Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

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Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

  • 4.9 (276 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • Introduction (2:08)
  • 1. Secret 1: Write Like A Seventh Grader (9:26) Free
  • Quiz - Secret 1: Write Like A Seventh Grader
  • 2. Secret 2: Perfect The Headline (8:14)
  • Quiz - Secret 2: Perfect The Headline
  • 3. Secret 3: Focus On The Apple, Not The Orchard (4:26)
  • Quiz - Secret 3: Focus On The Apple, Not The Orchard
  • 4. Secret 4: Imagine You're Sherlock Holmes (5:59)
  • Quiz - Secret 4: Imagine You're Sherlock Holmes
  • 5. Secret 5: Paint With Rare Metaphors (9:43)
  • Quiz - Secret 5: Paint With Rare Metaphors
  • 6. Secret 6: Use The "APSA" Outline (15:09)
  • Quiz - Secret 6: Use The "APSA" Outline
  • 7. Secret 7: Partner With Big Publications (10:51)
  • Quiz - Secret 7: Partner With Big Publications
  • 8. Bonus: Tips to Be A 5 Star Freelancer (16:05)
  • 9. Closing Thoughts (3:16)
Chapter 2

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

It’s rare to find writing that makes you nod your head, drop your jaw, and open your wallet. That's what this course is for. It's for anyone writing emails, articles, sales pages, social posts, and more. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to use writing to get better results. No fluff. No touchy-feely theories. Only proven tactics, tools, and templates to make you a killer content creator.

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276 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • clivecastle

Loved it. I actually learned some valuable tips which I will be able to apply immediately. Great conversational teaching style, and very accessible throughout.

  • pattym

I've spent so much money to try to find this exact information in this course. This is exactly what I needed to help me to put together great content for my blog and for anything else I choose to write in the future. Thank you so much!

  • jackvo29

Another great course from Jon. The way he explains things is just simply amazing. I totally recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve the writing skill.

  • jameskuhn

Interesting, helpful and a bunch of great tips. The only thing I would have liked is a PDF with all the main tips from each lesson.

  • arhislas

Great content, great examples and great actionable tips. Worth every dollar.

  • Jake

Was expecting more content for the price paid.

  • Will

The tips were not really anything that a writer doesn't already know. However, it was a good refresher and the instructor had fun, easy ways of getting his points across.

  • damianorstore

Amazing content, I learned so much. This is going to make me a much better freelancer and professional. Thank you!

  • pagegenius

I was skeptical at first because I thought this may be just a blog article laid out as a course for $30 but it was one of the best courses I've attended so far and I've attended many. Definitely worth the money.

  • Markus

A gem of a course that helps honing that inner gem in you to be a more successful writer.

  • evgeniap

I found it extremely useful. Packed with practical advice. Thank you for sharing those secrets.

  • ashleydavidsonf

This was my Friday night "movie" and I did all 7 lessons and the bonus in one setting. So much good information. Each lesson is broken down into easy and understandable sections with great examples on how, why, and when to do things throughout the writing process. The lessons are not long and drawn out, but concise and to the point. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to be a better writer and learn new writing skills and practical techniques.

  • sanda5

I had been a creative writer to local newspapers+ a poetry book and lost my inspiration with my father's death 10 years ago...

Have been wanting to start again.... This really Inspired me and showed me how to start again... something I loved doing apart from graphics....

Loved the course & Thank you so much....

  • translationsger

Yes, you probably can get all the information for free through eBooks, blog posts and experience. But you can't get it in such a memorable fashion. You'll never forget the stories Jon tells.

  • Giles

After treading water with my writing for years (while I was teaching), I decided to become more serious and see if I could earn some decent money from it. With that in mind, I am absolutely stoked that I decided to take this course. Not only did I learn more about what I thought I knew but I also learnt a lot about what I didn't know, if you know what I mean. A great course and amazingly under-priced! :-)

  • msamay

I like the way he presented the course. But, most of the information is easily available online for free.

None the less it's great to have curated tips and tricks in one bundle which you can easily refer to whenever you want.

Honestly, I was hoping for more but definitely not bad for the price.

  • nikavoice

When I decided to purchase this course. I was hoping to learn fresh ideas; not the boring or stale fluff stuff. Oh, boy! I was in for a treat. Jon Youshaei presentation was fabulously engaging, funny and entertaining. Jon shared a wealth of information; that I cannot wait to add to my routine. This course has sparked my creativity in a way... That will make new content shine bright like a diamond. Do I endorse this course? Of course! I give it the Nika approval stamp. Cheers! =)

  • dwoehr

Jon is an excellent presenter, and I learned quite a few new things that can help me write better articles, blog posts and maybe product descriptions. I look forward to implementing his techniques.

  • Kimberly

This course provides very practical tips about creating killer content through telling great stories. I've already put it in to practice and see engagement with my audience increasing. By just adding #ServiceStory to my daily routine, I am getting more results. Highly recommend!

  • alexvlaston

Useful information that will surely improve my customers results!

  • bcalero

Great course. The material was very useful.

  • Dale

Great course. Lots of good tips.

  • Josipher

I had to pause a lot of time to take notes etc....This consumes a lot of time.
It is great to have downloadable notes attached to the videos.

  • hchogan

Great, practical insights and advice. Highly recommend.

  • carrieglenn

The streets were lined with snow. It was freezing, and I'd stepped in a deep puddle on the way to class. I had to walk around like that all day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I step into the lobby of the New York Film Academy, where I'm to spend the next four weeks, seven days a week, earning my certificate in Digital Filmmaking. Do I care that it's cold? No. Do I even care that my foot is wet? No. I'm in NYC learning how to make movies! A dream come true. Writing is a huge part of the course and I learned a boatload. My time studying in NYC illustrates only one of my many experiences with studying writing. Suffice to say, I KNOW A LOT about what makes a good story and how to tell the good teachers from the not so good ones! Jon's course is FANTASTIC and he's a FABULOUS teacher! Thank you, Jon!!! Can't wait to start your other course! Carrie :)

  • yudasinal

Amazing and invaluable content and tips! Jon does a great job engaging you throughout each and every lesson and his tips are extremely actionable! I'm excited to make use of them and become a better storyteller! Thank you, Jon!

  • Anneliese

Jon laid out a path of clear, actionable steps to follow that I have not seen anywhere else... This course is a game changer. Thank you to Fivver and Jon!

  • lesleywrites

The course is short, but memorable. I look forward to trying out every tip. I'm pretty sure the advice is excellent.

  • alexandracam163

There were some pieces of advice that didn't apply to the type of content I write. For instance, if we're not writing about a "product" per se. Otherwise, it was immensely helpful.

The biggest issue is not having the ability to refer back to the content in any way other than watching the videos. it would be nice to have summaries

  • jerrycaldwell

  • socialified

Really great course, simple and precise information, also the guy teaching was really comfortable to listen to and a great story teller. (can't remember his name)

  • kimmiemcgaw

Fantastic content. Entirely relevant and immediately applicable. Only suggestion is to do handouts or a slide with a summary of the learning points for each section. I had to stop and rewind multiple times as some of the points rolled into the next. Sample articles to review with your checklist would've been extremely helpful, too. Still, was a Very worthwhile course and a high value for the price.

  • Jacob

Daunting to see the level of care and forethought that goes into providing exceptional service but this course is a perfect introduction to setting the benchmark. I'm excited to take the lessons I've learned here and begin experimenting with them in practice. Have definitely been guilty in the past of using fancy words to show intelligence when it's clear that simplicity is the key to creating engaging content.

  • nell888

  • Graphter

So helpful!

  • Adelyn

A course that turns whimpering into “Wow!!”ing.
If you want to kickstart your writing gig, polish your writing skills, or understand why you wiki-walk(ish), this is the place to start.

  • cnappleton

Very good course, one that can be used as a tool. You can always go back for pointers! A couple of handouts would have been nice; I found myself taking a lot of screenshots so that I would have to keep going back to the tape.

Good Course, great tips!

  • Jodi

Great tips and advice to becoming a successful content writer and marketer - amazing value for money and a worthy investment.

  • jennfisher

Amazing! The content was made into a bunch of tiny bite-sized pieces so I could do one quiz a day.

He was easy to understand and I am very excited to practice his advice in my blogs.

  • Vineet

Becoming a 7th grader again!
I like the course, came to know about it after connecting with Jon on LinkedIn

The concept is clear! , the easiest way to state is " the more educated you are, the more we complicate Simple Stuff"

Just writing the stories which connect, which takes us on a visual journey & which we are familiar with is the key in writing!
I am glad we got connected & I went for my first course on fiverr with yours

  • juliuscato

Great source of information, inspiration and strategy relating to using modern methods of sharing ideas via the internet. Great Job Jon look forward to doing more work with you in the near future.

  • Marvin

Even for me as a copywriter, there were still some unknown and easy to use concepts which can be apllied directly on the day to day work. Thanks

  • chiefujihara

  • Arrigo

The best lesson was the 7th one, where he talked about how to get published on bigger publications. Although the rest of the advice was really helpful, the simple way in which he made me realise that I could start interacting with contributors around the world by looking their email up on websites is why I love these courses. It mights seem like nothing, but you need to realise before anyone else if you want to stay ahead of your competition and that's what this course gave me. Awesome, will come back for more.

  • atpcre

I enjoyed the course. The information wasn't as life altering as his other course on Viral Marketing. I really enjoyed that one.

But overall, great course if you know nothing about creating content online.

  • Francesca

GREAT course. Excellent strategies. Couple of thoughts:
1. Strategy #7 is a little weak. The advice is great, but it lacks depth about how the system of contributing ideas actually works. Give more mechanics. And how does that really translate to writing for publications directly? Right now, it doesn't feel like it belongs in this course without that granularity.
2. Of the two examples provided on how to write a compelling story, one is a video and this is a course on writing. While I understand that videos require writers, my guess is most people taking this course are like me and are not ready or connected enough to write scripts for videos. A better and more germane example would have been to write about a lead generation email for a client and aligned landing page, or a blog post, or web copy of some sort.

Just my two cents. Otherwise a great course and I did learn quite a bit. Thank you.

  • wandagarner155

Loved the brief clips packed with tools and examples. Loved John's energy and enthusiasm.

  • andreafeatherst

Some of the material I already knew. It was a great refresher and the bonus was useful. Worth it.

  • arthurpoland

You can go from beginner to PRO in the writing world in under a day!

  • Gilat

  • twocatsstanding

Loved it - great presentation with engaging content and well paced chapters. Most important of all? I've put the advice into practice straight away.

  • Gabriela

Great content ! Full of information with short videos but straight to the point!
Highly recommended!

  • ollydave

Superb! Really great course.

  • Zaterica

Very valuable content!

  • Monica

Highly recommended! A great course with many examples and many insights from someone with a lot of experience. Suitable for beginners.

  • Julian

Superb. Jon is a great presenter and the learning material is well-conceived and delivered. This is my favourite Fiverr Learn course so far!
- Jules (Eleven Ears)

  • shirleymagic

I loved it so much. The content is smart, sexy, funny and super informative. The pace is great. I learned a great deal. The tips got me so excited that I began implementing some right away. Thank you so much!

  • tom_ortmann

Very good Addition to the Viral Marketing Course!

  • nancybui

  • lrfernandez

One word: essential.

  • cody_skene

  • jandrewnelson

Excellent course. One of the best I've taken in my 62-years!

  • rexander

It was fun and enlightening! Highly recommended.

  • jamielafonta971

Amazing experience I was hooked and completed in one sitting!

  • Joanna

3 C´s :)

  • ladybirdjackson

This is one of my favorite courses to date. I highly recommend this course for all writers.

  • Eric

Excellent content from a proven pro.

  • Alfredo

Great content, so much value, thank you so much for the valuable lessons :)

  • ng_1stin

The bonus tips on freelancing alone are worth the price of this course. Tons of actionable tips and strategies that can be applied across multiple industries.

  • Michael

Brilliant course and was well presented! Thank you very much.

  • felmic

Awesome course. Really insightful!

  • jontcoleman

Really strong ideas, distilled into easy-to-do steps. Grateful for the course!

  • lelequeen

  • Trixy

Great Content, Great Course, Great Delivery, Thanks for the tips, apps and the lesson. I rated 4 stars instead of 5 just because, I'm a beginner in content marketing, I expected to see a guideline to follow when writing on a topic especially topics you know nothing about; the research process, mapping out your outlines etc. Overall great course.

  • peakwriter20

The lectures were quite educative and instructive. I would rate it 5 stars.

  • rooneylim

Amazing, straight to the point with lots of metaphors, easy to understand and very valuable!

  • bettinahalbach

GREAT!!! course, highly recommend it.

  • a_marcov

WOW. I feel like I would've spent years (and thousands of dollars!) to learn what I did in this course. Jon has a gift for teaching in a way that's insightful, concise and entertaining. A must-buy for any content creator.

  • Martin


  • high

An excellent course that teaches how to write an excellent story about anything.

  • romkhampanya

Effective course

  • Sally

A really useful and motivating course!

  • humza_khalid_hk

it was awesome! really learned a lot and would definitely use the tips and techniques in my work!

  • tariqziyad

I loved the candid, honest and actionable advice in this course. Any serious content writer owes it to themselves to take the course

  • mariam_17

  • masteryhlee

Out standing! Learn lot he explained very well easy to understand.

  • Jesse

Great info and simple told. Easy to understand.

  • thehutchinsons

Concise and impactful....changed the way I write ads and content!

  • lisaboyer

Amazing. Jon delivered the lessons as though he's right here with me.

  • friendly_editor

This course was practical, engaging, and completely worth my time. Thanks for helping me brush up on important writing skills.

  • Andy

Jon was a great presenter. His course was well-structured and planned out--just like he teaches. Most people would think that this course is all wrong for me as a voice-over artist, but the truth is, I see myself as a storyteller, even if it's with someone else's words. If I can interact with my buyers as Jon taught, I can tell their story better, and we all grow together.

  • valeriekyle

Learnt a lot from this but was specifically blown away by the 'closing thoughts' !

  • bridget_writes

I enjoyed the course. It's worth every penny!

  • solutions_00

Great course.

  • lastay

The course was eye opening and exciting. I wasn't the best storyteller but with this course I feel that I can become more confident and open to challenging myself.

  • ak_writing

  • nicolaswrites

I loved it. Not only did I learn a whole lot, but this course made me fall in love with content writing all over again. Amazing job

  • nicolaswrites

I loved it. Not only did I learn a whole lot, but this course made me fall in love with content writing all over again. Amazing job

  • Paul

Great course, easy to follow with terrific information.

  • maddieco

Very informative!

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Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

4.9 (276)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is copywriting exactly?

    Copywriting is a form of writing that creates advertising, promotional, and marketing materials. Copywriters are responsible for writing the text that appears on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and any other kind of “copy” that is read and reviewed before someone makes a purchase or investment. Unlike news writing, copywriting is geared towards promoting the reader to take action. Copywriting is the art of using words with purpose.

  • How to choose what to write about?

    First conduct research in the desired field you'd like to write about. Search the topic in Google and see what topics in your field are ranking first. This means they garner the most interest from your potential audience. Once you've done your research, create your own content that is unique, but still draws on the same top-performing keywords. This helps ensure your content will rank high on Google and get the attention it deserves.

  • Is copywriting in demand?

    Absolutely. Business and copywriting are siblings. Anyone who has a business or something to sell needs a talented Copywriter. You can't run any marketing campaign without engaging and persuasive copy. This is why copywriters are a key part of the digital marketing equation and the demand for copywriting will continue to grow. It's writing that drives results for your business. As long as there's a need to sell, there will be a need for copywriting.

  • How much should I charge for website copy?

    According to ClearVoice, most intermediate to advanced freelance writers charge between 10 cents to $1 per word, depending on the amount of work they will have to put into the project. You can raise your prices if you are providing SEO optimized content, which is content that includes top-performing keywords.

  • What skills does a copywriter need?

    Copywriters need to be adapt to writing and editing in English, researching sources, citing statistics from reputable platforms, and coming up with brand new ideas for entirely original articles and pieces over and over again. It’s definitely a refined art form that is innate for some people – you must love to read, write, and edit. Additionally, you have to be able to manage your time, since “writer’s block” is not an excuse with a paying client that is working on a timeline.

  • What's the best way to kick-start a freelance copywriting career?

    Take this copywriting course on Learn from Fiverr. It took Jon months of work to distill years of insights so you can digest it in minutes. So you can fast forward your career past the many mistakes other marketers make without realizing, once you complete the course, is a great way to start a copywriting career. Set your initial Gig price low as you really hone in on your craft and gain more experience.