Brian Schmitt - Brand Identity Course Instructor
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  • Brian Schmitt
Brian Schmitt

Brian Schmitt

Renowned multi-platform designer with 15+ years of experience; Worked with Apple & Nike

Brian Schmitt is a Los Angeles-based creative director and designer. He is currently Chief Creative Officer at VALIS Studios, helping create new experiences in music, entertainment, and education. He is also a Creative Director at the agency B&A Reps, designing and launching products and brands with a network of artists. With more than 15 years of experience in design, Brian aims to capture imagination through compelling creative projects that strike the perfect balance between art and technology. Through his independent studio, Brian partners with global design leaders to craft culturally relevant experiences, collaborating with world-class talent specifically chosen for each project.Working in-house for companies at the forefront of innovative design, including Apple and Nike, Brian learned the importance of expressing a brand’s intrinsic properties through new products and initiatives. He is also a member of Apple’s Human Interface group and Nike's Brand Design team.

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