Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

  • 5.0 (37 Reviews)
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Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

  • 5.0 (37 Reviews)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


  • 1. The Importance of Presentation Skills in Business (4:27)
  • Course Downloads
Chapter 2


  • 2. Understanding Your Audience (6:28)
  • Exercise #1 – Analyze your Audience
  • 3. Setting Transformational Objectives (4:24)
  • Exercise #2 – Define your objective
  • 4. Brainstorming Technique #1 - Audience Transformation Roadmap (11:37)
  • 5. Brainstorming Technique #2 - Mind Map (5:25) Free
  • 6. Brainstorming Technique #3 - The Traffic-Light Technique (6:56)
  • Exercise #3 - Brainstorm to find your key messages
  • Quiz: Ideation
Chapter 3


  • 7. Selecting Key Messages (5:43)
  • Exercise #4 - Your 70 words
  • 8. Creating a Clear Storyline (2:31)
  • 9. Storyline #1 - The Basic 3-Act Play (2:30)
  • 10. Storyline #2 - Changing the World (4:07)
  • 11. Storyline #3 - The Sales Pitch (3:30)
  • 12. Storyline #4 - The Board Presentation (2:49)
  • 13. Storyline #5 - Project Presentation (2:52)
  • 14. Putting All Together (3:00)
  • 15. Making it Original and Enjoyable (10:20)
  • Exercise #5 – Develop your storyline
  • Quiz: Creation
Chapter 4


  • 16. Simplicity in Design (8:28)
  • 17. Design Principle #1 Picture Superiority (4:28)
  • 18. Design Principle #2 White Space (8:29)
  • 19. Design Principle #3 Rule of Thirds (4:58)
  • 20. Before-After Slides (3:56)
  • 21. Handouts (3:39)
  • 22. The World's Best Slide (1:50)
  • 23. Overcoming Corporate Templates (5:08)
  • Exercise #6 – Sketch and design your visuals
  • Quiz: Illustration
Chapter 5


  • 24. Present Naked (6:39)
  • 25. To Learn or Not to Learn (4:22)
  • Quiz: Delivery
Chapter 6


  • 26. Share Your Message, Make an Impact, Be Memorable (3:06)
  • Recommended Reading
Chapter 7

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Course Description

  • play 26 Videos
  • time 2.2 Hours

Presentations are everywhere in business, and most of them fail to reach their objectives. This course will tear up the conventional wisdom and provides you a simple new method for creating and designing presentations your audience will love. Including practical tools and templates to help you share your message, make an impact and be memorable.

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37 Reviews

  • 5.0
  • toridenp

  • spietrobono

Well put together course! The actual implementation of designing the slide could be more elaborated.

  • palenaneale

Loved the course - very thorough and very practical.

  • sebastiencoulon

  • ran_success

Great methods to teach you how to convey the right messages in a presentation, considering your audience first! The host is very likeable and engaging and it was great hearing his tips

  • Ran

Great course, well organised and delivered (as can be expected from a course about creating and designing memorable presentations), and super useful. Highly recommended.

  • christopherd953

Easy enough course with plenty of great content. Thank you fro providing pdfs to help implement what was taught. The gap exercise was a huge gem in message development.

  • andelby

An absolutely great course! Andrea is fastastic, he explains very well with short and clear videos! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Greetings from Italy and (Forza Juve :))

  • spietrobono

Well put together course! The actual implementation of designing the slide could be more elaborated.

  • mikesfid60

Unbelievably well thought out and executed. A guide you will refer back to over and over again.

  • rosalynpop

We can always improve. A wonderful course for helping our great get stronger wings and flourish.

  • ktroywalk

  • b2b_leadszurich

  • Gbenga

Great training.

  • geokam007

I took this course because I regularly give presentations at work and wanted to improve my skills.
This course helped me to understand how to develop a compelling message and a storyline that resonates with my audiences and also how to amplify my content using powerful visual slides.
The result was immediate. I've already applied these principles to a presentation I gave to my Top Management and (unlike in the past) I was able to keep their attention high and finally convince them to adopt my recommendations.
One thing I liked about this course was its practical approach. This is not theory; the instructor gives many practical examples, tools, exercises and templates for you to be able to apply all the principles to your very next presentations. He is also easy to understand and pleasant to follow.
I loved the experience and I would highly recommend this course to business owners and professionals who want to take their presentation skills to the next level following easy but powerful techniques.

  • matthewewing8

This course was fantastic for really getting the process of going from I"I Have something to say", to "I am committed to sharing what I know in a way that makes a difference in the lives of the listeners." I got so much from a generative, organization, design, and delivery perspective that I am confident will translate into more impact for my clients, and more opportunities to present.

Thank you for taking the time to create this.

Matt Ewing
2020 Performance Group

  • nic2988

Good and effective communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong, lasting working relationships at all levels of an organisation.
Andrea does an amazing job in explaining a clear and simple way to brainstorm your ideas first and then creating powerful presentations following design principles. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get better at presenting and communicating their message.

  • Saad

Great course. I have learned so much about and it definitely changed my few concepts.

  • ibrahimsesay654

Clear and concise walkthrough in bite-size chunks makes you want to get some more.

  • ralex55

Awesome course!

  • fiubiu

Andrea explains in a clear, simple and concise form all the secrets for making a memorable presentation. I recommend this course to everyone.
Thank you

  • yanakr

  • Maria

A wonderful course to improve the skills for presentation design, especially to embrace the white space. I would recommend everyone to take this course if one is ambitious enough to make an impact.

  • spietrobono

Well put together course! The actual implementation of designing the slide could be more elaborated.

  • samfinlay511

Everything you will ever need to know about where to start in making a memorable presentation to your team, Senior Managers, the Board, a Prospective Customer or any audience anywhere else.

I'd highly recommend taking this comprehensive course even if you already regularly make presentations at any level.

  • kimberlylewi509

  • dwings101

Excellent, a well structured approach. Most take away for me was the ATR that help me think clearly for my story line.

  • waynelindsay

  • skprevost

Excellent course. Interesting from start to finish, well presented (of course), and such valuable information and templates that you can use over and over.

  • evgeniap

  • razshamir20

  • talkedmi

  • taniacarver

Great step by step, clear. Wonderful to revise even if you are a seasoned presenter.

  • ladybirdjackson

  • ampereal

A great course with VERY important hints to improve my presentation skills. Highly recommendable!

  • Scott

good course. thanks

  • pro_pptx


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Create and Design Memorable Presentations 

5.0 (37)