Adobe InDesign Mastery

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Adobe InDesign Mastery

  • 4.9 (31 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


  • 4. Setting The Default Font Size For New Documents Adobe InDesign (1:14)
  • 5. Special Features For Typekit & Open Type Fonts (7:43)
  • 6. Where To Get Great Free Fonts For Use In InDesign (3:34)
  • 7. Mastering Your Fonts In Adobe InDesign CC (3:39)
  • 8. What The Font - Font Guess In Adobe InDesign CC (6:21)
  • 9. How To Pick Beautiful Font Pairings In Adobe InDesign CC (2:27)
  • Quiz - Fonts
Chapter 3

Creative Cloud APP

  • 10. Free Icons Using Adobe Market In InDesign CC (5:45)
Chapter 4


  • 11. How To Use The Color Theme Tool In Adobe InDesign CC (3:14)
  • 12. Using Color Modes In Adobe InDesign CC (2:37)
  • 13. Importing Colors & Setting Default Colors In Adobe InDesign CC (6:58)
  • 14. Finding Great Colours Using Adobe Color For Use In Adobe InDesign CC (1:11)
  • 15. Appearance Of Black & Proofing Colours (8:00)
  • 16. Draw Lot Of Shapes At Once InDesign Gridify Live Distribute (13:15)
  • Quiz - Color
Chapter 5


  • 17. How To Make Arrows In Adobe InDesign CC (4:14)
  • 18. How To Draw Complex Flowers In Adobe InDesign CC (7:25)
  • Quiz - Drawing
Chapter 6

Paragraph Goodness

  • 19. How Text Boxes Can Auto-Expand In Adobe InDesign CC With Auto Size (4:42)
  • 20. Placeholder Text Alternatives In Adobe InDesign CC (5:44)
  • 21. How To Add Paragraph Borders & Shading In Adobe InDesign CC (9:57)
  • 22. Paragraph Vs Single Line Composer In Adobe InDesign CC (2:19)
  • 23. How To Make Paragraphs Span 2 Columns In Adobe InDesign CC (3:00)
  • 24. Mastering Justification In Adobe InDesign CC (4:43)
  • 25. Mastering Hyphenation Options Using Adobe InDesign CC (6:54)
  • 26. Optical Margin Alignment In Adobe InDesign CC (2:25)
  • 27. The Secret Power Of Keep Options In Adobe InDesign CC (5:00)
  • 28. Advanced Anchored Objects In Adobe InDesign CC (4:28)
  • 29. How To Use Conditional Text In Adobe InDesign CC (7:23)
  • Quiz - Paragraph Goodness
Chapter 7

Charts & Infographics

  • 30. How To Create Pie Charts & Bar Graphs In Adobe InDesign CC (9:37)
  • Quiz - Charts & Infographics
Chapter 8

Interactive Documents

  • 31. The Pros & Cons Of The Various Interactive Types In InDesign CC (8:47)
  • 32. How To Create An Interactive PDF In Adobe InDesign CC (8:48)
  • 33. How To Add Interactive Page Transitions In Adobe InDesign CC (3:58)
  • 34. How To Add Navigation To An Interactive PDF In Adobe InDesign CC (6:01)
  • 35. What Is Publish Online In Adobe InDesign CC (6:39)
  • 36. How To Publish Your Adobe InDesign Publish Online Documents (3:37)
  • 37. How To Add Video To Adobe InDesign CC Documents (6:57)
  • 38. How To Create Interactive Button Triggered Animations In InDesign CC (5:53)
  • 39. How To Make A Multi State Object In Adobe InDesign CC (3:37)
  • 40. How To Add Adobe Animate CC To InDesign CC Files (3:40)
  • 41. Adding Maps & Calendars To Interactive Documents In InDesign CC (2:52)
  • 42. How To Create QR Codes In Adobe InDesign CC (2:49)
  • Quiz - Interactive Documents
Chapter 9

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 43. Keyboard Shortcuts In Adobe InDesign CC That Will Change Your Life (11:05)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
Chapter 10

Long Documents

  • 44. How To Automatically Place Lots Of Text Onto Multiple Pages In InDesign CC (8:08)
  • 45. How To Make A Cross Reference In Adobe InDesign CC (6:34)
  • 46. How To Create An Index In Adobe InDesign CC (5:22)
  • 47. Add Document Name Automatically To The Page In InDesign Using Text Variables (5:48)
  • 48. How To Use The Adobe InDesign CC Book Feature (6:39)
  • Quiz - Long Documents
Chapter 11


  • 49. Changing Preferences For Advanced InDesign Users (5:25)
Chapter 12

Workflow Speed Tips

  • 50. How To Speed Up Your Workflow For Advanced InDesign CC Users Styles (20:41)
Chapter 13


  • 51. Why Should I Use Character Styles In Adobe InDesign CC (4:09)
  • 52. Advanced Paragraph Styles In Adobe InDesign CC (1:57)
  • 53. How To Use & Map Word Styles In With Adobe InDesign Styles (3:18)
  • 54. How To Create Nested Styles In Adobe InDesign CC (4:09)
  • 55. How To Create A Grep Style In Adobe InDesign CC (5:58)
  • 56. How To Use A Next Style In Adobe InDesign CC (5:27)
  • 57. Advanced Object Styles In Adobe InDesign CC (7:51)
  • Quiz - Styles
Chapter 14

Multiple Documents

  • 58. Best Practices For Working Across Multiple Documents In Adobe InDesign (10:07)
Chapter 15


  • 59. How To Use Adobe Stock With Adobe InDesign CC (3:17)
  • 60. How To Crop Images Inside Of Text In Adobe InDesign CC (4:11)
  • 61. Using Adobe Comp CC To Make InDesign Layouts On Your Mobile Phone Or Ipad (3:47)
  • Quiz - Images
Chapter 16

CC Libraries

  • 62. Advanced Use Of CC Libraries In Adobe InDesign CC (9:40)
Chapter 17

Photoshop & Illustrator

  • 63. How To Get The Most Of Photoshop & Illustrator In Adobe InDesign CC (13:32)
Chapter 18


  • 64. How To Create A PDF Form Using Adobe InDesign CC (21:17)
  • Quiz - Forms
Chapter 19


  • 65. Advanced Use Of The Pages Panel In Adobe InDesign CC (8:22)
  • 66. How To Place InDesign Documents Inside Of Each Other (1:55)
  • Quiz - Pages
Chapter 20


  • 67. How To Use And Install Scripts In Adobe InDesign CC (8:42)
Chapter 21

Speed Up InDesign

  • 68. How To Speed Up InDesign When It’s Running Really Slow (7:35)
  • Quiz - Speed Up InDesign
Chapter 22

Exporting & Printing Tricks

  • 69. Advanced Exporting & Printing Tricks For Adobe InDesign CC (8:17)
  • Quiz - Exporting & Printing Tricks
Chapter 23

Next Steps

  • 70. BONUS: Software Updates
  • 71. What To Do Once You’ve Finished Your Advanced InDesign CC Training Course (1:05)
Chapter 24

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 71 Videos
  • time 7.8 Hours

Hi there, my name is Dan. I am an Adobe Certified Instructor and an Adobe Certified Expert for InDesign and I work as a professional graphic designer. This course is about advanced features, productivity & workflow speed tricks using Adobe InDesign. 

This course is not for people brand new to InDesign. It’s for people who already know and understand the fundamentals. If you are already happy adding text & images to InDesign documents then this course is for you. Even if you consider yourself a heavy user, I promise there will be things in here that will blow your InDesign mind. 

You’ll learn advanced font tricks using Typekit & Opentype fonts, font grouping & font pairing. Mastering colour features like the colour theme tool and colour modes as well as professional proofing for colours for print. We’ll set permanent defaults for fonts, colours & will learn how to turn hyphenation off for good, once and for all.  

What would an advanced InDesign course be without all the tactics to fully control paragraphs, auto expanding boxes, spanning & splitting columns. You’ll become a Styles master, using nested styles, grep styles, next styles & advanced object styles.  

We’ll make beautiful charts & graphs for your InDesign documents. You’ll learn the pros & cons of various digital distribution methods including Interactive PDF’s, EPUBs & the amazing Publish Online. 

You’ll become a master of long, text heavy documents, autoflowing, primary text frames & smart text reflow, cross referencing, indexes, text variables & the InDesign book feature. There is entire section dedicated to how to speed up your personal workflow & how to speed up InDesign and get it running super fast. 

We look at interactive forms & scripts. There is just so much we cover and I want to share everything here in the intro but I can’t. Have a look through the video list, there is an amazing amount we cover here in the course. 

If you’re one of those people using InDesign and you know there is probably a better way, a faster way to work then this is your course. 

Daniel Walter Scott

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a copy of Adobe InDesign 2018 or above. But you find that 95% of all the features in this course will work with earlier version of InDesign (e.g. CS6). A free trial can be downloaded from Adobe.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 70 lectures 5+ hours of well structured content. 
  • Create PDF Forms
  • Master Long Documents.
  • Advanced Fonts
  • Master Styles
  • Shortcut Sheet
  • Create Charts & Infographics
  • Create Interactive Documents
  • Workflow Tactics
  • Shortcuts & Speed Tips
  • Advanced Creative Cloud Features
  • Tips for working with Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Using Scripts 
  • Exporting, Prepress & Printing tricks 
  • You will get the finished files so you never fall behind. 
  • Downloadable exercise files & cheat sheet.
  • Techniques used by professional graphic designers. 
  • Professional workflows and shortcuts.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for people who already know InDesign and want to take their skills and speed to the maximum level. 
  • This is an advanced InDesign course, so you’ll need basic InDesign skills to find this course useful. 
  • This course is perfect for anyone that already knows how to insert images & add text. 
  • If you a completely new to InDesign try my InDesign Fundamentals course before starting this one.
  • This course is perfect for anyone that has completed my InDesign Fundamentals course.
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31 Reviews

  • 4.9
  • brand_factory

A+ learned a lot from it.

  • Promise

It was indeed eye-opening for me.
I got intimated with some tools I normally ignore and the Instructor is really cool.
Good investment for my money.


It was an amazing course with Dan, very knowledgeable and have a comic style to teach.

  • donnajenou

This is an awesome course! I am a long time Adobe Indesign user and thought that this would repeat information for me but I was wrong. I am learning new things about Adobe Indesign that I didn't know existed!

  • jsrrony

Woo! It was really awesome. Daniel is my favorite instructor for Adobe software. I definitely recommend everyone. I learn many things from this course!!!!

  • akilmazumder

I learned the Photoshop and illustrator course for his library and now INDESIGN. All are really good and perfect. Thanks.

  • madhaviartworks

  • neonlemar

Great tutor, loved every bit of the course. Here's to Maynooth Furniture!

  • Scott

There are a TON of misspelled words in the quizzes. I've found this to be the case with the host's other instructional videos on Fiverr. He masters software and teaches it but doesn't know how to use spell-check? He doesn't know how to properly punctuate? Doesn't someone proofread the material before Fiverr posts it? This makes me wonder what OTHER inaccuracies are present in his material. Thumbs down. Sorry, but you asked.

  • mehedi

good exprience..his ticen vare good....awaseam.....

  • pinkadesign

Great, but trust me nothing new for me.......

  • andelby

Hard and interesting course. Slightly long videos but very well explained. Recommended who wants to be a pro of indesign.

  • nikolaypavlov25

Very nice.

  • D'Angelo

  • Holkar

  • Zia

The course overall was superb. I definitely recommend this course if someone wants to enhance and improve their skills of InDesign. Daniel shared a lot of tricks and tips in this course that one must have while working on projects.

  • nafisfoad

Great Job Daniel. I learned many tricks from you

  • D'Angelo

  • balubfa12

Absolutely Amazing Course.

  • Subin

  • Abaid

Outstanding Experience.

  • surewhiz

Amazing and enlightening!

  • Abu

Amazing tips and tricks

  • around86

Another great course. Nicely explained with useful examples.

  • cre8iveartwork

this is a very detailed course... too detailed in my opinion but it contains very useful information that's why i'm giving it 5 stars

  • bakhtear05

that great

  • Zachary

  • Muhammad

Superb Course! Explained everything nicely!

  • atikrahmanshuvo

Awesome again

  • Radnish

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Excellent work! Thank you so much for doing this :)

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