Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • 4.7 (34 Reviews)
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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • 4.7 (34 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • 1. Welcome (1:23)
  • Course Downloads
  • 2. Business Analysis Intro (1:03) Free
  • 3. Determine How to Measure Success (3:13)
  • 4. Know Your Business (8:04)
  • 5. Set Your Objective (3:09)
  • Quiz: Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Eliminating Bias

  • 6. Know thy Consumer Intro (0:51)
  • 7. Eliminating Bias (0:36)
  • 8. Think with Google Walk Thru (6:59)
  • 9. Facebook Insights Walk Thru (4:24)
  • 10. Review and Testimonial Walk Thru (1:53)
  • 11. Create a Customer Profile (4:29)
  • 12. Picking A High Value Target (2:31)
  • 13. Articulate Your Value Proposition (2:26)
  • Quiz: Chapter 2: Eliminating Bias
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Tactic and Channel

  • 14. Selecting the Right Tactic (4:01)
  • 15. Search Intro (4:08)
  • 16. Identifying High-Value Keywords (4:58)
  • 17. SEM (6:46)
  • 18. Organic Search
  • 19. Social Media Marketing (7:23)
  • 20. Influencer Marketing (5:45)
  • 21. E-Mail (6:34)
  • 22. Align Tactics with Your Objective (0:37)
  • Quiz: Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Tactic and Channel
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Measure results

  • 23. Evaluate KPIs (1:48)
  • 24. Where Can I Find the Results (7:07)
  • 25. Conversion Optimization (4:50)
  • 26. Additional Tips (1:39)
  • Quiz Chapter 4: Measure results
Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Test and Learn Mindset

  • 27. Test Learn Mindset (2:47)
  • 28. A-B Testing (4:39)
  • Quiz: Chapter 5: Test and Learn Mindset
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Conclusion

  • 29. Congratulations (1:31)
  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 29 Videos
  • time 2.0 Hours

This course offers proven Digital Marketing tools, tips and tactics to help business owners and freelancers sell more of their products or services to more people, for more money, more often. Take this course to learn to confidently select the right digital marketing channels and tactics; ask the right questions of your team/agencies and to properly measure and optimize your campaigns for top performance.

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34 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • blackfismondkt

Easy to follow and Concise

  • Lorraine

The tips and tools discussed are great and quite useful!

  • vujo91

A lot of useful information that gives additional information on how to improve sales figures.

There are a few tweaks that I will definitely try to see how it will work.

  • Christian John

A really great introduction to Digital Marketing with a broad range of topics covered along with good business practices and mindsets! I greatly recommend it!

  • timtil1312

  • Daniel

Some good websites I didn't know about are in this course!

  • miiila

Nice. As the title says, digital marketing fundamentals. It's obviously not the right course if you're a digital marketing pro including Fiverr sellers who already sell digital marketing gigs, as you should know all that, and the course isn't all too long as well, so it's not in-depth but giving an overview of several subjects. But it's a nice intro for people like me whose actual job is something else and who are interested in digital marketing for the one or other reason, whether it helps them indirectly to do a better job for their customers, or for insights into how they could improve their own marketing for themselves.
The tutor also includes some tips for people who want to hire a freelancer to do digital marketing for them.
All in all, I wouldn't say this is a course that helps you as a Fiverr seller per se but rather can help you to market your company/yourself better, respectively shows you what to look out for when you plan on finding people to do digital marketing for you.
Presentation was nice, easy to understand and follow along, like all the Fiverr courses I took so far.

  • stetsonnboots

  • georgiostsikali

Great course. Short and simple.

  • elenapaliy

Make sure to familiarize your self with google ads terms and marketing terms to make the most out of this course. Great for beginners and helpful strategies even if you feel like you already know what your'e doing. Although, I do feel you could find this type of information free on the web, but this course just makes it convenient, clean, straight to the point and relevant.

  • shaytoya

Very informative, helped me understand who truly is my target market. The presenter spoke very clearly and concise so we could understand what he was saying

  • Anthony

Great course! It taught me a lot! I'm very happy I have a much better grasp on marketing!

  • univsolmc

Another great course!! This one is good as a foundation, before diving into some of the other marketing courses on Fiverr Learn, like Facebook, Google, Instagram Fundamentals courses.

  • catsupmustard

I thought this course was really good for someone like me. I have a sales/marketing background but don't have a background in digital marketing. This course was very instructive for me.

  • peter

nice and succinct. only thing I miss is that there is no transcript

  • evanthel

  • Momina

  • bazapoet101

  • fitzie20

Information clearly presented and well organized. Salim knows his subject and is an excellent communicator.

  • Hamza

It was great experience. Learned a lot from this course

  • Michael

The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable. Easy to understand concepts.

  • greatbody

  • chriscooke481

It should be called marketing for dummies as it is so basic i didn't learn one thing at all. Do not buy this course its so basic the guy even tells you what KPI's mean. DOH! Watch some youtube videos instead you will learn more!

  • James

Lots of really good information in this course. I look forward to more deep-dive approaches to really stand out from the competition.

  • atpcre

Great content!!! Wow, I really enjoyed this course.

  • margotmurphy

I lot of useful, action able information. Slow enough and explained well enough that
a newcomer to digital marketing can understand it. The presenter is EXCELLENT!

  • Charles

I highly recommend this course whether you are seasoned or looking to learn more about what goes into properly marketing.

  • ariesmique

Great starter course

  • apollo206

  • Jason

great course thanks

  • Eyenegho

Good course here, learned a few new things.

  • Michael

Good course to refresh your skills if you are not a newbie anymore.
Definitely a good go to course when starting out.

  • willstauff

  • Jacques

Would've liked more hands-on examples

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