Creating Brand Identity Systems

  • 4.8 (156 Reviews)
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Creating Brand Identity Systems

  • 4.8 (156 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 2

Branding Foundation

  • 5. Beginning Work: Brief (02:50)
  • 6. Research (08:55)
  • 7. The Interview (05:34)
  • 8: Brand Mission and Values (05:02)
  • 9: Creative Strategy and Plan (03:42)
  • Quiz
Chapter 3

Brand Identity System

  • 10. Logo: Symbols and Wordmarks (16:49)
  • 11. Brand Imagery: Photography, Illustration and Rendering (06:53)
  • 12. Color (09:21)
  • 13. Typography (05:54)
  • 14. Pattern (03:43)
  • 15. Brand Voice (02:17)
  • 16. Product Branding (05:09)
  • 17. Branding Motion (03:36)
  • Quiz
Chapter 4

Brand Communication

  • 18. Compositions (04:18)
  • 19. Presentations (01:27)
  • 20. Style Guide (05:00)
  • Quiz
Chapter 5


  • Summary
  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 21 Videos
  • time 1.7 Hours

This branding course will help you understand how an integrated process can inform your design work and lead to better branding programs for your clients. You'll learn how to understand the spirit of a brand and how to create design programs that instill this feeling into all consumer touch-points as a brand identity system. Brand image-making usually starts with a symbol or logotype that represents the brand but extends to typography, color, photography, pattern, verbal communication and all consumer touchpoints of the brand. Over this course you'll understand how to use these elements together to have all aspects of the brand working in unison to create the most impact. This course covers an overview of branding, touching on the key components in a larger program to illustrate what you can achieve in your branding projects.

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156 Reviews

  • 4.8
  • creative

Thanks so much, sir and Fiverr Team give us more helpful course very helpful and more informative

  • williamw1987

Overall I enjoyed the course. I felt it was a bit rushed but still packed with good content and well organized for quick consumption.

  • fasih_ur_rehman

Recommended for beginners.

  • Georgina


  • mohamedhalabi

Thank you very much

  • brand_factory

Amazing course.

  • anand3441

great course, I learned a lot about Brand Identity Systems. thanks a lot

  • lyroughn

  • sarahdesigns671

Loved the course, very informative and productive. Thanks Brian for such wonderful work.

  • Priya

It was a great guide experience for a brand designer. Thank you, Fiver.

  • mehedi

good exprience.....awesome

  • Michael

  • nine_tails_fox

  • exdesigns

It’s a very important course I learned a lot about branding. Thank you

  • Shawn

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Creating Brand Identity Systems

4.8 (156)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What skills do you need to be a creative director?

    It goes without saying that a creative director should be creative! It’s important to think outside the box and to deliver innovative solutions. Some creative directors are former designers, writers, animators, etc. and it helps to understand the basics of these roles. Having the right attitude is just as important. You should be open-minded and able to keep sight of the big picture, instead of getting bogged down in details. Many people have the fundamental skills to become a creative director, and just need a little hands-on practice.

  • What does a creative director do?

    Most creative directors work for advertising or marketing agencies, or in-house marketing departments. They head teams of copywriters, designers, marketers, animators, and other creative professionals. The creative director sets out the overall vision for projects; this shapes the way campaigns are run by the team. Some creative directors work as freelancers and offer their services on a flexible, project-by-project basis. They may provide direction for in-house teams or for other freelancers. Alternatively, they may double up by personally providing services like copywriting or design.

  • Art director vs creative director: What’s the difference?

    The roles of art director and creative director are sometimes confused – but there are differences. An art (or artistic) director will focus on visuals. Their role is to set out the aesthetic style of assets produced by their team. A creative director may cover these visual aspects, but will also set the style of non-visual material, like written content. They may also plan and execute marketing strategies. A creative director is typically more senior than an art director, and will often pitch ideas to clients or senior executives.

  • How much does a creative director make?

    Most creative directors earn a good income; the exact amount depends largely on their level of skill, experience, and the type of company they work for. The best-paid creative directors usually head large teams at famous marketing agencies or multinational corporations. The income of a freelance creative director will vary according to the rates they charge and their ability to attract clients. Being business savvy and able to sell yourself is just as important as having the right creative skills.

  • Will there be a strong demand for creative directors in the future – and why?

    As long as businesses need innovative ways to market their products and services, there will always be a strong demand for creative directors. Some people have said that creative directors are less important now than in the pre-digital age. In fact, the role has simply evolved to take in more strategic planning, client contact, and a stronger tech focus. Freelance creative directors have the greatest flexibility to define their own services and adapt to future changes.