Voice Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

  • 4.7 (128 Reviews)
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Voice Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

  • 4.7 (128 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Welcome to the world of Voice Over

  • 1. Introduction
  • Lesson Downloads
Chapter 2

What Is Voice Over?

Chapter 3

The Voice Over Performance

  • 4. A Conversation With One Person (3:34)
  • 5. Vocal Warm Up (3:43)
  • 6. Breaking Down the Delivery Components (4:22)
  • 7. Nailing the Feel (4:56) Free
  • 8. Hitting or Noticing Words (3:28)
  • 9. Becoming an Actor (3:27)
  • 10. The Magic of Lists (4:35)
  • 11. Five Key Characters (4:03)
  • 12. Tongue Twisters (4:03)
  • 13. Mic Technique and Studio Etiquette (5:53)
  • Quiz: Voice Over Performance
Chapter 4

Case Studies

  • 14. Education in Mauritius (3:13)
  • 15. The Ventsar ColorTouch (6:05)
  • 16. Dodge Maps (4:16)
  • Quiz: case Studies
Chapter 5

The Home Studio

  • 17. Check List (2:46)
  • 18. Microphones (6:34)
  • 19. Preamps (2:52)
  • 20. Finishing the Check List (4:33)
  • 21. Creating Your Recording Space (4:58)
  • 22. Sound Proof Booths (3:34)
  • Quiz: Home Studio
Chapter 6


  • 23. Practice and Review (2:59)
  • Quiz: Closing
Chapter 7

Recording and Editing

  • 24. Live Recording Session (10:02)
  • 25. Adding Music (6:41)
  • 26. Placing Audio into a Video (6:11)
  • 27. Extra Services (4:23)
  • Quiz: Recording & Editing
Chapter 8

Making a Demo

  • 28. Your Demo is your Business Card (5:49)
  • 29. Designing your Demo (2:30)
  • 30. Recording Your Demo (3:26)
  • Quiz: Making a Demo
Chapter 9

Self Employment

  • 31. Customer Service (4:38)
  • 32. Expectations and Delivery (3:58)
  • 33. Storage and Organization (3:32)
  • 34. Gig Photo and the Fiverr Forum (3:56)
  • Quiz: Self Employment
Chapter 10

Vocal Health

  • 35. Water and Sleep (4:16)
  • 36. Recording When Sick (4:17)
  • Quiz: Vocal Health
Chapter 11

Staying Motivated

  • 37. Setting Goals (2:53)
  • 38. Daily Schedule and Fiverr Forum (4:06)
  • 39. Nerves (2:53)
  • 40. Bonus Vocal Exercises (3:58)
  • 41. Take a Break (1:51)
  • Quiz: Staying Motivated
Chapter 12


  • Course Summary (1:34)
Chapter 13

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 41 Videos
  • time 2.9 Hours

Have you ever wanted to be a voice over artist? Well this is your chance. Fiverr Pro Keith Harris has put everything you need to know to start and build a voice over business from home into one fantastic course. The voice over business consists of three parts; 1) the performance 2) the studio and 3) finding work and keeping clients. This course takes you step by step through each and every section building your skills through homework assignments and practical exercises.

Who should be in voice over? Real people, because companies are looking for “real people” to promote their products and that is why this course is called “Voice Over for Real People”. It is real people do voice over.

If you have wanted to build a home business, enjoy talking and are a regular real person – this course will give you everything you need to know to develop and build a significant business in voice over.

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128 Reviews

  • 4.7
  • benjizh84

Excellent course from a very knowledgeable voice-over artist! As an established voice-over talent myself I still learned a ton of new things to help me grove my career and perform better in the future. I liked very much that Keith also offered voice training excercises, which is a key element in succeding in voice. Thank you very much!

  • Kegan

Honestly, there's not much I didn't already know about. The only stuff I thought was useful was the business side of it (how to organize all files, setting hours, etc.)

  • Alfonso

I've been a voice over talent for over 6 years and I still found some new things to learn, excercises to practice every day, how to manage my own gigs/business and interesting tips. Keith did an amazing job with this course.

  • Matthew

  • Jon

Well composed, informative, covers all bases and exceeds expectation regarding the depth of stepping into a new industry. Cheers

  • toddabarsness

This was great. I have been in voice-over for 9 years and I picked up a few things that were helpful. I think the information about being engaged in Fiverr forum was the most helpful. I enjoy working on Fiverr and believe this information will help me!

  • Corrinne

Very helpful. Has some great basics and covers some very important topics while being self employed in the voicework business.

  • dclover1

This course had great information! If you are beginner this course is great, if you take this course to get some new tips I know I definitely learned some new things that will help with my gigs!


  • svrockwell

Thorough and quite useful. I highly recommend this course to anyone starting out in voice over.

  • stewart5064

Fantastic course! I made a ton of notes and learnt a ton! Thanks!

  • Joe

Keith Harris "Voice Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide" is an excellent course for those yearning to enter the exciting field of voice overs. I really enjoyed his motivational method to develop skills. A great foundation for beginners and a great refresher as well. Great Job, Keith!

  • birdinthegarden

Lots of great information, some common sense & some things I have been wanting to learn. The downloadable extras are especially useful. I expect to be coming back to some parts of this course at least a couple more times. Thank you, Keith!

  • clivecastle

Keith does a great job at explaining the concepts in a simple manner and organizes everything very clearly for the learner. Greatly enjoyed the tips and tricks provided! The course has even inspired some fresh ideas of my own to help my business succeed with less clutter and more clarity for my clients. Good material!

  • Stephanie

Thought that this had a lot of good information for the basics of voice over. I would like to have seen it more tailored to Fiverr. Like how to make gigs and be more effective specifically on the site. I did find a ton of helpful information though that I will use to propel my new career.

  • Jason

I learned a lot form this course - Very well done and definitely worth the investment!

  • Wesley


  • Cristina

Great course! Super easy to follow and he is super encouraging and positive! Highly recommend!

  • toddjh

  • Allan

I so appreciate this course! Sometimes you think you know stuff and these courses remind you of their worth. I really enjoyed learning from Keith. I’m looking forward to taking more Fiverr courses really soon - thank you Fiverr!

  • mgronehall

Good course, but wish it were more focused on how to speak and record and not how to stay healthy by drinking water and sleeping 8 hours a day. Also, Keith should be available to at least answer questions by email. I feel I got my money's worth however by reviewing the lessons I need.

  • funnyguytimmy

Keith seems like a nice guy. And someone I wouldn't mind sitting down and having coffee with. However, this course didn't teach me anything. I have been doing voice over for 12 years and didn't learn anything from this course. In fact, the only reason I payed money (to which I hope to get back) on this was so I could get more views on Fiverr. A new rule of theirs I am not super happy with. This would be okay as a service if there were more options as far as professional voice over talent to learn from. It would also be nice to not make other professional talent have to watch video after video on the most basic content just so there gigs don't always end up at the bottom of the list. Again, nothing wrong with Keith. His target student is someone who has never held a mic before and that's fine. The issue is more the Fiverr "credentials" system it'self.

  • smashradio

The course itself, and the material, are of excellent quality. The teacher, Keith, is positive, upbeat, and friendly, and he is absolutely a great presenter of knowledge. The course was well worth the money, even for a seasoned VO like myself. I've been working in the industry for many years, and allthough much of the material was about getting started in the industry, the insights were interesting.

The only note on dissatisfaction for me with this course, is the fact that Keith recommends USB microphones like the Blue Yeti to new talent. I think this is setting the bar too low if you're getting paid to do voice-over work.

On the acting, warm-ups etc. Keith is spot on all the way, and I was happy to learn some new and fun ways of working on my own vocal health, as well as new ways to organize my files, and work schedules.

This course will probably not add a lot to what seasoned voice-over talent knows already, but it was inspiring, fun to do, and had some good insights. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone getting started in voice-over, and even to long-timers who are looking for some inspiration and tips & tricks along the way.

I would love to see more courses on voice-over from Keith in the future, perhaps with content for the already established talent out there as well.

All in all - well worth the money and time!

  • Lauren

The best $97 I've spent and it's my first full experience of a course on Fiverr. The instructor does a great job of going step by step. He offers a lot of in-depth things that I know I will be returning to often, especially as I get my voiceover business off the ground. I read one 5 star review from a woman who is already a voiceover professional, and she said that this is a great course for those just starting out in voiceover. She is correct! He answers the little nagging questions that are in your head as he goes along, and he does a great job of debunking myths. In the end, I really feel like I can do this, because this has been a desire of mine for a long time! I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting into the world of voicever.

  • Scott

Keith did a great job with information. He does mug a bit too much for the camera. Clearly needs some on-camera coaching. And the audio levels were all over the place. When he was on camera, the levels were fine, but when transitioned to one of his demo reels, for examply, the audio was 80% LOUDER. The video needs some audio finetuning, but Keith really did provide some great info.

  • Hiram

The course was interesting and easy to follow. Keith has a great way of keeping voice over simple, and encouraging one along the way. The topics and the recording exercise have been a great refresher for me since I graduated from broadcasting school about 3 years ago. I am working on setting up my first gig on Fiverr, and I look forward to getting started, and building on experience and assets to get a solid place in the industry among the most reputable voices around.

  • phillipg48

I have been searching for many different programs all over the internet to help me develop my skills. None have been so helpful as this one. I really appreciated the in depth approach to voice exercises, audio and video editing. I am very glad that I purchased this training session.


Excellent content. I wish the quizzes were a little more challenging (i.e.: the true/false questions always have the correct answer in lowercase and the incorrect answer in UPPERCASE). Also, there were a couple of typos in the "Quiz: Home Studio" section. Question 3 spells XRL mic, instead of the correct XLR mic. Question 4 spells "booth" as "both."

Other than the minor issues above, I feel much better equipped to start my voice over work on Fiverr.

  • Shba

I really enjoyed this course. I’ve been doing voiceovers for about three or four months now and as a beginner I thought I pretty much had the basic foundation of just starting, but after taking this course I have learned so many helpful tips that I’m going to implement in my voiceover business. Every single piece to this course is valuable information. This is everything that you need to know for a beginner. I especially enjoy the vocal health as well as the exercises for my voice and most of all how to organize my files. Keith gives a great presentation to each lesson and he doesn’t make it boring he keeps it interesting and that’s a big plus for me...his enthusiasm made me excited to go to the next lesson. Was worth every penny I spent.

  • Todd

I've been doing voice over for a long time, and have worked with many clients by now. So I wasn't sure how much I'd get out of this course. But I must say it was and excellent course and a great reminder that no matter how much experience you have, it's always great to keep learning! I'm more motivated than ever to continue building my VO biz here on fiverr!

  • louisel57

I really enjoyed this course and found Keith to be an outstanding instructor. I started in VoiceOver in 2015 with a reputable company and I felt as though I received good training. Then I began to realize that I didn't know much about all the technical aspects of this business and it became very stressful and frustrating because nobody wanted to help me unless I was willing to spend big money to learn from them and they only taught a few things and recommended that I go find answers needed through google or youtube. I don't want to bad mouth the company that I got my start from because I feel that it would be disrespectful and there were some people that I worked with there that were great people to work with. I just didn't get all of the training that I now see that I should have gotten to be better prepared as a voice artist. This session with Keith has made me feel like I made the right decision to become a voice artist and I plan to keep working with Keith if he will have me because I can truly say that I now feel more empowered to step out and give myself and this business more of an opportunity to grow and help those that are coming to Fiverr to help them with their projects. I also plan to continue to work with Keith on building my skills and knowledge about VoiceOver and Fiverr. Sadly to say, I've learned more with Keith in this session than I learned in the 10-month program I was in with the other company. Thank you Keith, and thank you Fiverr for making it possible to have such a great experience with this course and instructor.

  • Richard W

Keith's approach is very detailed and thorough. Helpful info for beginners in VO and established VO artists as well. Well done!

  • montelmoore

Great information!!! Some stuff and knew and some stuff I didn't. Worth the buy for sure though

  • Julian

Quite boring, actually. Keith has some good information but the tone of his delivery seems aimed at children. I didn’t feel inspired.

  • Mike

  • Jonathan

Although a not-insignificant cost, there are tips here which are specific to the platform and also about doing voice work as an additional income and even while you are travelling around. I know from doing sound technology in my day job that this course covers everything you need to know. I actually purchased this course to see what the competition was like, hoping to set up my own course but... what can I say? It's impressive and covers pretty much everything you'd want to know. Yes you can do other courses but anything beyond this one will see diminishing returns. I can literally only pick holes in the price but his advice on microphones alone could save you that amount!

  • Lorenzo

A complete, deep yet simple and practical voice-over course with effective technical advices on every single aspect of voice-over business! Keith is way friendly, and an excellent communicator and teacher. I've been in the voice-over business for the last 3 years (and a half), so I already knew a lot, but... Keith kept surprising me with unexpected tips! Highly recommended to anyone who is curious about voice-over business and wants to start their own.

  • Johan

Excellent and helpful course! Perfect for anyone new to voice over work or new to the Fiverr platform. Covers everything you need to know to get started in the business and to keep yourself motivated and healthy. Thanks for this course Keith!

  • msdenton

Excellent course that has helped guide me into the world of voice over. It's packed with valuable information and it's well worth the value. Highly recommended!

  • Kevin

I've been doing voicework for over 30 years and still picked up some nice tips from this course. Very realistic and applicable to any skill level.

  • Audra

This class is taught at a good pace with lots of useful information, great for beginning talent, and, for intermediate professionals. Outstanding course!

  • Jim

This course offers exactly what an aspiring voice over talent needs. Keith provides a friendly face and voice to guide you through getting set up and on your way. Keith offers some really practical advice and suggestions so you can feel good about your decision to get into this business and to keep going. Well worth the money.

  • katiejanner

As a Top Seller, I was pleasantly surprised how much I still learned from Keith! The exercises, practice scripts, and 5 characters were especially helpful.

  • Christian John

Good course overall but I wish that he went over the different ways to actually get Voice Over work besides using Fiverr.

  • katabelle

I love Keith! Great coach, great information, lots I didn't know! :) Thank so much. Starting in VO? This course is for you!!

  • Justin

  • Richard

very informative

  • Mihael

This course is exactly what I wanted. Keith is great instructor and I would like to hear more from him. I recommend this course to both beginners and professionals. It has great exercises, tips and tricks and a bunch more! Great!

  • Bud

It was an amazing insight into voice over, and I really enjoyed it.
I will watch it over and over. It was very well presented and made

  • shanitapia

This was a great starting point for the beginner. I found the material high quality (one small type-o.

  • jlhutchins

I've been doing VO for a while now but for the price I thought I'd check this out. Pretty amazed at how much information is here, and I learned a thing or two!

  • Rob

I was in radio several years ago, so I already knew some of the tricks of the trade, but Keith's course provided a good refresher, as well as showed a few new tricks for this old dog to learn.

  • Querida

Very thoughtful and thorough. It covered a lot of topics. I like that it included recommendations for equipment, exercises and demonstrations for making a demo and working with audio and video. Keith's voice is great and he is upbeat and engaged. Nice job!

  • willstauff

  • Eric

This course was very comprehensive and well done. I am glad I completed it and will go back to it often.

  • Wes

  • René

Great reminders and tips for voice actors whether we've been in the business for years or just starting out. Thank you for your hard work and clear delivery! Much appreciated.

- Rene Pierre

  • Ronnie

Keith is a great coach and very good mentor for the level for me to work toward achieving, with my new voice acting career. Thank you I will review this informative often over the next year. Ronnie Jack

  • pository

Keith has really helped me to improve my skillset - even though I've been freelancing as a voiceover artist for the past 5 years. It's a great, high quality and beginner friendly course :)

  • Florian

The perfect course for people like me that are just starting out.
There is a lot of value and I haven't found something comparable on the Internet.

  • jmillsvoice

This is an excellent course for beginners in voice over. I've been working for 2 years already, but there were still plenty of good tips for more experienced vo artists, and great reminders about the basics that are easy to lose sight of after a while.

  • Angelo

  • Asif

Wow what a thorough and excellent course, I highly recommend this.

  • Etienne

Good course for absolute beginners, less so if one is already up & running...

  • Christa

  • radiomachen

Always good to hear how other voice actors feel about our business. I see things sometimes differently but enjoyed listening to his learning sessions. Would be a nice feature if we could interact with the teachers directly.

  • melissaharlowvo

This course was a wonderful intro to Voice Over. Although I have been on Fiverr for a year, I learned several new points that will help me improve my skills. Thank you for offering a course for VO. The instructor was wonderful and obviously enjoys his job and the teaching aspect of what he does. I would also appreciate a woman instructor and a bit more advanced course for those who wish to continue getting educated. I would pay for it! Thanks again and n ice job! I will ask all the beginners who I encourage, to take this course. Melissa Harlow VO

  • John

This was a fantastic course...well done Keith Harris. I enjoyed every aspect of the course and at the same time it was a great learning experience. Thank you!

  • uzairshah414

One of the best ever courses I took on Fiverr. I had a very tight budget and It was difficult to take this course due to financial constraints. However, I am really happy at the end of this course. The amount spent on this course is not an expense, it is an investment! Worth it!

  • Travis

Very helpful with the basics of learning voice over!

  • Matthew and Allison

Excellent job on putting together the course. I think this is great for anyone new to Fiverr and new to voice over. Keith is a very well spoken instructor and it is easy to follow along. We would highly recommend this course to others!

Matt and Allie
Wolfcreek Audio

  • Vincent

This is great course if you are trying to get into VO. I am fairly new to the VO business and this course taught me alot of knowledge about what is needed and expected as a VO artist. This course provides a ton of practice scripts and other things...(no spoilers), to help your voice delivery.

  • Roderick

This course was exactly what I needed. It answered all of my questions that not even YouTube could answer.

  • James Howard

Why isn't this shown as completed on my gig? I have commented on this several days ago already!

  • djyoung

Pretty basic information. It didn't really help me to improve my voicoever business. On top of that, I didn't care for the instructor and thought his voice was very rigid. It was honestly harder and harder to listen to him as the course went on.

  • briansmith756

The course offered some valuable information and some not so valuable information. The information on technique was fantastic. I would have liked to have seen more on how to set up my gig(s). Less on staying motivated and being self-employed. I've been self-employed for nearly 20 years. That should be another course.

  • Carlos

Excellent course, well structured and really informative to have a good base on voice over!

  • oscar157311

I learned a lot and I’m excited to start my new career!

  • James

An excellent course for beginners. Contains valuable information for a lot of aspects of voice-over not commonly covered online.

  • Sotiris

  • Tabitha

  • Kristina

Very informative. I would highly recommend.

  • Nicholas

  • jaywalther

  • Richard

What a great course, it was full of useful information and guidance.

  • Kieran

This course is a great introduction to what the voice over industry has in store! Keith gave great advice, tips and help in paving the way to a professional voice career. Would definitely recommend this course for beginners who are looking to take the plunge into the world of freelance voice work!

  • Darren

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Keith has a great instructional style and offers information for every skill level. This course is an absolute must for anybody just starting out. Even if you are an experienced professional, Keith's course will remind you of some basics and perhaps teach you a new way to do something.

  • Mark

I thought the course was excellent. I've taken many courses already as well as coaching and schooling, but Keith shared a lot of very helpful tips across the board, making this a definite recommendation for any new or newer voice talent.

  • adamkordecki

Great course and a great tool set for getting started in voice over.
One thing I found bothersome was the sound mixing. Any time a demo or separate video was played, it was so much louder than his speaking to the camera. It was even worse when he was speaking about balancing audio, and yet the audio was not balanced.

  • Simon

  • Cheryl

Great information!

  • Mariah

a great starting point for beginners very thoroughly covers the fundamentals

  • naraudio

Outstanding! Brilliant for beginners and also professionals. I have been a voice over artist for over 3 years and still was surprised by the amount of knowledge I got from this course. Definitely recommended!

  • Anthony

This was a well-rounded course on Voice over actingas a true home business.

  • jspeaksofficial

I've gained a lot of useful information from this course.

  • RICK

  • Jack

  • Erik

This class will give the rookie the playbook they need to become a pro.

  • Cornell

Very beneficial information for beginners. Ive done voice over for a while a learned a lot of this info my self so i was looking for more help with the creating a demo and self employment part but in totality the course was great

  • sbaylissvo

Loads of good information. Well worth the investment.

  • Rob

Very informative, and highly recommended, even for current voice over artists... there's a lot of great information in here :)

You're one step away

Voice Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

4.7 (128)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone become a voice actor?

    You do not need a “special” sounding voice to be a voice actor but not everyone can be a voice over actor. In order to become a voice actor, you must be coachable, willing to learn, take feedback from engineers and clients, and spend time building your skills each week. The good news is that the pieces that make up a voice over business are simple and companies are looking for regular everyday people to promote their products.

  • How do you become a voice over talent?

    The voice over business consists of three basic parts; your performance at the microphone, your studio equipment, and getting hired. While the initial learning curve can be slightly overwhelming at first, once set up a business is very easy and enjoyable to run. What it really takes to be a voice over talent is a commitment to practice and develop your skills each week. You can build a nice voice over business working as little as 5 hours a week.

  • What equipment do I need to record voice over?

    The basic setup for recording voice over is a computer and a microphone. There are many high quality and affordable options that make entering the voice over industry quite accessible to new talent. You do not need a brand new or even a powerful computer as recording audio does not require a lot of computing power. Many good microphones will plug into your computer via a USB cable. The software required for recording voice over is free.

  • What kind of education do you need to be a voice actor?

    No particular level of education is required to become a voice over artist but you do need to be able to read and be willing to develop the skill, if you don’t have it already, to read out loud. Reading out loud is not easy for everyone but with practice, it is a skill that anyone can master. You do not need to be an audio engineer to record great audio from home and the technological aspects of recording voice over are simple plug and play devices.

  • Can voice actors work from home?

    One of the great benefits of the voice over industry is that most of the work is performed from home or if you travel often, you can also record from a hotel room. The internet and the digital age have revolutionized the voice over industry and as such, you can record from anywhere in the world, deliver your recording to anywhere in the world, and get paid instantly. This kind of accessibility has created a brilliant second income or even significant new career for voice over artists.

  • Are voice over services in demand?

    There is more work available in the voice over market than there is good talent. This is not a get rich quick or maybe even a get rich ever kind of business but there is never a bad time to enter the world of voice over and the amount of work available keeps growing every year. More and more products and services are talking and for each product or service that talks a voice over artist is needed to record those lines.