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Mitchel Hunt

Mitchel Hunt

Expert freelance graphic designer; Worked with Nike, Fender and Oakley

Mitchel Hunt is a Los-Angeles-born, Brooklyn-based freelance graphic designer with a focus in brand identity. He has also directed and produced projects in packaging, print, product ideation, apparel, environmental graphics, web/social marketing, motion graphics, videography and photography. His time in all of these disciplines has had him working on projects with massive brands, but he is always eager to talk with small businesses who could harness the power of design at the beginning of their ventures. Mitchel is passionate about sorting things out, and making a message as efficient and impactful as possible. He believes that graphic design is really about thinking and communicating visually, so it's important to be considerate, intentional and pragmatic with every design problem you are trying to solve. There are a lot of misconceptions about what design can and can't do, and as a teacher, Mitchel is looking to help define the practice and give students the tools to think for themselves.

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