Product Photography Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

  • 4.9 (56 Reviews)
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Product Photography Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

  • 4.9 (56 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • Introduction (2:19)
  • Exercise files
Chapter 2

The Plain White BG

  • 1. Introduction - The Plain White BG (0:25)
  • 2. Equalizing Levels and Color Tones (6:52) Free
  • 3. Creating a Selection Using the Quick Selection Tool (7:46)
  • 4. Creating a Selection Using Color Range or Channels (8:06)
  • 5. Creating a Selection Using the Select Subject Feature (1:54)
  • 6. Creating a Selection Using the Pen Tool (8:36)
  • 7. Masking (5:40)
  • 8. Solid White Background (4:18)
  • 9. Sharpening (8:15)
  • 10. Adjusting Shadows (10:52)
  • 11. Removing Reflections (12:53)
  • The Plain White BG - Quiz
Chapter 3

Going from “OK” to “WOW!”

  • 12. Introduction - From "OK" to "WOW!" (0:24)
  • 13. Dealing Effectively with Color Casts (8:13)
  • 14. Balancing Tonal Values (5:53)
  • 15. Getting Extreme Tonal Control by Using Luminosity Masks (5:19)
  • 16. Color Saturation and Vibrancy (5:43)
  • 17. Dealing with Noise in the Image (5:55)
  • 18. Additional Finishing Effects (7:42)
  • Going from “OK” to “WOW!” - Quiz
Chapter 4

Creating The Hero Shot

  • 19. Introduction - Creating The Hero Shot (0:27)
  • 20. Cleaning Up the Photography (6:01)
  • 21. Lighting Effects (11:02)
  • 22. Adding Features (3:44)
  • 23. Blur/Bokeh Effects (5:08)
  • 24. Digital Displays (6:03)
  • 25. Synthetic Reflections (9:51)
  • Creating The Hero Shot - Quiz
Chapter 5

Lifestyle Shots

  • 26. Introduction - Lifestyle Shots (0:25)
  • 27. Working with a Raw Image (6:39)
  • 28. Compositing the Product Convincingly into the Stock Image (13:14)
  • 29. Finishing Effects (3:43)
  • 30. Crafting a Digital Scene using Adobe Dimension (8:02)
  • Lifestyle Shots - Quiz
Chapter 6

Best Practices for Online Use

  • 31. Introduction - Best Practices for Online Use (0:25)
  • 32. Size vs. Quality (6:23)
  • 33. Social Media (10:32)
  • 34. Amazon (2:40)
  • 35. Other Online Retail (4:02)
  • Best Practices for Online Use - Quiz
Chapter 7


  • Conclusion (1:10)
Chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 37 Videos
  • time 3.6 Hours

We live in an era of online sales. Amazon is king, and every seller on Amazon needs good photos of their products to stand out. It’s no wonder that product shot photography is such a fast-growing field. But just knowing how to take photos of products isn’t enough. You need to know how to make the photos stand out from the hundreds of competing product photos. This course will give you the skills you need to turn those images from OK to WOW! In this course, you will learn how to clean up the classic white background shots, how to best work with lifestyle shots, and how to craft eye-catching hero shots. 

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56 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • soharofsohan

Thanks a lot for an effective course. It's helpful.

  • Luana

  • wanderingartist

great course!

  • atikrahmanshuvo

Nice one

  • fist_of_fury

  • Marc Harris

awesome course.

  • cre8iveartwork

Interesting and easy to follow

  • Anna

I think Kirk's design of the smartwatch is really neat, awesome, and fancy. It's a good compromise between a classic and a smartwatch. Smartwatches are wearables. So, are smart clothes. He also seems to be an expert in 3D designing, where I am a total beginner, which makes it hard for me to follow.

  • Alex

Great ,Thank you so much.

  • eranganew

A great course. Unlike the courses in other learning flatforms, every time I follow a course in Fiverr learn, there are a lot of new things to learn. Kirk is an excellent mentor.

  • Kamila

Fantastic course!

I was looking for a course which could take my skills of product photography a bit further.

I learnt some new retouching techniques, which helped me with the most wanted white background style photo and lifestyle photography in a studio.

If your skills are beyond basics in photoshop and photography this is a course for you. The info is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Short sections which you can watch over and over again, allow you to practise new techniques on youe own photos.

For some with less experience with photoshop, some videos might drag on a little bit with too much info, but I was excited to see more and more of the content for each chapter. I specifically appreciate the information about copyrights and free stock photos.

I will look forward to another product photography course like this one in a future.

Kamila Bobrzak

  • andelby

Excellent course for the more technical and photographic manipulation aspects regarding the products. Recommended for those who use e-commerce, design packaging and everything related to the world of products. Well work Kirk, I look forward to following your next course.

  • Nicholas

Great content and videos

  • Zachary

  • graphix_villa

Overall good course, but too basic things that might be helpful for new users.
There is no such "wow" type things.

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Product Photography Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

4.9 (56)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the need of product photography?

    Product photography provides eCommerce websites, regular websites, and distribution sites like and with the visuals they need to sell their products. Before a consumer decides to purchase a certain product, they want to see 3-6 photos of that product in high quality, crisp lighting. Product photography can be the difference between sales or no sales for a company today.

  • How important is product photography in ecommerce?

    Product photography is the most important part of an eCommerce platform or profile. This has to do with the reason that humans are primarily visual creatures. We are unable to describe what we see – but we can easily form an opinion from an image that is already presented to us. Quality product photography should be able to replace all five senses, stimulating customers to purchase the product in front of them on the computer or on their mobile device.

  • What does photo retouching mean?

    Photo retouching is the art of improving elements within a photo. Professionals can use techniques like airbrushing to give a smooth, even-toned, and blemish-free appearance to surfaces like human skin. Imperfections can be hidden, teeth can be whitened, and effects like ‘red-eye’ can be removed. Photo retouching can also be used to improve product photos. Unwanted shadows or reflections can be removed to create a simpler, cleaner, and more appealing image. Today, most photo retouching is performed in Adobe Photoshop.

  • How did photo retouching work before Photoshop?

    Photo retouching has been performed for more than one-hundred years! Ever since the invention of the camera, photographers have used photo retouching to improve their images. Before Photoshop, photo retouching usually involved making physical changes to the surface of the negative. The negative could be painted to cover blemishes or block out whole elements of a picture. The surface could also be scratched to remove unwanted details. This retouched negative was then used to develop the finished photo.

  • What’s the difference between photo retouching and manipulation?

    Photo retouching involves making small changes to improve the quality of an image. The retouched image should look better than the original, but it will still show the same thing. Although photo retouching is used to ‘improve on nature’, the finished image should still look natural. Photo manipulation involves more radical changes. Aspects of the image may be altered to create eye-catching effects that couldn’t happen naturally. Totally new elements could be introduced – for instance, someone could be added to (or removed from) a group portrait.

  • Who needs photo-retouching services?

    There is a high demand for photo-retouching services from ecommerce sellers, product manufacturers, and retailers, as well as media agencies, professional photographers, publishers, and even private individuals. Ecommerce sellers, manufacturers, and retailers all need high-quality images to showcase their products. Media agencies and photographers use photo-retouching services to improve the images they present to clients. Magazine publishers rely on photo retouching to create the most appealing cover images. Meanwhile, individuals sometimes need to have family photos, holiday photos, or portraits retouched.