Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

  • 4.9 (295 Reviews)
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Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

  • 4.9 (295 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


  • 4. How to Draw in Adobe Illustrator CC with Shapes & Lines (22:32)
  • 5. How to Draw Using the Shape Builder Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:29)
  • 6. How to Draw a Fox Using the Shape Builder Tool in Adobe Illustrator (10:09)
  • Drawing - Quiz
Chapter 3


  • 7. How to Draw Custom Logo Shapes Easily in Adobe Illustrator CC (4:53)
  • 8. How to Draw Anything Using the Curvature Tool in Adobe Illustrator (13:08)
  • 9. How to Draw Using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC (13:18)
  • 10. Drawing with the Pencil Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC (13:10)
  • 11. How to Use Brushes in Adobe Illustrator CC (12:55)
  • 12. How to Draw Lines with the Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator (9:15)
Chapter 4

Type & Fonts

  • 13. How to Use Type & Fonts in Adobe Illustrator to Design a Postcard (14:16)
  • 14. How to Curve Type Around a Badge Using Adobe Illustrator CC (12:51)
  • 15. How to Break Apart & Destroy Text & Fonts Using Adobe Illustrator CC (3:55)
Chapter 5


  • 16. What is RGB & CMYK Colors in Adobe Illustrator CC (3:59)
  • 17. How to Steal Colors from an Image Using Eye Dropper in Illustrator (3:42)
  • 18. How to Find Amazing Colors in Illustrator Using Color Theme (4:50)
  • 19. How to Make Gradients in Adobe Illustrator CC (6:04)
  • Color - Quiz
Chapter 6


  • 20. How to Mask an Image Inside Text in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:08)
  • 21. How to Cut Holes in Shapes Using Compound Shapes in Illustrator CC (10:39)
  • Masking - Quiz
Chapter 7

CC Libraries

  • 22. How to Use CC Libraries in Adobe Illustrator CC (10:28)
Chapter 8

Effects & Patterns

  • 23. Making Things Liquid & Distorted in Adobe Illustrator CC (8:01)
  • 24. How to Bend & Warp Shapes & Text in Adobe Illustrator CC (5:32)
  • 25. Drawing Amazing Repeating Shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC (5:11)
  • 26. How to Create Repeating Patterns in Adobe Illustrator CC (8:52)
  • 27. How to Vectorize an Image in Adobe Illustrator CC (11:53)
  • Effects & Patterns - Quiz
Chapter 9

Capture App

  • 28. How to Use Adobe Capture App with Adobe Illustrator CC (11:23)
Chapter 10

Free Templates

  • 29. Using Free Templates in Adobe Illustrator CC (3:46)
Chapter 11


  • 30. Exporting for Print (5:59)
  • 31. How to Save Your Illustrator Files as Jpegs for Websites (5:21)
  • Exporting - Quiz
Chapter 12

Real World Exercises

  • 32. How to Redraw the MasterCard Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC (4:50)
  • 33. How to Redraw the Instagram Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:50)
  • 34. How to Redraw the Kodak Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC (11:22)
  • 35. How to Redraw the eHarmony Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC (10:39)
  • 36. How to Redraw the Tinder Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC (6:07)
  • 37. How to Redraw the BP Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC (7:47)
Chapter 13

Next Steps

  • 38. Cheat Sheet for Adobe Illustrator CC (9:43)
  • 39. Course Conclusion for Adobe Illustrator CC (1:15)
Chapter 14

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 39 Videos
  • time 5.4 Hours

Whether you're brand new to Illustrator CC, or have played around with it but need some more practice, this course will help you feel confident and comfortable using the industry-standard, vector-based graphic application. This course is designed for the complete beginner, with tons of practice files and fun projects. Throughout this Illustrator CC course, you'll be designing your own real-world professional projects that will inspire you to do even more!

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295 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • mk_sanwal

I really love the course, he explain the every part in unique and easy way!! Thanks for your efforts to make it so easy and perfect for beginners.

  • Kloe

Daniel Scott is an excellent teacher - really takes his time explaining everything from start to finish. Even as an advanced Adobe Illustrator User, you'll learn a few things you didn't know about - I did anyway!
Lot's of great outside resources discussed such as Toolkit, Adobe Capture, and many other websites to help your designs take shape :)

Definitely recommend to any beginner and/or advanced users looking to expand their knowledge.

  • Jason

Very clear course. Although i already have an education on graphic design, Daniel still showed me a lot of features i didn't know yet on illustrator. Very excited to learn more on the mastery course :)

  • adnan_siddiqui

Amazing course cover all essential tools to get started the creativity

  • Jackson

Very nice course, had no idea about Ai but am better off now. Thank you

  • lara1984

I´ve been working with Illustrator for several years now, and I learned so much in this course even though it was "fundamentals" I loved it, the instructor is great.

  • jamie_temple

  • taniyaswift

I learn many things from this course. Truly helpful

  • Sherwin

Loved the course, it was super easy to understand and the lessons were fun!!! Learnt and understood a lot about illustrator.

  • ahsanazam0021

This course was awesome

  • luhisan

very awesome course, easy and simple. highly recommended!

  • nikolaypavlov25

Very good course.

  • logo

Great course, interesting and easy to understand.

  • Faisal

This course Illustrator fundamental, really an effective course for basic learners, Specially I would like to thanks Daniel Walter Scott, his course curriculum strategy is very cool. Anyone can easily increase knowledge about Illustrator fundamental and learn from this course.

  • moinahmed1

Was pretty good but real time project was so sufficient. The only thing I saw in this course to uses of pen tool on real time project but no advance uses of illustrator.

  • Jeronimo

I love this curse!

  • kawsarrepon164

I'm very happy

  • Merlin

Such a great course! Money well spent, I learnt so much!

  • Aftab

This Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Course is outstanding!! I have learned much more than my expectations.

  • arjunvarma1989

Basic fundamentals are covered in a detailed manner ,

Highly recommended to cover this course , before you go into advanced course of adobe illustrator

  • Sanjoy Kanti

Really Helpful Courses, All lesson was great. I recommend everyone. Who need to improve their skill on illustrator.

  • jemima_ava

It's been an amazing experience.
Thank you!

  • anishadesign

Very quick and helpful course to understand the essential things in Adobe Illustrator. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you.

  • Misbah

Loved It. I was good at illustrator but there were so many small things I was missing. This course was really helpful and amazing.

  • Jagoda

I am not beginner at Illustrator, however I learned many useful stuff and ideas how to do something as I had another way of doing some things.
Nicely presented with extremely useful links and application.

  • cornelv

Great introduction for people who want to start with Adobe Illustrator. Covers the basics and more.


This Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Course is outstanding I have learned much more than my expectations.

  • shaheengraphic

Absolutely Amazing! i am using Corel Draw from few years and were looking for some instructor to help me change the software to Adobe Illustrator! i watch a lot of tutorials online but this the best i ever find.

  • Kasun

Really awesome. I learned some new tricks tips and techniques.

  • Paul

He was thorough and explained everything. Quality teacher.

  • Meka

Fantastic course! The Instructor was easy to follow, very specific/detailed, and had a great sense of humor. Wonderful experience!

  • univsolmc

I started out not knowing anything about illustrator and wanted to find out how to vectorize. The course gave me the fundamentals of Illustrator and so much more. Thank you Dan!

  • lomoliam

Great course. I mainly use Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects but had a bit of a fear using Illustrator. However Dan's tutorial has helped to guide me through it and I feel very confident now. I will of course keep hopping back over the videos to fully grasp the concepts. This tutorial is a great starting point and I'm excited to create new things in Illustrator.

  • aminurp

Daniel knows well how to make lesson easier & use illustrator smartly. A great value of money. He showed all the chapter distinctly. Nothing is hidden here. Highly recommend this course who has interest in Illustrator, who want to get skilled more & who are already experiencing with it to ensure more effectiveness. Thank you.

  • jahadul

It was an amazing course and I learn a lot of important things. The tutor was excellent and easy to learn from him. I also enjoyed the examination.
Thanks fiverr for the course system.

  • Wendi

My only criticism is that I wish the instructor would slow down. He speaks too fast. Using the audio option to slow down the speed makes him sound intoxicated. Otherwise, the course is awesome. I appreciate having quizzes and assignments. I had no way of handing in my projects. He said to go to Twitter and look him up. I opened a Twitter account for the first time and found the teacher so I left 2 messages for him asking how to submit the homework. What a JOKE. He never got back to me. Relying on social media to hand in homework is UNPROFESSIONAL. NOT IMPRESSED. Wendi Taylor

  • hussienfahmy

Wonderful material and very clear instructions that are easy to follow and implement. Thank you so much!

  • dhaka029

Awsome, Very informative and practical and object oriented.

  • Kimberley

Great course, the teacher is really interesting to listen to and the content is absolute gold. I have been looking for a course like this everywhere, where it just takes you back to complete basics and I have found it! Thank you very much :)

  • Code

  • xuntes

Just amazing. I've been using Illustrator for years now, and I'm still learning.

  • Hassan

Even though I've been working with Adobe Illustrator since 2013, the new CC effects were pretty new to me. I could have done all of the steps myself using other tools, but this course has given a new perspective to my working. Especially the shortcuts to get things done.
Honestly, I never liked the pathfinder tool, but his use of pathfinder makes me think about changing my mind! Love the new ways to doing stuff!

  • Mohsin

The course was absolutely amazing.

  • steven41

Great. I'm very happy because i learn here then i can earn here. Really very good tutorial. many thanks.

  • superdon

Really enjoyed the learning process. Even i have more than 7 years of experience, i learned few more techniques how to easily create and edit. Thank you!

  • vectordesigns

  • shabz12

  • dsstudio4u

Loooooooooove it.......

  • Stefan

Great course!

  • Teodor

  • newbold3d

Good refresher. I've been using Illustrator for 10+ years but still picked up some handy shortcuts!

  • prodesign47

It was good, learnt few new techniques.

  • borydesign

Very useful, I'm a pro myself but wanted to refresh some keypoint and its a great tutorial ... will start the Master right away!

  • design2all

The course is absolutely amazing! Daniel explained everything in great details. I recommend it to anyone who is not very familiar to the Adobe Illustrator designing platform. I will be sure to watch his second course named "Adobe Illustrator Mastery". I am so glad I purchased this course and for being a part of this fantastic freelance platform that Fiverr is! Thank you, Dan, you nailed it! :D

  • Ibrahim

The course is very comprehensive and detailed. I enjoyed every bit of it.

  • Opeyemi Mary

love it, now i know shortcut keywords to execute each task, and very good explanation on redrawing tinder and mastercard logo.. amazing.. thank you

  • brand_factory

Awesome to learn new skills.

  • Muhammad kashif

amazing tool knowledge

  • sheldon_johnson

Was very informative. Would highly recommend

  • asif4321

Good Exercises, learn some new tools and tricks
Recommended for new users
Thanks Fiverr

  • Namra

This course was really helpful, easy to understand and follow, and very informative! I enjoyed it till the very end.

  • palash

Amazing Experience. Thank you very much

  • amansarwar

This is an amazing source for newbies. I already have experience but still, I have learned many new things in this course.

  • gangnam_service

This tutorial is very helpful. Recommended for everyone.


  • Ariane

This course is very good! I recommend it!

  • thevedas26

Really wonderful, thank you!


That was a wonderful course by Daniel Walter Scott. Thanks to fiverr for arranging such a great person. I am definitely buying the next module ''llustrator mastery'' next week.

  • Sumaer

  • hana_designer

  • mrfattemi


  • Md. Bayezid

Very helpful. Thank you for the good work

  • Mostafijur


  • priyavideos

Awesome ..


  • srdjanstojicic

Excellent course! Very helpful shortcuts and easy to learn!

  • dwoehr

Engaging voice and clear instructions on how to perform a wide variety of tasks on Illustrator. I've been using Illustrator off and on for many years and never quite got the hang of the text on a path feature. Daniel walked me through how to do this.

  • Abaid

Out standing experience with fiverr learning.

  • Carlos

  • Agha Muqeet Ur Rehman

I Just Love how dan step by step explain each and every point! Worth Learning Course. Thankyou Fiverr

  • creative

Thank you so much. Very helpful.

  • logoflow

its a pleasure to meet you sir.. amazing course

  • Rony

It is an outstanding course! Thanks

  • Ms

I love it!!

  • hishamhkarim

This Illustrator course is great for the basic person. But, I was working for 7 years.

  • Arwa

Excellent course1!

  • Adam

Super course!! I love this teacher. He's the best and great at what he does.

  • Amber

  • priyasumit786

Amazing course, very helpful.
Lots and lots of thing to learn

  • designer0922

I have learned some new things. Thank you!!

  • jessica714

Super course!!1

  • Rizwan

Excellent course and trainer.Thanks.


  • Play

too speed

  • atikrahmanshuvo

Another Great course.

  • graphic23

  • Logoos

Nice course

  • Sheharyar

Informative course

  • arrillaga

I found the learning great, I have learned new things, I never imagined using the tools as they are used in the course, I want to do the master's

  • prabhaviridhmik

Great fundamentals for a beginner as well as a experienced person

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Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

4.9 (295)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does an illustrator do?

    Professional illustrators create beautiful artwork for their clients. This artwork can range from drawings for children’s books, through to logos and icons for corporate branding, as well as typography and even visual assets for use in animated videos. Most illustrators either work for agencies or as freelancers; many work right here on Fiverr! In the past, most illustrators worked with pen and ink, or pencil and paper; some still do, but many modern illustrators have switched to software like Adobe Illustrator.

  • What is Illustrator best used for?

    Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics program. Vector images can be rescaled without damaging their quality – unlike raster images created in Photoshop. This makes Illustrator perfect for creating assets like logos, icons, typography, illustrations, and digital drawings that need to be reproduced in different sizes. Generally, Illustrator is used for creating bold graphical work; often, the artist will start from scratch and create a fully finished image. Again, this is different to Photoshop, which is normally used to edit existing images like photographs.

  • Is illustration a good career choice?

    If you’re creative, and you love art and design, then illustration could be the perfect career choice! Many illustrators are freelancers – a great way of working if you want to set your own hours and choose which projects you work on. It’s important to practice and increase your skillset, in order to make a success of your career. Focusing on a niche can also help. You might love logo design, typography, or illustrations; by specializing in a niche, you could build your reputation and secure many orders here on Fiverr.

  • Are illustrators in demand?

    Yes – illustrators are always in demand. The rise of social media platforms like Instagram, and video-sharing platforms like YouTube means that businesses need more help than ever to develop their branding. The growth in online publishing also means many self-published authors need illustrators for their books. Our Logo Design category is one of the most popular on Fiverr; other popular categories include Poster Design, Brochure Design, and Portraits and Caricatures. There are also many offline opportunities to work for marketing or creative agencies.

  • Do I need the Adobe certification to work as a freelance designer?

    Not necessarily; many freelance designers have built successful careers on Fiverr without Adobe certification. Although completing this course won’t lead to you being Adobe Certified, you will earn a badge that will appear on your Fiverr profile. It will also enhance your illustration skills, help you work more efficiently, and improve the quality of your work. Ultimately, the key to success on Fiverr is delivering top-notch work along with exceptional customer service. This will ensure every buyer’s experience is positive, increasing the chances of repeat orders and 5-star reviews!

  • How can I start my illustration career with no previous experience?

    Starting a career in illustration can feel a little scary, but Fiverr is a great place to offer illustration services, and many sellers have built full-time careers on our platform. Taking this course is the perfect way to start; the badge you earn will show buyers that you are skilled and have experience of using Adobe Illustrator. Longer term, the most important thing is not to give up! If you’re committed to learning and practicing your new skills, then you could build an exciting career as a freelance illustrator!