Creating Brand Identity Systems

  • 4.7

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Course Syllabus

chapter 1

Getting Started

  • 1. Branding Intro (2:51)
  • 2. Taking this Class (00:52)
  • 3. Design Is Dreaming (05:59)
  • 4. Creative Process (02:39)
  • Quiz
chapter 2

Branding Foundation

  • 5. Beginning Work: Brief (02:50)
  • 6. Research (08:55)
  • 7. The Interview (05:34)
  • 8: Brand Mission and Values (05:02)
  • 9: Creative Strategy and Plan (03:42)
  • Quiz
chapter 3

Brand Identity System

  • 10. Logo: Symbols and Wordmarks (16:49)
  • 11. Brand Imagery: Photography, Illustration and Rendering (06:53)
  • 12. Color (09:21)
  • 13. Typography (05:54)
  • 14. Pattern (03:43)
  • 15. Brand Voice (02:17)
  • 16. Product Branding (05:09)
  • 17. Branding Motion (03:36)
  • Quiz
chapter 4

Brand Communication

  • 18. Compositions (04:18)
  • 19. Presentations (01:27)
  • 20. Style Guide (05:00)
  • Quiz
chapter 5


  • Summary
  • Final Quiz

Course Description

This branding course will help you understand how an integrated process can inform your design work and lead to better branding programs for your clients. You'll learn how to understand the spirit of a brand and how to create design programs that instill this feeling into all consumer touch-points as a brand identity system. Brand image-making usually starts with a symbol or logotype that represents the brand but extends to typography, color, photography, pattern, verbal communication and all consumer touchpoints of the brand. Over this course you'll understand how to use these elements together to have all aspects of the brand working in unison to create the most impact. This course covers an overview of branding, touching on the key components in a larger program to illustrate what you can achieve in your branding projects.

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36 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • fist_of_fury .

  • san_barrionuevo .

Somewhat fluffy.

  • Dan Rodriguez

A great course for aspiring designers.

  • andelby .

A course that opens your mind and teaches you to create a brand and not a simple logo. I had already acquired many things in the course of my experience, others I deepened by enriching what I knew, others were completely new and I learned them! Thanks for this course, highly recommended for those who want to create a brand and not a simple logo!

  • jahadul .


  • wasimu .

  • yungfabulous .

Awesome course and professional too.

  • mehedi Hasan

good exprience.....awesome

  • darrendesign .

Awesome Course! Very positive experience :)

  • martina92 .

  • ladesiigner .

Wasting time any money. Nothing to learn. Basically, he is talking about his works. Doesn't teaches you or sharing any useful tools or new skills.

  • jmigueln .

Really good summary for Brand Identity Creation!

  • Erik Kvasnicka

Clearly explained, useful info. Loved the course. However, I would like to hear more in depth thoughts and processes, not just the broader stuff.

  • Costel Gherciu

Awesome Course !

  • rapidworks .

Great Course, lots of information is covered, so take your time and break it up over a few days to truly let it sink in.

  • miiila .

Great course, I loved the general info and the insights Brian shared about the whole process of the brand identity system creation during one of his own projects. Some things from the course and quizzes may seem like common sense but it's always nice to have someone structure and bundle things up nicely for you to learn, or as a reminder. Do I think the course is great value? Yes, the course gives you valuable insights, ideas and incitements that can help you do better work for your clients' and/or your own brand. The one thing I didn't like, the background music was too much in the foreground for my tastes. But else, I'm happy with the course, I actually did the whole course twice already.

  • atikrahmanshuvo .

not bad

  • balubfa12 .

Awesome course. Thank you.

  • camilozuluagaf .

All the experience and practical examples of branding projects from Brian make this course very useful and full of knowledge to start creating and taking your design and branding skills to the next level.
Thank Brian, amazing course.

  • gtrobert .

Awesome course for learning or sharpening your already established skills and perfecting your branding process! I definitely recommend this course to begginers but also to intermediate or professional brand identity designers as you will definitely learn a lot from this course!

  • graphicsgod_ .

So Helpful!

  • hello_friday .


  • jjmcshane .

  • boomlandjenkins .

Great course. But please, PLEASE do not watch this course and immediately go to Fiverr and start selling it as a service. If this is your only exposure to brand creation or development, you're not ready to sell it.

  • logoroad .

Well explained and put together. Thank you.

  • saradonato .

It gives a lot of suggestions for books to study and where to find references for a branding project. Also, it touches all the subjects and the steps of the process.

  • Alex Strashinsky

  • damianorstore .

It was good but some of the video was choppy. I liked the fact that there was music in the background and not just a person speaking. Made the video a lot more engaging. Sometimes, the text would be cut off on the video or the quality of the editing was not too good but overall great experience.

  • pixelrocks .

It's really nice. All of the videos were totally amazing. I've learned so many new topics here. Highly recommending for new designers. Thank you Fiverr.

  • destyfit .

Thank you, for the chance to have this course,maybe bit short, but usefull information

  • cre8iveartwork .

Thank you .

  • syabem .

more than what I expected. Many Thanks

  • mkprodhan .

Great Exprience

  • graphic23 .

  • thexxjudge .

  • skydesigner .