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Build a Professional Website with

  • 4.5 (90 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Introduction to

  • 1. Welcome (2:56)
  • Course Downloads
  • 2. What is WordPress? (1:35)
  • Quiz: Introduction to
Chapter 2

Building A Foundation

  • 3. Defining Your Site’s Goals (2:46) Free
  • 4. Preparing Your Content (2:57)
  • 5. Content Strategy and Sales Funnels (2:59)
  • 6. Content Development & SEO (5:03)
  • Learn more about how to create amazing content for your website
  • 7. Wireframe (1:31)
  • Quiz: Building A Foundation
Chapter 3

Building Your Site

  • 8. Creating an Account (2:23)
  • 9. Adding Content (2:32)
  • Design your awesome website graphics with a Fiverr professional
  • 10. Media Library (2:32)
  • Quiz: Building Your Site
Chapter 4

Designing Your Site

  • 11. Selecting a Theme (3:27)
  • 12. Customizing Your Theme (9:42)
  • 13. Widgets (5:04)
  • 14. Ready to Launch (0:48)
  • Need help with building your WordPress website?
  • Quiz: Designing Your Site
Chapter 5

After the Launch

  • 15. Get Noticed
  • Learn more about how your new website can get noticed
  • 16. Security and Your Site (5:51)
  • 17. Your New Site (9:34)
  • Quiz: After the Launch
Chapter 6


  • 18. Conclusion (1:04)
  • Final Quiz

Course Description

WordPress is the perfect software for non-programmers and anyone else who wants to build a website from scratch without having to know how anything about coding. In this course you'll learn how to use the powerful platform to set up your website, with step-by-step instructions on how to add content including pages and blog posts; select and customize a beautiful theme; add widgets and plugins to further expand your site's features; connect it to your social networks; and upload media, including videos and images, to enhance the style and mood of your site. You'll also learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your site's visibility and how to use's analytics to generate more traffic to your site. By the end of the course, you'll have created and launched a full website and blog (optional, but highly recommended!).

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90 Reviews

  • 4.5
  • Anthony

Great info for a beginner who does not want to learn about hosting or working with premium (paid) themes + plugins. An intermediate course that covers these topics and more would be a great addition to the Fiverr Learn platform :)

  • Diaconu

This course is great for absolute beginners. Even so, i've learned some great tips.
I recommend this course to everyone that is interested in WP.

  • imranhossainbpp

For the beginners, this course might be interesting. However for the professionals it needs to include more..
overall good and clear instructions with clear concept.
Thank you

  • Alden

Very helpful and includes everything needed to get started and be successful.

  • Matthew and Allison

If you are new to Wordpress or wanting to build a website, this is a great course for you. Really enjoyed it!

  • Syed Khizar

great course for newbies

  • rajkal

  • Muhammad Jubayer


  • muhammadumer78

  • jpblake18

Excellent insight into building a website with Easy to understand and clear video instruction really helps to complete the necessary stages of building a website.

  • Sandun

Good course. better for newbies. Covers the basics.

  • fist_of_fury

  • heshrabenz

  • Ahsanul

Very helpful for the beginners. But there is nothing new for the experts.

  • provotalent

  • mianumer2122

A perfect course for beginners who want to create a wordpress website.

  • Mike

  • Christian John

A decent WordPress course that is focused on beginners but is a good review for more experienced users as well.

  • farazsiyal

Thanks, It was great course.. I learnt lots of new things :)

  • Carlos

I love how all the points covered went into detail, and how the course gave background knowledge about a lot of the features offered, this was definitely worth the buy, due in part but not limited to, the marketing and SEO tips.

  • kwabenakumah

  • theonnax

This course is great for all. I have learned some great tips.

I can not wait to put all those golden tips to professional practice. #theonnax #fiverr

  • muhammad

I think something is more interesting in this course... but it's ok...


  • Colin

Hopefully the badge was worth the $30 bucks. All of the info on the course is SUPER BASIC. Just did it for the badge in hopes it brings more clients.

  • Jenny

I had no idea of building websites or even writing a blog. After this course, I am writing my own blog now. WOW. I cant believe it. Its been a great step by step instruction on all the features and a big motivation to start a blog.

  • Nir


  • umairshahzad347

  • garymidd

  • amichaelp82

Overall, very informative and helpful.

  • fahadjahangir

Amazing course. Learned a lot. Thanks so much!

  • audreynatividad

This online course on building my WP site was probably the best thing I've done in a long time. Taking this course is going to save me alot of time, save me alot of money, and make me alot of money! Thank you WordPress and Fiverr!


It was good, waiting for more advanced courses.

  • Muhammad Samee

It can go into more depth (for those who know a little bit of coding like HTML, CSS, etc.) and increase the length of course. But overall, good kickstart course and good teacher.

  • rakibuzzaman

Good resources for beginners.

  • saimii

It was really helpfull.

  • Hryhorii

Thanks for big and good work.
Anyway, this course just for beginners like me,
and if you need just start your first website, you need to watch this course,
but if you want to upgrade your web site, using powerful WP tools,
you need to find another course, for more professional users level.

  • ericdeluca

I've really enjoyed it. Some of the content I knew, but always good for a refresher and any added new information was great!

  • cmexpert

Outstanding course now happy Let Us Know What You Thought About:
Build A Professional Website With WordPress.Com nice

  • sissiwedgwood

Pretty complete for building a basic WP site.

  • andelby

A very basic course but which could enrich your educational background. I was already aware of how wordpress worked, but I still wanted to follow the very interesting and fast lessons.

  • emily_articles

  • Jasbir Singh

It's a very good course for the beginners. I also learnt few techniques here and there. I recommend this course to the beginners who are new to Wordpress.

  • Qaswer

I gained a lot of info from this course. Loved to learn with fiverr

  • Elias N.

I felt the content was great, but I found the periodic Fiverr Learn courses and Fiverr product/service plugs between the videos to be irritating and distracting. I'm likely in the minority here, but when I've purchased a learning product or paid to learn something new, I don't want to be sold something else (for me it cheapens presentation of the content I'm learning). I would have much rather had all the Fiverr product plugs be aggregated to a single page after the conclusion video. Also, I'm certain you can find all of the information in these videos for free elsewhere online. Aside from the periodic product plugs - the single major annoyance for me, I found the videos to be well produced with useful beginner information.

  • dirkvervacke

This is an easy to understand course that features all the key ingredients of building your own website. I have used WP several years ago and it was a perfect refresher.


its a great cause for beginners to learn, I enjoyed the SEO part

  • fablife320

It was a very great course. Easy to understand. I could not watch course from my computer. Only on my smartphone from the wordpress app. I really enjoy this course I got a better understand on what I am doing. Before this course I did not know what the hell i was doing. Thank you. I am going to create a stunning website.

  • Rafgeline

  • safdarrizvi63

Pretty good course to get started with WordPress.

  • Talha

Very clear Instruction would definitely recommend

  • Mohammad

Fair Course

  • Hamza

It was good, simple and not very complicated. I learned a lot from this course and yes it really help me to create my own website. Thanks.

  • S M Muhashinul

Wonderful course with resourceful tips and tricks..

  • desahmri

  • Choice

  • Jaimy

  • umerkhawer

This course is more focused on Audience and Marketing than the Actual Details of Wordpress. Contents of this course are fairly basic and not in-depth. If you have a good understanding of how internet works you can pretty much figure this stuff out by yourself. There are few tips that you can take from this course but they are more for SEO then for Wordpress.

  • colinmooney

Comprehensive and extremely easy to follow. Highly recommended for all ages, even for baby boomers like me.

  • garretluppino

Had good overview of all that is available through wordpress

  • priyasumit786

Really the best thing to learn for Beginners, Now I can make a basic website from scratch

  • shatat

good for bignner not professional as mentioned

  • sandybig

Slow, poor content, advertising your services even though I paid for the course.

  • creative_mrketr

Not enough to learn. Also, video voice is too fast.

  • home1863

I would like more courses / more details / actual interaction to developing the many features in layout, menus, pages, posts, etc.

  • Kyle

  • scottzdanis

I found out somethings I wish I knew before

  • Zeeshan

  • Elyes

Love It !!!!

  • Mohammod Ashraful

Every new comer should watch this video before start GIG.

  • sophia_schmid

This course is perfect with many tips, I recommend it

  • Shidah

This is an informative course, useful for someone like me who is a complete beginner.
My only comment is that presenter Marjorie should have spoken more slowly, so that all uttered words can be heard clearly, processed and better understood.
A valuable course, overall.

  • hostog

I would really recommend any seller on fiverr or not a seller to buy this amazing course and start building websites for your clients.

  • Akshay

just halfway through and learnt a lot of new stuff. great course

  • Mahfuz

Great course

  • neilking356

  • helloscoopz

Nothing too much. very general stuff. I passed some of quizzes without even watching the videos. :)

  • Dan Lucian


  • christinetin324

I found the presentation clear and precise. It was full of content delivered quickly and efficiently and I hope I can successfully launch a Blog.....if I can't it is not the course presenter's fault. Thanks for providing this course and I plan to use Fiverr in the future.

  • somethinggwow


Perfect as an introductory and optimized course, basically a short and brief summary.

  • sifdin17

Great Courses for beginners. Lots of great tips ! Great presentation and on point.

  • atpcre

Great information and very easy to digest. I highly recommend it.

  • kwcromer

  • jsjmanning

Great content

  • cre8iveartwork

very informative for someone who's new and wants to create a wordpress site , the course is easy to follow

  • grafix_pro360

  • Pratyaksh

The course structure is brilliant. Its basics will play keen importance in web development with Wordpress. Also the language is lucid. Go ahead for this, without any third thought.

  • harryferguso673

Information was very clear and easily implemented. Was able complete the course in two sittings without being stressed and overwhelmed.

  • Oladiran

It's amazing learning from Marjorie. From Wordpress to Content Strategy, SEO and Marketing.... I was blessed beyond measure through her wealth of experience.

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Build a Professional Website with

4.5 (90)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WordPress?

    WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is most commonly used to build websites, blogs, and eCommerce/online stores. is a hosted platform of websites and blogs owned and managed by Automattic, Inc., where millions of users can create and publish blogs and websites without needing to write a single line of code.

  • How to build a WordPress website?

    You can build a WordPress website by going to and creating an account. does not require any technical knowledge or background; you only need a valid email address. Once you create an account, you can start building your site, adding content, selecting a theme, customizing its design, and then publishing it for free.

  • What is WordPress cms?

    WordPress CMS (content management system) is a system that lets a user organize, manage, and publish content on the web, using the powerful, open-source WordPress software. The WordPress CMS is typically used with themes (templates) to facilitate layout design, and plugins to add extra, custom functionality to the platform.

  • Is WordPress free?

    Users can create an account and build a WordPress-powered website or blog for free on All you need is a valid email address, and you can set up a simple website or blog in minutes. The open-source WordPress CMS software can also be downloaded for free at

  • Can WordPress be used for eCommerce?

    WordPress can definitely be used to build an eCommerce online store. Because the WordPress CMS software is flexible and powerful, users can create a professional, attractive website and add eCommerce functionality by installing an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. You can also upgrade to the eCommerce plan on your account at, which automatically includes the WooCommerce plugin and a collection of the most popular WooCommerce extensions.

  • How does WordPress work?

    WordPress lets users build a complete, professional website or blog without needing any technical or programming knowledge or background. To set up a WordPress site, you can go to and create a free account using just a valid email address to verify your identity. You can then start building your website by choosing a website name, selecting a theme for your site design, uploading media like images or documents, and adding other content like text. You can also add social sharing buttons and other features as you build your site.