E-commerce Copywriting: The Key to Conversion

  • 4.8 (16 Reviews)
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E-commerce Copywriting: The Key to Conversion

  • 4.8 (16 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: E-commerce Benefits

  • 1. Sales Copy Fuels E-Commerce (1:22)
  • Course Downloads
  • 2. Tips to Drive Volume (SEO) (8:10)
  • 3. Boosting Brand Credibility (6:35)
  • 4. Conversion - Understanding Leads to Wanting (5:25)
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Website Content Strategies

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Description Strategies

  • 7. Descriptions - Let's Talk Format (7:29)
  • 8. The Hierarchy of Facts (4:22)
  • Quiz: Chapter 3: Description Strategies
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Tips from a Pro

  • 9. Match the Perfect Brand Voice (10:14)
  • 10. Common Copywriting Mistakes (And What to do Instead!) (9:10)
  • Quiz: Chapter 4: Tips from a Pro
Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Writing for Results

  • 11. Effectiveness - You Be the Judge (2:25)
  • 12. Closing (2:09)
  • Quiz: Chapter 5: Writing for Results
Chapter 6

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 12 Videos
  • time 1.2 Hours

How do you attract and engage buyers in a world of over-choice? In this course, you’ll learn how to leverage one of the most powerful tools in e-commerce marketing – clever, compelling sales copy. These proven strategies increase traffic, amplify value points, sell the brand, and boost credibility. Win over the most cautious buyers with copywriting that converts!

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16 Reviews

  • 4.8
  • Daphne

This course provides lots of essential information and gives you a solid base for your copywriting endeavours. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to get started in E-Commerce Copywriting or educate themselves on SEO.

  • spetto

I thought this course was very helpful. There was a lot of information that I will be able to use in my daily work life. Carrie took the time to describe each concept in detail with step by step walkthroughs showing me how to execute for my clients. I like how the chapters and topics were broken down and organized. I recommend this course for anyone looking to learn best practices for e-commerce copywriting.

  • Sandra

This is a great course for future copywriters.

  • Anna

From my perspective, Carrie knows very well how to write lightweight sales copy, but this doesn't help her or her students to stand out from other competitors.
Typically, alienating creates tension between the seller and the buyer. It makes a remarkable amount of buyers curious about what the seller has to offer because they will find out something new. Keep in my that investors might have heard it all.

  • amandavbd

The actual instruction time is relatively short, but I kept stopping the videos to take notes! Her pace is easy to follow and instructions are very clear and to-the-point. I recommend watching the chapters once all of the way through and then again to take notes, because she packed in a lot of useful info and very helpful tips!

  • Christian John

A very good course on using effective copywriting for e-commerce businesses!

  • ju_bucher2052

I think course is high quality and very informative in an approachable, clear presentation. The speaking was clear with great bullet points and believable, helpful information. Thank you so much for the great presentation. I will need to watch it several times as there is so much information it's difficult to absorb all at once but it's laid out well so I can find what I want to review again quickly. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build their copyrighting business.

  • virtuallyassist

Great course. Very thorough and it was great to learn a few new things and be reminded of others!

  • vcabral26

Very useful information.

  • catwriter

  • sjohnsonvoice

  • Lauren

  • Dumitru Daniel

  • Abdul

Great Course!

  • Scott

Good course. Informative.

  • Jernej

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E-commerce Copywriting: The Key to Conversion

4.8 (16)