshop now. Looking forward to taking Dan's advance class!

  • scorpio613

It's just fabulous!

  • Marc Harris

I really learn a lot of things i didn't knew before. it really improve my skill in Adobe Photoshop :) thanks Dan.

  • Umair

Amazing course!

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Dan sure knows how to teach about all the basics and fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop straight to the point and adding some fine humor to make us feel that we are also having fun while learning these skills in Photoshop! Thanks Dan! :D

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is good cours

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This is an incredible resource for anyone working with this program. A ton of great tips, shortcuts and alternate ways of achieving desired goals for individual jobs.

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The instructor is like a magician who change the perception of image what I have done for my brand. Very Patient and Detailed. Worth my money and great investment.

  • Scott

Host is bright and happy, but for God's sake, every single segment starts with ''hey there'' or ''hi there.'' Really very repetitive and obnoxious.

  • rebeka96

Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals course is Amazing, I'm really happy this course.
Thanks, Fiverr.

  • lm1999

Loved Dan's Course! Perfect to follow along, not too fast, not too slow, and loads of extra Projects to work on!

  • prabhaviridhmik

An Awesome course! Crystal clear

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Great course! Highly recommend to everyone!

  • John

I really enjoyed the instructor's enthusiasm, as well as his expertise. I did feel that a little more time could have been spent on covering more aspects of the tools, and a little less time working on designs. I also felt that some of the test questions were worded poorly, and some of the answers that were deemed correct were actually incorrect, based on the wording of the question.

  • Nick

Dan teaches an amazing array of lessons throughout the length of the course. All of these make you feel super comfortable with Photoshop and ready and willing to push my skills further.

Thanks Dan

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Daniel Walter Scott do an amazing work during this course. He goes deep in details and through the course he always mentions these shortcuts to make sure you won't forget it.
An excellent course for those who actually want to get into Photoshop in a way that makes you understand the tools and their power.

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Loved it, starting the next course tonight.


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As usual Dan's class was great! This is the second course of his I have taken that covers Adobe products. He is a natural teacher and makes the classes enjoyable.

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Wonderful course and Dan is just an amazing instructor! Thank you!

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Great job by DAN. Very attache communication, not boring and delivered very efficiently. Atmosphere created by DAN is also very attractive and beautiful. Thanks DAN.

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Dan has such a natural and easy to understand way of teaching. This course was fantastic. Time to put Lens Flares on everything!

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Highly professional and intellectual instructor. He has its own flair of teaching and makes it more interesting. I LOVED IT, DAN. I've bought Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals already, but I promise I will see you in Photoshop Mastery as well :)

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This course is nothing sort of amazing! Dan is an amazing teacher, and I can't wait to jump on his next course.

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I own and completed these course from another e learning platform and as always this instructor never fails to excel in the realm of teaching in an engaging way.

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Thank you!!


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All Photoshop user must invest to this course to upgrade the skills they have and to learn from the EXPERT!

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Great course with great examples like the "Island in a Bottle." I feel now more confident with my Photoshop skills. Thank you, Dan.

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Although I have already done three courses with Daniel Walter Scott, I can not get used to his instruction style.

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Thanks Dan.

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Simply exceptional. I'd recommend this course to anyone who want "much, much, much" more than value for money.

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This is amazing. It is the best learning tutorial I have ever seen.
Thank you very much.

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I learn a lot from this course. I have been working in Photoshop from last two years but never went through so many things in Photoshop. Thanks a lot it was really fun to learn from Dan. Now looking forward take more courses by him.

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There is some very cool stuff to learn in this class.

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Great Job...

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The instructor is very good. He taught me overall all basic fundamentals of PS.
I am very happy to learn from this course at Fiverr.

Thank You

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Easy to follow and comprehensive. Dan made an amazing course for everyone who is getting into the Photoshop CC

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Daniel is really a Photoshop professional! The course
Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals is really interesting for those who are beginners or for those who want to review some little used commands. The videos are well explained and explore all the topics. What can I say, I have already bought the Adobe Photoshop Mastery course that I can't wait to start! :)

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Fun, easy to learn and I've got some very useful information. Amazing course!

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Sometimes a little bit slow and repetitive and it didn't seem like the course was put together at once for this platform but the content is really helpful with little tips and tricks even for more experienced users of Photoshop.

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fantastic instructor high five :)

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It's really awesome, well explained and easy to follow. Thank you so much!

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Perfection ! this is worth every penny!

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Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

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  • What is Adobe Photoshop?

    Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and full-featured image-editing program that’s typically used to edit and enhance photographs. It’s possible to make small changes to enhance colors and remove blemishes – or to perform advanced image manipulation. Photoshop can even be used to create completely new digital art from scratch. There are a number of image-editing programs available, but many experts believe that Photoshop is the best. It’s widely used by photographers, digital artists, graphic designers, web designers, UI designers – and many other creative professionals.

  • What jobs can I do with Photoshop?

    Because Photoshop is so powerful, it can be used to perform many different tasks. Photoshop is commonly used for jobs including photo retouching – improving photos before publication; photo restoration – whereby old or damaged photos are restored; and background removal – whereby a foreground object is separated from a distracting background. Fiverr buyers often need to improve product images for use on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Many people also choose to have personal photos edited, before posting them on social media or professional platforms like LinkedIn.

  • How can you use Photoshop for a career?

    Photoshop skills can support a career in photo editing; many Photoshop experts have built successful careers on Fiverr by offering photo-editing services. Tasks like background removal need a keen eye for detail, while photo manipulation needs more creativity. Photoshop skills are also essential in modern-day graphic design, where pencils and paper have been replaced by digital tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. If you’re serious about starting – or improving – your career in photo editing, photo manipulation, or graphic design, then this course will give you the skills you need to succeed.

  • How much does a Photoshop artist make?

    As a Photoshop artist, your earnings will depend on your level of skill and experience, as well as the type of work you take on. More creatively demanding projects are often priced higher than basic services like color enhancement, airbrushing, or background removal. Your earning power will also depend on the level of customer service you provide, and how good you are at marketing yourself. By offering your services on Fiverr, you can gain instant exposure to a worldwide audience and maximize your earning potential.

  • Which one is better for graphic design: Illustrator or Photoshop?

    There are important differences between Illustrator and Photoshop. Illustrator is mainly used to create vector-based graphical drawings, logos, icons, and other visual assets that need to be shown at different scales. Photoshop provides more advanced tools for editing finely detailed images – typically photographs. It can also be used to create digital art that mimics traditional art – such as paintings. Photoshop’s raster images are pixel based and may lose quality if scaled dramatically. If you’re interested in learning to use Illustrator too, then check out our Illustrator Fundamentals course.

  • Why is Photoshop necessary for web design?

    Photoshop is used by many web and UI designers. It’s possible to design a complete mockup of a website’s user interface in Photoshop. This mockup can easily be tweaked and modified if the client requests changes. The website designer can then create a final set of designs, ready to be developed into the finished webpage. User interfaces for apps and software can also be designed in Photoshop, and the visuals can be finalized before the development begins. This makes it easier to make changes during the design process.