Adobe Photoshop Mastery

  • 4.9

Adobe Photoshop Mastery

  • 4.9

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1

Getting Started

  • 1. Introduction (3:24)
  • Exercise Files - Photoshop Mastery
  • Completed Files
  • 2. Before you get Started with the Photoshop Advanced Course (1:28)
chapter 2

Selections & Masking - Advanced

  • 3. The Easiest Way in the World to Mask a Person in Adobe Photoshop (24:21)
  • 4. Class Project - Select Subject (1:41)
  • 5. Select Mask & Changing a Color using Photoshop - Color Range (10:00)
  • 6. Using Photoshop Selection to Fix Grass & Sky - Color Range (7:20)
  • 7. How to Change the Color of Skin in Photoshop - Color Range (8:05)
  • 8. How to Create an Ink Splash Image Around Text - Color Range (15:00)
  • 9. Class Project - Color Range in Adobe Photoshop (1:54)
  • 10. Mask on a Group Rather than each Layer (11:18)
  • 11. Advanced Masking using a Channels in Adobe Photoshop (14:13)
  • 12. Class Project - Channel Mask (1:30)
  • 13. How to Make Selections in Photoshop Based on the Focus Area (22:51)
  • 14. Class Project - Focus Area (1:11)
  • 15. Selection Trick Using the Smudge Tool in Photoshop (4:16)
  • 16. Future of Selections in Photoshop with Adobe Sneaks (7:04)
  • Quiz - Selection & Masking
chapter 3

Preferences & Workflow

  • 17. Advanced Preference Changes for Adobe Photoshop (8:35)
  • 18. How to Speed up Adobe Photoshop if it’s Running Slow (7:48)
  • 19. Workflow Tips & Tricks Like a Professional in Photoshop (13:44)
  • 20. Advanced Layer Tricks in Adobe Photoshop CC (5:58)
  • 21. Automatically Add a Watermark Text or Logo in Photoshop (8:29)
  • 22. Batch or Image Process Multiple Images at Once in Photoshop (9:04)
  • 23. How to put Loads of Images into one Photoshop File Quickly (7:03)
  • 24. Weird Adobe Photoshop Features & Easter Eggs (6:37)
chapter 4

Fixing Images

  • 25. How to Enlarge Images Without Becoming Blurry in Photoshop (6:57)
  • 26. How to Fix Blurry Images in Photoshop Using Shake Reductions (8:16)
  • 27. Advanced Color & Tone Correction Using Levels in Photoshop (6:44)
  • 28. Advanced Curves in Adobe Photoshop CC (6:34)
  • Quiz - Fixing Images
chapter 5

Cropping & Aligning & Distorting

  • 29. How to Reshape Images Without Distorting in Photoshop Content Aware Scale (9:43)
  • 30. How to use Content Aware Move in Photoshop (8:37)
  • 31. How to use Content Aware Extend in Adobe Photoshop (7:27)
  • 32. Removing Objects Using Content Aware Fill in Photoshop (7:01)
  • 33. Class Project - Content Aware Fill (1:03)
  • 34. Cropping Tricks Delete Pixel & Reveal Cropped Content in Photoshop (6:11)
  • 35. Automatically Crop & Rotate Scanned Documents in Photoshop (5:35)
  • 36. Crop Angled Images to Straighten Perspective Cropping Photoshop (4:42)
  • 37. How to Trim the White Away from the Edge of an Image in Photoshop (1:52)
  • 38. Automatically Align Layers in Adobe Photoshop CC (7:38)
  • 39. How to Reshape Images using the Puppet Warp in Photoshop (18:09)
  • 40. Class Exercise - Puppet Warp (1:15)
  • 41. How to Change the Perspective in Photoshop Perspective Warp (5:47)
  • Quiz - Cropping & Aligning & Distorting
chapter 6


  • 42. How to Color Black & White Image in Photoshop (9:41)
  • 43. How to Create a Duotone Effect in Adobe Photoshop CC (9:28)
  • 44. Class Project – Duotone in Adobe Photoshop (2:20)
  • 45. How to create the Glitch Effect in Adobe Photoshop (7:00)
  • 46. Class Project - Glitch Effect in Adobe Photoshop (0:45)
  • 47. Color Grading with Orange & Teal Effect in Adobe Photoshop (5:36)
  • 48. Class Project - Color Grading in Adobe Photoshop (0:49)
  • Quiz - Color
chapter 7

CC Libraries

  • 49. Advanced CC Libraries Tricks and Tips Photoshop (19:13)
chapter 8


  • 50. Advanced Type Trick & Workflows in Adobe Photoshop (19:37)
  • 51. Photoshop Can Guess your Font Using Match Fonts (10:43)
  • Quiz - Typography
chapter 9


  • 52. Adding Artboards to your Photoshop Workflow Properly (5:24)
  • 53. How to Add Images Correctly to a Photoshop Artboard (8:16)
  • 54. Using Smart Objects & Relinking Images in Photoshop (4:10)
  • 55. Advanced Speed Tricks for Updating Artboards in Photoshop (4:09)
  • 56. Export Artboards as PDF & Separate JPGs in Photoshop (5:38)
  • Quiz - Artboards
chapter 10


  • 57. Advanced Tricks for Healing Brush for Retouching in Photoshop (8:24)
  • 58. Don’t Forget About Clone Tool Stamp in Photoshop (6:09)
  • 59. How to use the Patch Tool for Retouching in Photoshop (6:41)
  • 60. Class Exercise – Retouching in Photoshop (1:15)
  • 61. How to Retouch in Photoshop Using Face Aware in Liquify (6:49)
  • 62. How to Use Vanishing Point to Mocking up Designs in Photoshop (12:18)
  • 63. Vanishing Point - Cloning & Healing at an Angle in Photoshop (11:18)
  • 64. Class Exercise - Vanishing Point in Photoshop (0:52)
  • 65. Fixing & Retouching Skin Tone in Adobe Photoshop (6:00)
  • 66. Retouching Eyes by Enhancing in Adobe Photoshop (8:00)
  • 67. Retouching Eyes with a Little Bit of Fakery in Photoshop (9:00)
  • 68. Fully Faking Believable Eyes in Adobe Photoshop (6:44)
  • 69. Class Project – Eyes in Photoshop (0:51)
  • 70. How to Realistically Whiten Teeth in Adobe Photoshop (11:43)
  • 71. Class Project – Teeth in Photoshop (0:58)
  • Quiz - Retouching
chapter 11


  • 72. Difference Between Place Linked vs Place Embedded in Photoshop (8:22)
  • 73. What is the Difference Between Fill & Opacity in Layer (1:11)
  • 74. How to Use & Export Layer Comps in Adobe Photoshop (3:27)
chapter 12

Visual Styles & Effects

  • 75. How to Create a Double Exposure in Adobe Photoshop (11:06)
  • 76. Class Project - Double Exposure in Photoshop (1:17)
  • 77. How to Create a Watercolor Painting Effect in Photoshop (9:22)
  • 78. Class Project – Watercolor in Photoshop (0:32)
  • 79. How to Decay Pixel Explosion Dispersion Method in Photoshop (13:46)
  • 80. How to Make Exploding Shoe Effect in Adobe Photoshop (10:48)
  • 81. Class Project – Decay in Photoshop (0:51)
  • Quiz - Visual Styles & Effects
chapter 13

Video & Animated Gifs for Social Media

  • 82. How to Edit Video in Adobe Photoshop (25:40)
  • 83. Parallax Effect to Make Photos Move in Photoshop (13:21)
  • 84. Class Project – Parallax in Photoshop (1:15)
  • 85. How to Create Live Images - Cinemagraphs in Photoshop (13:18)
  • 86. Class Project – Cinemagraph in Photoshop (1:36)
chapter 14

Web Design

  • 87. How to Setup a File Ready for Web and UI Design in Photoshop (9:32)
  • 88. How to Export Your Web Design UI Project for Dreamweaver (7:57)
chapter 15


  • 89. How to Make 3D Text & 3D Logos in Photoshop (11:51)
  • 90. How to Add and Change 3D Materials & Textures in Photoshop (8:42)
  • 91. Using Cameras & Depth of Field in 3D Photoshop (5:12)
  • 92. Adding Lights & Casting Shadows Using Photoshop 3D (10:01)
  • 93. How to Export a High Quality 3D Image from Photoshop (4:42)
  • 94. Class Project – 3D in Photoshop (1:08)
  • 95. How to Create Fake 3D Lines & Type in Photoshop (9:33)
  • 96. Fake 2.5D Gradient Effect with Paths in Photoshop (7:10)
  • 97. Class Project - Fake 3D in Photoshop (0:47)
chapter 16

Mock-ups & Presenting Your Work

  • 98. Using Free Templates & Adobe Market to Mockup in Photoshop (11:06)
  • 99. How Make a Reusable Mockup in Photoshop Using Smart Objects (6:40)
  • 100. Mockup Poster Against a Wall Using Photoshop (8:15)
  • 101. How to Make a Simple UI App Web Design Mockup Using Photoshop (6:06)
  • 102. Class Project – Mockups in Photoshop (1:00)
chapter 17


  • 103. How to Proofing Colors in Adobe Photoshop Ready for Print (4:04)
  • 104. How to Tidy Up your Photoshop Files Before Sending Them Out (10:20)
  • 105. How to Package Your Photoshop File to Include Linked Images (7:22)
  • 106. 3 Kinds of File Export for Photoshop Social Media Web & Print (12:58)
  • Quiz - Exporting
chapter 18

What’s Next

  • 107. What’s Next After Your Photoshop Advanced Course (1:05)
chapter 19

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

In this course, you'll learn advanced Photoshop techniques so you can be the best Photoshop professional possible! This course is for individuals with some experience in Photoshop, who already know the fundamentals. It's for those who have their own ways of doing things but believe there really is a better and faster way to work with Photoshop. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I require to join the course?

    This Adobe Photoshop Mastery course was developed for people who already have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, and want to build on their skills. This course isn’t for beginners, so you should already understand how to perform basic, day-to-day tasks such as color correction, retouching, masking – and more. If you’re new to Photoshop, then you should start out by completing our Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals course. This will give you the basic knowledge needed to progress to this Photoshop Mastery course.

  • What am I going to get from this advanced Photoshop course?

    This course is designed to take your Photoshop skills to the next level! You’ll learn a variety of advanced techniques – including advanced retouching, healing, cloning, and patching. We’ll walk you through creating on-trend looks like duotone, and show you how to perform image distortion, reshaping, and much, much more. Some of these techniques will be new to you, but sometimes, we’ll show you better, faster, and more advanced ways of completing tasks you can already do. The preview video and course syllabus cover what you’ll learn in more detail.

  • Does the course focus more on developing practical Photoshop skills or theoretical knowledge?

    Theory and practical skills are both vital – and you can’t have one without the other – but most people find learning practical skills is easier, more enjoyable, and more useful in the real world. That’s why we’ve focused this course mainly on practical activities. The techniques you’ll learn will be useful to you whenever you work with Photoshop. By adding to your practical skills, you’ll be able to offer a better range of Photoshop services for your buyers; you’ll also be able to work to a higher standard.

  • Does the course include class exercises we can use to practice the skills learned?

    Yes – this Photoshop course includes regular class exercises and projects which will support your learning. We provide a full set of files, which will be available to you once you’ve bought the course. You’ll work through a structured syllabus, watching instructional videos, completing practice exercises, and taking quizzes to test your knowledge. Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to practical skills, so it’s important to complete these exercises, as well as watching the videos. Longer term, the skills you learn should become a regular part of your work.

  • Do you offer a certificate of completion? If not, do I need one to work as an Adobe freelancer?

    When you complete this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Because this is an independent course, you will not be Adobe certified – but you will earn a badge which will be displayed on your Fiverr seller profile. This way, buyers will see that you’ve completed the course and mastered advanced Photoshop skills. They’ll also see that you’re serious about your career and care about delivering a high-quality service. This could help you stand out from other sellers and attract more orders.

  • If I’m focused on graphic design, what should my next steps be?

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