SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

  • 4.2 (41 Reviews)
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SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

  • 4.2 (41 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • 1. Intro- Course Overview (1:28)
  • Course Downloads
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: SEO 101

  • 2. What is a Search Engine, and how do they work (5:41)
  • 3. What Kind of Work do SEO Practitioners Do (2:01)
  • 4. Popular Tools for SEO (5:55)
  • 5. The Evolution of Google's Algo (3:24)
  • Quiz: Chapter 2: SEO 101
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Technical Analysis

  • 6. Analysis Introduction (3:09)
  • 7. Reporting your Findings (2:52)
  • 8. Checking Google's Index (4:17) Free
  • 9. Checking Google Search Console (4:46)
  • 10. Setting up Crawler Tools (4:48)
  • 11. Interpreting Crawler Tool Reports (8:15)
  • 12. Interpreting Page Speed Tool Reports (8:15)
  • 13. Checking Schema Markup (2:58)
  • Quiz: Chapter 3: Technical Analysis
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Content Audit

  • 14. Content Audit - Introduction (4:12)
  • 15. Basic Keyword Research (3:34)
  • 16. How to Determine What Type of Content You Should Create (3:31)
  • 17. Qualitative Content Audit (3:25)
  • 18. How to Take Your Content Inventory (7:56)
  • 19. Reviewing site Architecture (3:55)
  • 20. Keyword Optimization (6:30)
  • 21. Keyword Gap Analysis (6:19)
  • 22. Keyword Opportunity Sizing (6:24)
  • Quiz: Chapter 4: Content Audit
Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Link Audit

  • 23. Competitive Link Audit (5:25)
  • 24. How to Find Short Term Opportunities (7:15)
  • 25. How to Check if a Domain Link is High Quality (2:07)
  • 26. The -Oops Something Happened- Audit (8:15)
  • Quiz: Chapter 5: Link Audit
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Outreach

  • 27. Finding Great Contributors on Fiverr (3:15)
  • 28. Finding Great Contributors with Ahrefs (0:48)
  • 29. Finding Contact Info using NinjaOutreach (3:42)
  • 30. Sending Emails Through NinjaOutreach (5:25)
  • Quiz: Chapter 6: Outreach
Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Project Management

  • 31. SEO Project Management - Introduction (0:53)
  • 32. Wireframing and Product Specs (3:27)
  • 33. Reporting on the progress of your work using Asana (5:39)
  • 34. A word on Weekly-Monthly Reporting (8:22)
  • 35. Reporting Your SEO Impact (4:01)
  • 36. Top Tips for Project Managers (7:19)
  • Quiz: Chapter 7: Project Management
Chapter 8

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 36 Videos
  • time 2.7 Hours

SEO is an important part of digital marketing that you should not ignore. Every successful business wants to drive traffic through Google. 

If you have minimal SEO knowledge and you’re looking to gain practical experience, this course is perfect for you!  This course is for people who are wanting to build websites from the ground up. Learn how to do technical SEO analysis, content audit, and link audits in this project-based course. I will also give you tips & tricks for reporting your work. The course will prepare you to dive deeper into SEO and teach you how to launch and scale an SEO campaign.

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41 Reviews

  • 4.2
  • Daniele

  • toddabarsness

  • philiptoh

  • Zafar

  • playgroundzrock

good course

  • barboura

Very helpful course a lot of useful information but some details were messing that you need to search for them in other sources.
Also there are no links to enlarge your knowledge.
Thanks for your effort and we look forward to get more of your good work :) .

  • Usama

Informative but not as per expectations. Instructor passes things very quickly good for those who already have some knowledge of SEO not recommended to beginners.

  • univsolmc

So much information. My head is spinning right now. I really appreciate this SEO Fundamentals course.

  • John Peter

Most of the app / software used are premium, so for someone who doesn't have those tools the tutorial is useless.

  • Amy

Though there is a lot of information in this course, I sometimes found minor details like how long a page took to load then part of the quiz, and though I filled an entire notebook with course notes, I still found some of the questions completely left field. I also found the phrasing and grammar of the questions difficult to understand at times.

I am a copywriter who was looking for more SEO and Keyword information and knowledge. The advert for this course made me feel I'd get that, but really it's for people who are wanting to build websites from the ground up, which is not something I will ever be doing. So really this course was about 90% pointless for me, but it wasn't advertised that way, unfortunately.

  • Sean

To be fair, I definitely learned some things about SEO from this course, since I really didn't have any background in the topic before taking it. However, I finished the class with a DISAPPOINTED feeling. This is NOT THE COURSE FOR STUDENTS LOOKING TO GET INTO THE TECHNICAL WEEDS of how SEO works, or how you can improve your site's SEO AT LITTLE OR NO COST. Unfortunately, he stays high level, and when he does jump into specific tools and how to use them, they're tools that cost money (~$100/month!). As a course for people looking to learn fundamentals about SEO, trainers should go in depth with the FREE tools, and then maybe have 1 chapter at the end that explains why some students may want to consider the expensive tools instead.

Additionally, there's a whole chapter on how to find help through Fiverr and essentially how to email people... that doesn't feel like a chapters worth of material for an SEO Fundamentals course. Also, at least 1 of the quiz questions had an incorrect answer selected as the "right answer", and another chapters question was regarding info that isn't discussed until the following chapter.

I honestly believe I could have gained more value reading free blog articles, and watching free youtube videos, for the amount of time I spent on this class.

  • ayurvedacollege

Overall great course. Takes all the mystery the SEO is shrouded in away. A couple things to note: it's Google search "console" not "council!" Also, some of the quizzes have typos and some of the questions have incorrect answers attached to them. The chapter 6 quiz has a question about wireframing which isn't mentioned until chapter 7. Chapter 4 quiz has a question about placement of title tags which has the incorrect answer attached to the question.

  • shandeenis

Painfully unengaging, and the tests are very obviously skewed toward SEMrush vs actual practices. I felt like I was bombarded with data instead of taught.

Final should not have focused on the example site's load rate, page result totals as seen in the videos and etc. That's irrelevant to if you understand SEO. That's trivial memorization to check if the person watched the videos- NOT SEO recollection.

  • Ivana

Good course, but sometimes too fast. It's a bit difficult for someone who knows nothing at all about SEO. But with focus you can do it.


Well designed but presenter described paid tools maximum times. Every beginner can't afford all these paid tools.

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SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

4.2 (41)