Creating High Converting Landing Pages

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Creating High Converting Landing Pages

  • 4.8 (32 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Landing Page Design Fundamentals

  • 1. Introduction (2:22)
  • 2. Laying the groundwork for good design (13:23) Free
  • 3. The Myth Of The Perfect Landing Page Conversion Rate (12:06)
  • 4. The 3 Main Types of Landing Pages and How To Use Them Effectively (18:57)
  • 5. Business Models and Understanding Your Conversion Actions (6:04)
  • 6. The AIDA Sales Funnel and The Online Decision Making Process (16:48)
  • 7. The Awareness Stage of the Funnel ... Where It All Begins (17:26)
  • 8. The Interest Stage of the Funnel ... Tell Me More (14:11)
  • 9. The Desire Stage of the Funnel ... I Want What You Sell (12:45)
  • 10. The Action Stage of the Funnel ... I'm Going to Buy What You Sell (9:05)
  • 11. The Fogg Behavior Model and how it Applies to Good Landing Page Design (19:25)
  • 12. Making Your Landing Page Design Memorable (12:44)
  • Quiz: Landing Page Design Fundamentals
Chapter 2

Principles of Good Landing Page Design: Examples, Case Studies & Best Practices

  • 13. The Primacy of Product and The Concept of Usability in Landing Page Design (15:23)
  • 14. Eschew Obfuscation ... Clarity and the Quest for Fewer Question Marks (11:17)
  • 15. The 5 Second Usability Test in Landing Page Design (and how you can use it now) (12:26)
  • 16. The Art and Science Behind Designing High-Converting Calls To Action (CTA's) (18:29)
  • 17.Readability and Visual Hierarchy Landing Page Design (19:50)
  • 18. Respecting Web Conventions in Landing Page Design (13:23)
  • 19. Using Videos, Graphics and Imagery to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates (19:54)
  • 20. Information Architecture and Accessibility - Landing Page Design Best Practices (19:52)
  • 21. Trust, Safety and Credibility (Part 1) Landing Page Design Best Practices (15:34)
  • 22. Trust, Safety and Credibility (Part 2) Landing Page Design Best Practices (8:43)
  • 23. Dedicated Landing Page Design Best Practices (Part 1) (14:58)
  • 24. Dedicated Landing Page Design Best Practices (Part 2) (12:18)
  • Quiz: Principles of Good Landing Page Design: Examples, Case Studies & Best Practices
Chapter 3

Principles Of Persuasion in Conversion Rate Optimization

  • 25. Using Scarcity to Improve Conversion Rates on Your Landing Pages (9:46)
  • 26. Principles of Persuasion - Reciprocal Concessions & Reciprocity in Landing Pages (12:07)
  • 27. Principles of Persuasion ... Anchoring and Cognitive Dissonance Theory (18:56)
  • 28. User Scenarios and Contextual Perception in Landing Page Design (16:37)
  • Quiz: Principles Of Persuasion in Conversion Rate Optimization
Chapter 4

Building a High Converting Landing Page From Scratch

  • 29. My Favorite Landing Page Builders and Getting Started With Our Unbounce Page (9:06)
  • 30. Getting Familiar With the Unbounce Page Builder and Adding Our Header Section (7:29)
  • 31. Creating a Logo in Photoshop and Using the Unbounce Image Uploader Tool (16:26)
  • 32. Working With Background Imagery in Landing Pages and Developing Our Hero Section (15:37)
  • 33. Creating a Form, Action Block, and Finishing the Hero Section in Unbounce (19:27)
  • 34. Discussing Landing Page Design Changes and Creating our Primary Content Section (16:17)
  • 35. Finishing Page Content, Adding Icons, Footer and Working With Buttons Unbounce (10:42)
  • 36. Publishing Your Unbouonce Landing Page on Your Custom Domain (3:43)
  • 37. Adding Custom CSS in Unbounce to Create Professional Drop Shadows (6:03)
  • 38. Making Your Landing Page Design Work Better With Custom Javascript Snippets (8:09)
  • 39. Mobile Site Layout in Unbounce Based on Mobile Landing Page Design Guidelines (2:30)
  • 40. Designing Your Form Confirmation Dialogue in Unbounce and Testing Your Live Form (3:30)
  • 41. Assigning A_B Testing Variants in Unbounce and Assigning Traffic Weights (12:20)
  • 42. Integrating Your Unbounce Form Submissions With Your Mailchimp Account (9:06)
  • Quiz: Building a High Converting Landing Page From Scratch
Chapter 5

Landing Page Audit in Action

  • 43. Wester Computer Audit (Part 1) (8:29)
  • 44. Wester Computer Audit (Part 2) (9:16)
  • 45. Wester Computer Audit (Part 3) (15:20)
  • 46. Wester Computer Audit (Part 4) (13:53)
  • Quiz: Landing Page Audit in Action
Chapter 6


  • 47. Conclusion (2:52)
Chapter 7

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 47 Videos
  • time 9.8 Hours

I will walk you through every step of landing page design with real-life case studies, actual experiments and tons of examples from around the web. This course will teach you the fundamental psychological principles of good landing page design, and it will help you understand the buyer's journey so you can design landing pages that convert better. I will also be teaching you how to test your designs so you can design final landing pages that will convert 20-30% more than your current website and landing pages. By the end of this course, you'll be able to design landing pages that convert 2X - 5X more than your current landing pages.   

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32 Reviews

  • 4.8
  • William

Very informative! SO much information for a VERY reasonable price. Well put together, and covered a LOT of ground!

  • eekchef123

The course was fun to watch and easy to understand. It was well worth the money, I learned many things I did not know and obtained a lot of valuable information.

  • ogunquit

I have learned so much from this class; some of the practices I was already using but did not know the reason other than it looked good to me and my client. As for the landing pages, many were not really converting very well... this is about to change thanks to this class; there was so much valuable information and tips in this class - "what would I do for a klondike bar?, I'd recommend this course to all my web design clients (except for the competition). Kudos to you, Mr. Issac, and your production team.

  • raheelahmad92

Great Experience!

  • Scott

Numerous, NUMEROUS misspelled words in the quiz sections. I would encourage a program called spell-check. The incorrect spellings here make me wonder about the accuracy of all the other info. Thanks.

  • Mahfuz

Not bad..Liked it.

  • D'Angelo

  • toddabarsness

  • yasirtanvir

Great learning about landing pages you provide comprehensive knowledge about high converting landing pages. Very Impressive...!

  • dynamiclegalsol

Good starting place when thinking about how to layout your website and pages. I had already created my website but I learned things that I use to change my current design.

  • daphnelee619

Enjoy the course but the only part I did not enjoy as much is the last section on creating the landing page was too quick and I have to keep going back

  • ericglandian

  • Heather

I learned A LOT from this course. I was expecting to just learn the basics of landing pages, but what I liked about it was not only did I learn the basics, I learned more than that PLUS I learned more about my own website and what I could do to improve it. It seemed a bit longer time-wise than I expected (primarily because the price was reasonable), but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, if anything there is GREAT VALUE in purchasing this seminar. Thank you Isaac!

  • hivetexdesign

Absolutely crazy value for the money. I've learned some super, super useful tips and tricks in order to step up my landing page game. Great course!

  • sk_moni

Awesome course. I've learned a lot with the course.

  • recordit

Very Interesting, Isaac very enthusiastic and knowledgeable - very worthwhile course.

  • Jonathan

  • Muhammad

Really amazing course and very nice instructor.

  • sandyvanderstoe

extremely well done. Supported by extensive knowledge of the physiological and psychological determinants of persuasion.

  • Josh

Very useful and informative course

  • Abdul

Great course for landing page.

  • Abm.

Very Informative Course

  • lifefiltration

  • Kumudu

Best course on learn form fiverr. I gained a huge knowledge about Landing pages that have high convertion. thank you

  • gmh9765

Great course! I learned a lot. Only the building a Landing Page in Unbounce got a little boring with the presenter endlessly moving around and rearranging stuff. Other than that, definitely worthwile.

  • raoulvanderbom

Teached me one of the key elements of making a landing page. Tells you in a very clearly way the entire theory and the psychological ways of how visitors approach your website. He talks in a way that makes it very understandable. Although you need to focus, and write down everything he says. Big five stars, now I have finally a clue of what I am doing and looking forward for my personal progress!

  • aviddjs

I strongly recommend this course to any web designer or internet entrepreneur. The information that Issac teaches is worth far more than $26! Anyone can make a website but only a handful of designers know what it takes to control a users behavior and Issac is definitely that guy! Not only did this information help me in building my website but also gave me the skills which greatly improved my face to face sales process with my customers. On that note I'd also recommend this course to anyone that owns a business or is in sales.

  • Benjamin

  • Josipher

The content in this course is valuable. This price is nothing compare to the value it adds. To the fiverr learn please make sure to add document or slide to make our life simpler. Thank you.

  • atikrahmanshuvo

Awesome. I want some Divi tool courses too.

  • catwriter

  • cpvmediagroup

You're one step away

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

4.8 (32)